Hiigh Times- Updated QB Rankings


Honorable Mentions: Hucci (Can’t win without Ebok) KoolAidz (How do you have 1 TD in 3 games?)   TPBraves (Turnover Issues) AllTheWay (Never heard of you, but promising start)                              Lucky (Run the damn ball more) Sacc (You’re my #10 QB) Aceboogs (44.8 Completion HOW??)

#9 TXJAMESSMITH: I get it, for whatever reason TxSmith didn’t sign up for bidding, but is one of the most committed ECU players we have- go figure. The fact is, even if he plays with the same people every szn and line hunts, I’m still gladly rocking with him over 80% of our leagues QBs. 

#8 BREESUS: Call him trash or call him Ebok’s adopted step son- the fact is, he has thrown the 4th most TDS in our league since last season. 

#7 USERBFLAWLESS: User was given the depressing task of playing with the legend Kirk Cousins but has gotten the job done going 4-2. It’s hard to speak highly of this player when he never speaks highly of himself, but this will be 3 seasons now where UserB has shown the league he can be a very dependable LINE 2 QB.

#6 BEASTE: A lot of hate circulating around this player, but personally I believe it’s undeserved. From an IQ and capability standpoint, Beaste knows how to win in this league and has proven that time and time again. I would say his “issue” is similar to Aaron Rodgers, he needs a change of scenery. Step away from Owner and sign up as a player and most importantly step away from BeefyChub and get back to your winning ways. 

#5 SWIFT AP: A somewhat new face to the “elite player” conversation, but this QB and his line are possibly some of the most consistent players in this league and personally, I’m happy to see them win. 12-6 record dating back to last szn, Swift and the AP squad are proving he/they need to be considered a LINE 1 QB/Team in this league. 

#4 CHAMP: No surprise here, Champ in my humble opinion, is a guy you want on your team every season. He wins games, he schemes his ass off and he avoids all the league drama and BS that kills others. I would love to rank him higher, but from a statistical standpoint I need to be unbiased and go off of facts and not opinion. 

#3 BRADY: Everything I said about Champ, can also apply to Brady.. except he can get a little mouthy from time to time.. PAUSE. I do need to give major props to his team selecting decision, I think it took a ton of balls (Idk why I keep sounding so sus) to switch off of BAL after spending the $$ he did and deciding to use DAL. 

#2 PONCHY: Back like he never left, I don’t know how you can say one negative word about a dude who’s lighting the league up with Skyler Thompson… Like how funny is it to hear others complain about their QB room, when this man is #1 in everything while using SKYLER THOMPSON. 

#1 EBOK: I’ve said this many times before and I’ll say it again now.. I stopped betting against this dude a long time ago. It’s all too familiar at this point! Ebok and company start the szn off a little rocky, but come playoff time BOOM. Now, loosing Hex does throw a major wrench into Ebok’s dynasty plans, but an honorable mention QB “Drock” is a QB to watch out for moving forward.




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