VFL Gaining Traction in International Markets

       The VFL is making its presence known in the international markets to attract new talent. This is exciting news since our goal is to expand and attract the best team play players around the globe.

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       I have interviewed with one of our international players; x Bringa x. He is a new and upcoming player trying to make a name for himself. Bringa is currently a free agent and will be available to draft come draft day. Below are the questions along with his comments on the interview.

       As a player, I have played with Bringa a couple of times. I believe he has raw intangibles that can be beneficial to any team that takes a chance on him. He is a team player, no toxicity, and is hungry for a VFL spot. From how I have seen him play, I made a list of pros and cons. 
Pros: Team player, respectable, defensive minded player, communication.
Cons: The only negative side I seen was the chemistry between him and the QB. However, that improves with practice. 


Interview with x Bringa x

How did you hear about the VFL?

“I heard from a guy in my other discord league it sounded interesting.”

Is there a specific team you would like to be drafted by?

“Ravens team because he took his time to give me a try out”

What are your positions for the season?

“My position this season is WR/TE on offense and defense would be LB”

What is your availability?

“My availability if I have the day off work coz I do security for a hospital would be 8,9,10,11 pm est”

Why should owners draft you? As a player, what are your expectations for the upcoming season?

“Man first of all who doesn’t want an Australian in their team lol…..no seriously, I’m a player who believes communication is key and getting along with the team help u aren’t winning many teams with teamwork and not talking… I expect to just make a team for my first year and give 100% to the team and win.”

Are there any improvements the league should consider?

“This is my first year and I think u all are doing a wonderful job keep it up.”

As an international player, where are you from?

“I’m Australian born and born in Sydney”

How long have you been a fan of football?

“I’ve been a fan of football for about 6 years now and playing madden to I don’t think I’m a great player but I’ll do 100% for the team on the day……my favorite team is the Seattle Seahawks”