Week 2 Power Rankings

Week 2 of the VFL has concluded. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated thus far players and staff. I understand the difficulties that have occurred throughout the week. We are officially halfway through the season. Each team played a total of 24 games after week 2, below are the leagues power rankings. Ranks are sorted by Overall Record and if there is a tired record, Points for is the tie breaker. 

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1.) Baltimore Ravens (18-6) Last week: 3

Now with the best record in the league, the Ravens are starting to look to be the superior team in the league. Moved from 3 to 1 which is the biggest jump in the power rankings. They have seemed to figure out the team chemistry. With the addition of trading Realest for a bag of rocks, this is who I’m putting my money on to win the superbowl this year. 

2.) Arizona Cardinals (17-6-1) Last week: 1

It can be argued that this is actually the best talented team in the league. This team had a small hiccup in terms of change of management and most of the roster leaving as well. But after a merger with the Panthers, this team is back to its winning ways. They have the best win streak in the league with 5 wins. I want to say thanks to Dirtyfalcons for stepping up as owner and brownies in accepting the GM position. 

3.) Buffalo Bills (14-10) Last week: 2

Rough ending for the Bills on thursday as they lost all three games. It seems this team struggles with consistency. When they win, they are a huge threat for teams. They have the potential of going deep in the playoffs. They have the third best scoring offense in the league at 461 points for but lack in defensive presence being ranked 5th in points against. 

4.) Kansas City Chiefs (13-10-1) Last week: 5

The Chiefs are starting to bounce back from their week 1 performance, but they will need to do very well next week. If the season ended today, they would clinch a wildcard berth but with the Raiders right behind them, they need to step it up. Its been quiet in terms of complaints on this team as well which is a great thing.  

5.) Dallas Cowboys (12-11-1) Last week: 6

Management in Dallas is doing a great job in terms of remaining competitively. They keep climbing the rankings and currently clinching playoffs with their record. They are tied 2nd in the league in terms of highest win streak with 4 wins. Hopefully this carries over to week 3. 

6.) Green Bay Packers (11-13) Last week: 4

On the opposite end, the Packers are declining in power rankings. I really believe this team is better than their record but Forfeits are seeming to be their issue. Which doesnt make sense since they have 12 players on their roster. If people are inactive, I would advise Green bay to start blacklisting in hopes of attracting new talent. They also need to watch out for the defense being played as well as many complaints have came in from this team in week 2. 

7.) Las Vegas Raiders (11-12-1) Last week: 7

Again, WB Clan where ya at? Ranked 7th last week, ranked 7th this week. I was expecting a bounce back in week 2 but that wasn’t in the case. Maybe a bounce back in week 3? I would also advise this team in terms of following the rulebook as well. Suggestion; study what the ravens are doing. Not one complaint has been submitted against the team and they have the best record. 

8.) Cleveland Browns (10-14) Last week: 8

This team is so iffy its weird. One game they blow out a team, the next team, they lose by 40+. Maybe its a huge change in talent? If so, try to change the lines in terms of balancing out talent with one another. They did make a trade for Ice today so that will add some consistency to their team. But trading away Realest for almost nothing was horrible IMO. 

9.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-16) Last week: 9

Posting a leagues highest losing streak of 5 losses, they absolutely have to bring their A game next week or they will not make playoffs. They are 3 games behind from the wildcard playoff berth but with how they averge 4-8 each week, Im starting to lose hope in this team. 

10.) Carolina Panthers (4-20) Last week: 10

Nothin to see here. Panthers owner quit due to an ass spanking from the bills which put the panthers in another awful situation. This team is pretty much a bye win for any team that plays them.