S2 Teams (Fun facts)

Going to go over a fun facts for each team this season; 1 pro, 1 con. Figured it would be an interesting read on how unique each team is this season. 

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Arizona Cardinals

Positive – Ranked 1st in Special Teams

Negative – Ranked last in TFLs



Buffalo Bills 

Positive – Ranked 1st in Passing Yards

Negatives – Ranked Last in Sacks



Kansas City Chiefs

Positive – Most safeties in the league

Negative – Tied last in Def Ints



Minnesota Vikings

Positive – first in Def Ints

Negative – Last in Pass Comp & Atts



Tampa Bay Bucs

Positive – Most TFLs

Negative – Most Pass INTs



LA Rams

Positive – Most Def TDs

Negative – Ranked Last in Pass TDs



Cleveland Browns

Positive – Best Rushing Stats/ Most Sacks

Negative – Second to last in Passing Yards



Green Bay Packers 

Positive – Best TD to INT Ratio

Negative – Last in RAC