VBA Season 1 Owner Interviews: Pre-Season

Welcome to the beginning of owner interviews. Each week I will be picking two owners for them to answer questions. One owner from the West and one owner from the East will be chosen.

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The owner from the West that will be interviewed today is Call Me Kylee, the owner of the grizzlies!

Question 1: What made you want to choose Cleveland Cash as your gm?

Answer: Honestly just wanted a good player as the GM because it’s basically a free player so no reason to have a bum in that spot, we ran a lot of in house games prior to the owner announcements.

Question 2: Having the #1 overall pick of the player draft gave you a huge decision to make. What made you trade away Switzo, but also trade away your second pick Kurupted?

Answer: Honestly I thought switzo knew Kurupted like that and Kurupted wasn’t replying to my messages so I thought he wanted out as well but found out after we traded him that he barely even knew switzo and would of played with us 

The reason we traded switzo was because draft night he made us look stupid saying trade me in the twitch chat multiple times so I gave him his request by trading him

Question 3: How well do you believe your team will do this season, even knowing that you have some tough competitors in the West?

Answer: Honestly we got a decent chance mizzark team gonna be good they got a few Chicago hoppers there aka best 2k city users around. The suns gonna be good as well once they figure out there bookers I think ruthless should be on booker

Question 4: Do you have anything you’d like to say to Switzo and Kurupted right now for the league to see? If not, anything you’d like to tell the league?

Answer: Definitely regret trading Kurupted he’s been on my teams in past years where we won this league. But for the league I’m excited to play this season and good luck to all the other teams

The team in the east that will be interviewed today is the Heat. Gabe iLy, the GM of the Heat, will be interviewed and answering questions for both of them!

Question 1: What made you and Fab decide to join together as Owner and GM after Farah decided to step away?

Answer: We’ve played with and against each other going back to 2k16 and it’s always fun. Coming into this season we both talked about maybe teaming up and Farah stepping down gave us an opportunity to do so

Question 2: If you had the opportunity to pick your own team, would you have still picked the Heat? If not, then why?

Answer: No, they are a great defensive team but with how potent defense is on this game, great users can make up for a lack of good d players like butler or bam… The real difference between top 2k teams is the star power at ball handler.. Guys like Ja, harden, curry, Murray,etc put so much pressure on a defense with their ability to change direction so quickly 3 hunt and also attack the paint…. Heat don’t really have that which is unfortunate… I would’ve likely traded down and picked the Nuggets

Question 3: Who do you believe is your biggest competition in the East going into the season?

Answer: Def the sixers with their most recent acquisitions of switzo and kurrupted who in my opionon are 2 of the best players in the league.. that gives them Elite users on the 2 most important roles on the team (harden and joel)… They have a better 2k team than us aswell.. I’m still confident we will come out of the east but I’m curious to see how some of these teams perform.. *Celtics users are good imo but that 2k team is by far the worst in the league which is y I don’t ultimately consider them our biggest competition*

Question 4: You and Fab drafted 4 players with the same clan tag in their names, who many people (including myself) have little clue of who they are. Can you give us some insight on how they will perform on a line together compared to yours? Will the league be surprised by them?

Answer: Yes, Farah was very keen on getting his line (the 👑 clan) that he plays pretty much everything together with.. I am excited to see them perform and I do expect them to be very competitive based on how much experience and chemistry they have with each other

Thank you to both Kyle and Gabe for taking some time to be interviewed. New owners will be interviewed on week 1.