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Exclusive Interview with x KING J0N x

Question 1: Can you elaborate on the rumour about you requesting a trade from the Suns?

Answer: The suns are full of friends but they have ass tendencies on the court. Its like playing with JR Smith. You dont know which skill is showing up. Its a love hate relationship. Our original plan was for me to play guard this season and have fun.  With pick signing up last minute, the game plan was to try hard with him. I know its a free league but when a defense is atrocious, i will spazz even if they are my friends. I don’t mind losing. But everyone who knows me knows I love defense. I love rotations. I love swinging. I love communication. We have potential to flood every line and every team in this league. No bullshit. I personally think everyone is ass and the way we built, noone should beat us in a series. Its when we dont play to that potential, that bothers the fuck outta me. The rumors began after the 76ers game. We lost by 30. We forgot how to play the game. We played like we were the celtics users. That’s unacceptable. We only lost 2 games and its not that serious but games like the 76ers game builds bad habits. So me spazzing about the defense lead to those rumors. We’ll get right though. It doesnt help that everything i say in general chat is a troll.

Question 2: You currently average 19.9 RPG, second in the league in total rebounds too. Which users in the league do you get excited to play against aka the shitters at Center?

Answer: Im licking my lips against the celtics (either line) and clippers (redhours line). I can play them with half a bottle of tequila down and still probably get 30 rebounds. I also think both Anthony Davis users are free pussy. Ill just play them sober

Question 3: After the sixers game, Saver posted a screenshot in the General Chat of him dropping 50 & 20 on you. He also said “DID I KILL THE SUNS DYNASTY”. What do you have to say to that? Do you think that game was a fluke and that they’re overhyping themselves, or do you think they really like that?

Answer: I dont think it was a fluke or that they’re over hyping them selves. Compared to average league skill, they’re good. They deserved that win. We played like complete shit and forgot how to play the game. If we play to our full potential, i dont think they’re touching us in a series tbh. I personally dont see anything special. They are good though. Its just up to us to show up every game

Question 4: In your honest opinion, rate the top 5 users in the league

Answer: Without dickriding, I dont think theres a top 5. I think theres 4 tiers in the league. Fab and Pick are in the first. They are the complete players. The second are players like mizzark/bron/gabe/saver/swizz/ruthless/king/etc who are really freaking good players and can carry lines but have weaknesses. The third are the average VBA players who arent special but do their job like myself. And the 4th are the shitters

Question 5: Are the suns keeping you in prison? If yes, where are your top destinations if you were let go?

Answer: They are definitely keeping me in prison. The owner trolls the fuck outta me. He is only good if hes high. If hes sober, he might be the worst shooter in the history of 2k

If i had a choice, id play with the warriors with gee/bron/mizzy/ebok. Or Heat with Gabe/Fab/Kuhrow. Other than that, nothing else interests me

After the 76ers dropped 50 on me, fuck them and their whole roster on some 50 Cent shit

Question 6: The lakers took away youngshot from AD and put him as Melo on a line with Fear x Painkiller as AD… What do you think about the lakers management making that move, resulting in a trade request rumour from Youngshot?

Answer:I think its a selfish decision by their owner/gm. I think youngshot is the best player on that team defensively. Thats not what melo provides. If they wanna stack a line, put shady or fear on lebron, fear/shady on westbrook, youngshot on AD, smoove and shig to round it out. Putting Youngshot on a role player is wasting his talent and the teams chances to win. Anything outside of that is low iq

Final question: Any other comments you’d like to say before we end this interview?

Answer: If you need to learn how to shoot, dont go to goodfella jokers camp. I don’t care about your time but thank you for the interview

VBA Week 2 Owner Interviews

Now that week 2 has finished, there seems to be a good understanding so far of how playoffs will look like. For this week’s owner to interview from the West, I had Warriors owner King Mizzark answer a few questions.

Question 1: Your team is currently 5-7 and tied for 7th. Going forward, what do you guys need to do differently to win more games?

Answer: No more ECUs. Especially at C for the Warriors we are already at a disadvantage and having to play with different lineups every game/week hurt chemistry.

Question 2: It’s obvious that people hold you to a high standard in the league. Judging by your team record, do you have anything to say to people who would think you’re an easy win now?

Answer: I haven’t really played this 2k and my team will be ready & scary by playoff time. This 2k is braindead and its not hard to abuse the paint and beat the warriors. I’ve yet to see 1 of these ballhandlers dribble and shoot a 3 behind a screen so lets see next season who gets the warriors and how they do.

Question 3: Which team from each conference do you believe is your most comp and why?

Answer: Suns, good players and a good record. Nets, terrible matchup for Warriors

Question 4: If you can build a ‘dream team’ lineup in each position with any player in this league, who would you pick and why?

Answer: Without listing anyone on the warriors on my “dream team” so with that said….




King John


The Vets

From the East, we have the Celtics owner answering a few questions, Foe Mac!

Question 1: Your team is currently last with a record of 2-10. What do you guys have to do to switch it around?

Answer: We had some controversy we had to go thru in the beginning of the season so I think our record doesn’t really show how good we could be but we just gotta keep fighting taking it game by game and we are feeling good with getting our first 2 Ws this week

Question 2: Do you have anything to say to people who think you’re an easy game in their schedules?

Answer: That’s what we want teams to think so they take us lightly and end up losing just like the bucks and lakers did this past week

Question 3: After getting your first 2 wins, how good do you predict your team will do for the upcoming week(record wise)? Any notable teams you believe you will beat that you play?

Answer: For this week I think we’ll go over 500 and I think we could beat any team we play

Question 4: Naming anyone else in the league, including owners and gms, rank the top 5 users

Answer: My top 5 in no order would be 

1. Fab 

2, Mizz

3. Gabe ily 

4. Me 

5. Easy money

VBA Week 1 Owner Interviews

After finishing off week 1, I went and picked two different owners to interview ahead of the new week. To start off, the first interview on the west is the Suns owner, Goodfella Joker!

Question 1: After finishing the first week 5-1, how confident do you feel about your team going forward?

Answer: Very confident. I said in my owner interview that I could build a championship team and I feel like I did just that. Anything less then success would be disappointing 🤮

Question 2: Which teams do you think will give you the toughest time to play against?

Answer:The warriors and grizzlies 🙄 the warriors users and as a 2k team gonna be tough to beat. And grizzlies have a very tough line with cash and Eli going crazy 👀 plus the nets seem solid

Question 3: Which team in each conference do you think are the easiest to beat, aka the worst in your eyes, and why?

Answer: In the west Clippers.. I don’t even think that’s a question those users just ain’t it man stick to madden boys. In the east Celtics obv. Even when they showed up it wasn’t really a challenge and I don’t see the new Celtics being any better but at least they will show up.. right 😅

Question 4: You put together a line with your first 2 picks(Pick & Jon) together. Did you purposely stack a line, or should people not sleep on your line with Primo?

Answer: First off I don’t give af about stacking lines lol I honestly believe my team has the most complete 2 lines tbh even if others feel differently 🤷🏾‍♂️ Primo is like 3rd in assist and pretty high up in steals plus me and ruthless are like top 7 in scoring with kelz top 3 in rebounds and revolves seems to not miss with cam so teams can sleep if they want I’m chucking 🤷🏾‍♂️ Fuck Jon 🖕🏾

Next off, the owner of the East to interview is the Sixers owner, Drock!

Question 1: You guys finished with a 3-3 record in week 1. Should we expect more wins this week?

Answer: Yes 100% expect more wins this week last week we were playing with lineups trying to see what works I feel like now we have the dialed in and ready to compete to our full potential

Question 2: You guys traded for and picked up players like switzo and citris for example. What made you do so, knowing that you lost your first pick Ebok and others like blksupersaiayn?

Answer: We felt like we didn’t draft good as we would have like so we worked hard in the market to make some moves when some talented player hit the block we got to work on the phone. As a owner the process of building a team doesn’t end after the draft. You continue to look to build in trades and free agency

Question 3: Do you believe you will get past the east and compete in the finals? If yes, how easy or difficult do you think your path will be?

Answer: I believe we have potential to go all the way and it won’t be easy. If it was easy it wouldn’t be fun and I wouldn’t be pushing my guys as hard as I am. I think we have the right team and right staff to bring a championship back to Philly. Our fans deserve it and this city deserve it as well

Question 4: Who do you think are the top 5 users in the league? Rank them from 1-5


1. Bron

2. Cleveland

3. Kurupted

4. Saver

5. Citrs

VBA Season 1 Owner Interviews: Pre-Season

Welcome to the beginning of owner interviews. Each week I will be picking two owners for them to answer questions. One owner from the West and one owner from the East will be chosen.

The owner from the West that will be interviewed today is Call Me Kylee, the owner of the grizzlies!

Question 1: What made you want to choose Cleveland Cash as your gm?

Answer: Honestly just wanted a good player as the GM because it’s basically a free player so no reason to have a bum in that spot, we ran a lot of in house games prior to the owner announcements.

Question 2: Having the #1 overall pick of the player draft gave you a huge decision to make. What made you trade away Switzo, but also trade away your second pick Kurupted?

Answer: Honestly I thought switzo knew Kurupted like that and Kurupted wasn’t replying to my messages so I thought he wanted out as well but found out after we traded him that he barely even knew switzo and would of played with us 

The reason we traded switzo was because draft night he made us look stupid saying trade me in the twitch chat multiple times so I gave him his request by trading him

Question 3: How well do you believe your team will do this season, even knowing that you have some tough competitors in the West?

Answer: Honestly we got a decent chance mizzark team gonna be good they got a few Chicago hoppers there aka best 2k city users around. The suns gonna be good as well once they figure out there bookers I think ruthless should be on booker

Question 4: Do you have anything you’d like to say to Switzo and Kurupted right now for the league to see? If not, anything you’d like to tell the league?

Answer: Definitely regret trading Kurupted he’s been on my teams in past years where we won this league. But for the league I’m excited to play this season and good luck to all the other teams

The team in the east that will be interviewed today is the Heat. Gabe iLy, the GM of the Heat, will be interviewed and answering questions for both of them!

Question 1: What made you and Fab decide to join together as Owner and GM after Farah decided to step away?

Answer: We’ve played with and against each other going back to 2k16 and it’s always fun. Coming into this season we both talked about maybe teaming up and Farah stepping down gave us an opportunity to do so

Question 2: If you had the opportunity to pick your own team, would you have still picked the Heat? If not, then why?

Answer: No, they are a great defensive team but with how potent defense is on this game, great users can make up for a lack of good d players like butler or bam… The real difference between top 2k teams is the star power at ball handler.. Guys like Ja, harden, curry, Murray,etc put so much pressure on a defense with their ability to change direction so quickly 3 hunt and also attack the paint…. Heat don’t really have that which is unfortunate… I would’ve likely traded down and picked the Nuggets

Question 3: Who do you believe is your biggest competition in the East going into the season?

Answer: Def the sixers with their most recent acquisitions of switzo and kurrupted who in my opionon are 2 of the best players in the league.. that gives them Elite users on the 2 most important roles on the team (harden and joel)… They have a better 2k team than us aswell.. I’m still confident we will come out of the east but I’m curious to see how some of these teams perform.. *Celtics users are good imo but that 2k team is by far the worst in the league which is y I don’t ultimately consider them our biggest competition*

Question 4: You and Fab drafted 4 players with the same clan tag in their names, who many people (including myself) have little clue of who they are. Can you give us some insight on how they will perform on a line together compared to yours? Will the league be surprised by them?

Answer: Yes, Farah was very keen on getting his line (the 👑 clan) that he plays pretty much everything together with.. I am excited to see them perform and I do expect them to be very competitive based on how much experience and chemistry they have with each other

Thank you to both Kyle and Gabe for taking some time to be interviewed. New owners will be interviewed on week 1.

VBA Season 1 Draft Grades

After an eventful draft/post draft, people have been waiting for the first article afterwards, so here it is. This is an article based on what I know/ what I hear from others. Some things will be correct, some things may be off due to possibly not knowing a few guys. This is also a DRAFT article, trades will be left out. So, let’s begin.

Memphis Grizzlies: B+

Honestly, on paper the grizzlies had a draft that could have even gone to an A- at least. Switzo and Kurupted are two really great picks to make, Kurupted could have easily went first round alone. They could make a pretty solid duo together. They also picked up some good role players like clutch king, Lord Artie for example. Cleveland himself will already be a star caliber Ja and definitely found solid people this draft. 

Only reason why it’s lower is because it doesn’t seem their first 2 picks had much idea they would land there, and both could easily want to leave if they don’t like what they see. Regardless, Kyle and the grizzlies put on a great draft and built around the stars nicely.

Boston Celtics: B+

Foe Mac had a draft which wasn’t surprising, but I know was great. Mac and Dolo already are players who can play the stars at a top level, and they picked up the right pieces and role players who will not complain and do what they’re supposed to do. 

Jet and Devo are both players who can play the stars or any position great if needed, which makes them versatile. Juando is a good shooter/defender that they needed for a role like brown, or he can play Center. Bennie and Elite are their steals of the draft. The thing I wish Mac did was to take risks and pick players who are good that weren’t his boys.

Jet is a great pick for sure, but there were alot of great players left for the second overall pick who he could have taken, and waited on Jet for later on since he’s not as known as others like Gee Money, User Pick, or Kurupted for example. Overall though the Celtics should not be forgotten just because of the Celtics as a 2k team as they will definitely make a huge impact this season and put on one of the better drafts

Phoenix Suns: A-

The suns put on a really good draft. Haden and Primo are both great guard players and needed to find others who can hoop with CP3 and Booker, which they did. User pick is not only their boy, but also a top player in the league. King John right after could have probably gone in the first round, and they drafted people who they have high chemistry with to build around. Ruthless and Kelz are both well known VBA players and have the potential to surprise the league. CJ on booker is someone to look out for, as he will be an important factor for User pick’s line to win. This will be a very interesting team to watch for this season.

Miami Heat: A-

I’ll say this right away, I have no idea who the clan of ‘Kxng’ people that they took. If that other line, which I’m assuming will have farah in too, plays good enough to win games, this grade jumps up to an A at least.

Fab and Gabe are top players in the league and drafted people that are not only good but also are boys with(for example Gabe & Kuhrow, Fab & Pook). This team is already expected to compete far in the playoffs based off this line alone.

If their second line plays poorly though, i’d say this grade goes down to a B or B+. Definitely interested to see how both lines turn out. Overall the heat drafted great and will be one of the biggest competitors this season.

Los Angeles Clippers: D-

Cancun coming early this season.

I really have no idea what the Clippers were thinking here with one of their first round picks. No disrespect to LJ as a person, but here’s a quote that Stephen A Smith said that I feel perfectly describes my thoughts on him. “This man was a bonafide scrub! He can’t play! No disrespect whatsoever, but I’m sorry to call, tell everybody the truth, the man cannot play the game of basketball”.

The Clippers had sooo many better choices to make that they needed for their star players Kawhi & PG. Their 3 best players imo are Traynor, Woodhy, and Shaun. Unfortunately, I don’t believe they have much support which will get to their heads and possibly affect their performances(Except for Traynor he’s a troll).

Traynor at 10th was a steal though, which is the only reason why their draft isn’t a F grade. I hope they prove me wrong though.

Los Angeles Lakers: C-

With a team like the Lakers, you need people who can dominate with Bron and AD in order to compete. I personally don’t see any Bron users that they picked up who can dominate(that I know about). Vonthegamer will hold his own and do good as AD, but his preference isn’t to play the star on a team.

If Shady and Fear are secretly good Lebron’s or picked someone I don’t know about that can surprise me, then ill tip my cap. Until then, they need to prove to the league that they have what it takes.

Warriors: A

One of Mizzark’s top abilities as an owner is being able to build a championship caliber team, and already having himself and Bron as star players helps dramatically. Geee Money is a great Center who they obviously have really high chemistry with. Chairz is a friend of theirs who i’ve seen in 2kgodz who will play Klay i’m assuming.

xLoad, Never practices, and King Logic are the people to keep an eye out this season, which can greatly increase the success of the warriors IF they play great(I hear they are good). Bama is exactly what they need as a role player, just make your shots and play defense without complaining. 

If the draft rumor is right which was Mizz wanted to take Kurupted, that could have made their grade an A+ in my opinion. The warriors as a team need everyone to hit their shots badly, since they are smaller in size compared to everyone else (until Wiseman is back). Because of that, if the players he drafted(more so the 3 noted players from before) do not perform well, then this draft grade falls to a B+. Overall though Mizz and Bron put on a great draft and helped back up their expectations from the league to be in the finals with their selections.

Philly Sixers: C-

The Sixers picked a great Embid with Ebok in the first round, who many say is a top shooting big in the league, and they needed that on Embid. Blksupersaiyan is a solid guy and good player, but him being selected in the first round makes no sense to me. Not saying he’s bad at all, just he could have been picked later on, and there were better Harden’s they could have taken in the first round.

Lucky Dabs is someone I haven’t seen play much but I hear is a good player. Aceboogs seems toxic already on the discord, which will hurt the team if it continues during the season. There doesn’t seem to be anyone who will dominate with Harden, but I hope they prove me wrong.

Nets: B-

I haven’t seen much of the players drafted play, so it’s tough to speak on this team. I do know that they are radio’s guys, which is a big plus since chemistry is important to win. Due to that alone I put a B-.

Having the Nets is already an advantage. If the team they drafted competes at a high level, then this team could be one to watch throughout the season and their grade can easily jump higher throughout the season.

Bucks: B

The bucks went with drafting a team with basically their boys, which again helps in the chemistry part. Especially on the Bucks, you gotta have people who won’t complain with their roles, as Giannis will dominate the ball every game. 

Zha Jesus is a name I’ve heard to be a great player, so my guess is that he will be one of their Giannis’s. MJ and Woozy are both a part of their crew that are solid. I haven’t seen Khaos and Bwall play, but are names to look out for on this team.

This team has potential to win a lot of games in my opinion and put on a good draft.