Realest Top 25 VFL Players for Seasons 1-5 (25-13)

My one exception for making the list is you had to complete 3 of the 5 seasons! One player who would for sure be in my top 10 to 15 will not be on the list because he joined the league in the middle of season 3 and that is Ponchy!, pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

#25 – ( JPxProdigie ) JP is surely one of the better WR/DB within the league , JP was a superbowl champ in season 1 with the Chiefs and was a superbowl runner up in season 2 with the Packers. JP is also one of the 4 people to win the DB of the year award. He is known for his very aggressive play style at DB , more like a center fielder in baseball , he thrive in cover 3 and is a old school VFL player with an old school mindset. Couldn’t see myself leaving JP off this list so I have him at #25.

#24- ( Hutch ) Hutch has played in all 5 seasons of the VFL and has done very well at QB/LB , he has played with the same WR/DB all 5 seasons but no matter who the RB/DL is they do well in his offensive system and are a huge focal point of the offense. I played one game in season 1 on that line at RB/DL and felt if I played with them I would easily have a shot at 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in a season because how much the RB is involved. Hutch is #24 on my list!

#23 -( Farah en Fuego ) Farah is probably the biggest lab rat and film study guy within the league , Madden created a ability called Film Study and if anyone in the league deserve that ability it would be Farah. Farah also has to get 50% of the credit for Champ QB development over the past 5 seasons. However I do feel his user skills are very subpar at best , I would deem him an average WR/LB. Ill never forget season 4 telling Abyss to throw right at his face and see what he does. However his knowledge and in-game awareness alone gets him in my top 25 so I have him at #23.

#22 – ( NVTECVSHMNEY ) Nate in his first couple of seasons played QB and he was below average. His best seasons were seasons 3-5 when he made the switch to RB. In season 3 and 4 Nate was very much the driving force of the offense on his line both seasons. When he is calling defense he is known for his very off meta play calling. You can never get a read on what he is doing , one play he could call cover 3 the next play you might see a all out blitz. This season Nate has made the transition to DL where he is top 3 in sacks and tfls. Since moving to RB Nate has become one of the better RBs in the league and lets not forget he is a SB Champ. I have Nate at #22 on my list.

#21 – ( Clutch King ) Clutch is easilyyyyy one of the most underrated players in the league , if I had one word to describe Clutch it would be ( Consistent ). Clutch has played with Beaste almost every season but season 4. Clutch is a 2x superbowl champ with both the Browns and Chiefs. Clutch is also a very versatile player playing both RB/WR and was successful at both. Somehow clutch is always drafted in the mid-later rounds of the draft and that shouldn’t happen. Clutch is a no brainer on this list so I have him at #21

#20 – ( Shady on Xbox ) Shady is a very solid RB/DB , I personally don’t understand why he keeps switch back and forth from RB to QB. I think he would be higher on my list if he didn’t keep switching so much. Also I think playing RB with fear can hurt your numbers because fear has a very predictable offense and you can just key on his RB. However in that offense Shady has still done well for himself numbers wise. Also like JP one of the only people to win DB of the year and led the league in single season INTs until this season. I couldn’t leave Shady off this list either so I have him at #20

#19- ( Areis ) Areis is pretty close to a clone of how I view JP. Good WR/DB who thrive best in cover 3 defense I actually dont think Areis knows anything outside of cover 3 on defense. However him and Hutch have been a solid duo in this league since season 1 started. My only issue with Areis is he is known for not wanting to play the best competition in the regular season. Outside of that he is one of the better players within the league and is known to win you at least 7 to 8 games a season. Areis is #19 on my list.

#18 – ( Justt Smoove ) Smoove is in my top 4 as far as running back goes , Easy on of the top pure runners the league has to offer. I would say hes an above average route runner at running back but certainly not the best. Smoove as a DB sometimes worries me a little. Sometimes in cover 3 he is on the middle third and in cover 2 ive seen him on the flat or on the deep zone , hell in man ive seen him on the outside corner. That could easily wreck someone play or it could result in a big touchdown. However he gets the job done. Lately ive heard rumors of him being a Diva. Dont let the awards and winning get to your head kid stay humble! Smoove is #18 on my list!

#17 – ( GaabageAssassin ) Gaabage is top 5 at DL in this league , when he is not eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches he is probably sacking your QB or hitting your running back in the backfield. Gaabage was so good at DL in season 3 he was awarded with Defensive player of the year. However I think he lacks alot on the offensive side on the ball. By far the best teammate ive had this madden , low ego , never complains just shows up and wrecks the game on the defensive side of the ball. Gaabage gets spot #17 on my list!

#16 – ( OrlandoStayWoke ) Orlando is also very underrated , Season 2 Orlando was the 1st pick in the draft to play QB , I actually think Orlando is a pretty good QB just doesn’t take the time to lab to be a great one , Orlando started at WR for Abyss Season 1 and I thought he was average at best , however these last couple of seasons he has made huge improvement and became very solid , He also became good enough to become a DC in the league which I never thought he could do. Orlando is a superbowl champ season 4 with the Packers and him and Ty as a duo is one of the better ones within the league. Orlando is #16 on my list!

#15 – ( Breesus ) Breesus took the league by storm season 3 as a rookie QB , winning rookie of the year and make a superbowl in his first season in the league. He followed up his impressive rookie season with a better 2nd season on the Cardinals almost passing for over 3,000 and 396 rushing yards. Not only was he good on the offensive side of the ball he was good on the defensive side of the ball having 14 and 16 picks in those 2 seasons. My question is why did Bressus move off QB? Scared to play without elite QBs or without Kuhrow or Gabe? Regardless I think 15 is right spot for Breesus.

#14 – ( Child Please ) Child is one of the better players within the league and I feel like half the league doesn’t even know it. Child monster on the DL with the bull rush. He might very well be the best at the Bull Rush in the league. I think if Child really committed to the league like other players and bout a wire to improve his connection he would be even higher on my list. While Child is great in the regular season this guy can’t find a playoff win LITERALLY. Child is also a very underrated at running back , Im very confused on why he made the switch to QB but please never do that again! His DL play alone gets him at #14 on my list!

#13 – ( Dirty Falcons ) Dirty used to be known as a top 3 QB within this league in my eyes , and then everyone found out what man coverage was. Season 1-3 he was a machine and putting up eye popping numbers at QB. Season 2 he was a superbowl champ with the Browns and continued season 3 putting up MVP type numbers with Tannehill. Then the playoffs hit and he ran into Kuhrow and seemed a little lost in the sauce. Every since the season 3 playoffs this guy just hasn’t been the same and hasn’t adjusted very well. But this is a season 1-5 ranking and I think #13 is a fair ranking for Dirty.

That concludes my ranking for players 25-13. Tomorrow I will be making the list of my players ranked 12-1. Whos ranked to high? To Low? Who should be in the top 25 that you think won’t be? Feel free for feedback! If you dont like my list feel free to make your own.