Realest Round 1 Playoff Predictions!

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WFT ( 26-10 ) vs Dolphins ( 16-20 )

I think this series is a total mismatch. Dolphins have 4 really good players but outside of that whats left. Best QB on the roster is playing WR ( Breesus ) , team just dropped 2 good players ( Child and Rivals ). Im wondering if I think Ebok and Breesus have to play on a line together and have to spend on Gabe and Kuhrow to carry a line on defense with one of the other QBs to give themselves a shot in the series. I think the best shot the Dolphins have in this series is to hope Kuhrow gets matched up against Champ , Kuhrow has literally dominated Champ over the past few seasons and I dont see that changing. You gotta hope Beaste gets matched up against your worst line and concede those 2 games in hopes to have either Kuhrow with Gabe or Breesus and Ebok win 3 of the first 6 games to force a game 7 and hope for the best. WFT are a big favorite to me in this series , betting odds for me would be WTF ( -550 ) Phins (+330). My Prediction is WFT in 6. I think Kuhrow line goes 1-1 and that will ultimately be the downfall for the Dolphins. Kuhrow and Gabe absolutely MUST go 2-0 for this series to be respectable.

Top 5 players in the series

  1. Beaste
  2. Gabe
  3. Kuhrow
  4. Champ
  5. EboK

X Factor players – UngluedTiger , Breesus

Saints ( 21-15 ) vs Eagles ( 18-18 )

This is probably going to be the best series as far as how close its gonna be in the 1st round. I think the Eagles are the more talented team but the Saints are the better Madden team. Saints have had crazy things go on this season , GM Del was upset with his QB being traded now hes back on the roster , max bid Ponchy was dropped to waivers for whatever reason however here we are. Eagles have alot of VFL vets on the team so they have alot of guys with experience. I think the pick up of Hog for a third line late in the season is a boost for that team. I like a few players the Saints have I think they can make a huge impact. I think BlackOmni is one of the most underrated QBs in the league. I really like Smoovee and Del as RBs as well and Del can wreck some havoc on the DL. However I totally feel all the pressure is on Warpath in this series. Areis and Hutch have been reliable in the playoffs to get you 1 if not both wins in the series. Warpath has had someone plays struggles and he needs to change that in order to help his team see the next round. I think this will be a close back and forth series but im gonna lean Eagles in 7. If Ponchy was still on the Saints I would take Saints in 6 but I think it will be hard to replace your max bid player who was dropped to waivers. Hutch and Areis win a defensive battle in game 7 and advance to the next round. Areis has said he wins when its playoff time and has only lost 1 game in playoffs so If it gets to a game 7 which I fully expect it to , I trust Areis and Hutch get the job done! Eagles in 7.

Top 5 Players in the series

  1. Warpath
  2. Just Smoove
  3. Areis
  4. Hutch
  5. JP

X Factor Players – Del The Dude , BeOmni , Goodfella Joker

AFC Matchups

Bengals ( 25-11 ) vs Steelers ( 12-24 )

People probably look at this series and probably think total mistake Bengals sweep. I can tell you now that 100% wont be the case. I fully expect the Steelers to make this a competitive series. The thing that makes this thing a series is simple , I dont trust the Blunkey line to win a game. Blunkey is 1-4 since joining the Bengals with the only win coming against the Falcons who aren’t even a playoff team. I think this could hurt the Bengals in later rounds. I think Brady , North , Dfeet will cause all the Steelers lines hell and will go 2-0. Abyss line is the wildcard for the Bengals heading into the playoffs. He will now be on his 3rd WR/DB in 3 weeks. However adding Rivals off waivers to Abyss line could prove to make a huge upgrade. When it comes down to it Im gonna lean Bengals in this series because they have better overall users and that will be the difference in this series. This is the series where I feel Abyss could slip up and lose a game and it not hurt the team as much. Im going Bengals in 6 in this series. Brady wins both games and so does Abyss. Ill go with the Veteran experience over a team who I think have a roster full of guys like Beach who improved but ultimately are just happy to compete in the playoffs.

Top 5 players in the series

  1. Brady
  2. Abyss
  3. North
  4. Outaker
  5. Nate

X Factor players – Rivals , Beach , Dfeet , xbehe

Raiders ( 22-14 ) vs Colts ( 18-18 )

Honestly this is gonna be the fastest series in the first round. Raiders pretty much took Grof team from last season and made it his team. Sac , Ty , Orlando , Blk were all on the SB Packers team from last season. Willy is who was drafted by Grof this season is currently a Raider. Around the trade deadline Grof proceeded to trade the good players on his roster and ultimately tank the season. If Ace and company were still on the team this would totally be a different series in my eyes. Ohio as a owner has done a excellent job in team building over the past 2 seasons. He played his cards correct pre draft not using a max bid and trading up in the draft to selection Ty and Sac back to back in the 1st round. In the season matchup these 2 teams split 2-2 in head to head matchups , However this is the playoffs and I fully expect the Raiders to dominate the Colts. I have this series being a gentlemen sweep Raiders in 5.

Top 5 Players in the series

  1. Ty
  2. Orlando
  3. Sac
  4. Rigs
  5. HighWalker

X Factor Players – Blk , Mr Ohio , Willy , Ibprofam