Realest VFL Conference Finals predictions!

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(1) WFT ( 26-10 ) vs (4) Saints ( 21-15 )

Last week Saints proved me wrong defeating the Eagles in a great 7 games series. It just seemed whenever the Saints needed a big play Smoove found a way to get it done. Washington on the other hand got pretty much a free ride to the next round with the Dolphins deciding to forfeit the series. There isn’t much info to discuss about Washington because they didnt play. Omni from the Saints was impressive late in game 7. Led a huge game tying touchdown drive which led to Eagles throwing a interception put the Saints in position to kick a game winning FG to advance to this point. Gotta give the Saints credit where credit is due. Dropped a Max bid QB , GM and owner had beef , kicked a QB off the team and then picked him back up later in the season. With all of that they are still alive in the playoffs. I think its very important in this series that the Saints play mistake free football. Washington has 2 guys in the top 5 for interceptions on the season , If Washington can continue to force turnovers I give them the edge in this series. I 100% believe Washington has the better group of QBs and DCs. However Im just not gonna count out the Saints , I picked against them before and yes I will be doing it again. My pick is gonna be Washington in 6! Beaste wins both games and Koolaid and Champ both get a win! Will the Saints prove me wrong again? Best of luck to both teams…

Top 5 Players in the series

  1. Beaste

2. Champ

3. Just Smoove

4. ClutchKing

5. Omni

AFC Matchup!!

(2) Bengals ( 25-11 ) vs (3) Raiders

Bengals dominated last week in the first round vs the Steelers. I picked the Bengals in 6 and they won it in 5. Just as I predicted both Abyss and Brady would win both of their games which would advance them to the next round. Also Bengals had 2 big late waiver wire pick ups with number 1 pick Child Please and Never Practices. Raiders on the other hand struggled a little vs a Colts team I easily feel they should have beat in 5 or even possible swept. For me this is really a pick em series , I know most people have the Bengals as the favorite rightfully so. I do however believe this is the tough series for Cincy. Ty has seemed to have Abyss number over the past couple of seasons and make every game tough. Im not really worried about Brady , North and Dfeet I believe they go 2-0. The other 2 lines for the Bengals are my concern. Lets not forget Sac is no slouch as a 2nd line QB and has the potential to win some big games as he has shown he could do like game 7 of the Superbowl last season. My pick is gonna be the Bengals in 7. At this point I just believe you gotta win Brady 1 game out of the other 4 games to force a game 7 where I believe his line will get it done. Good Luck to both teams!

Top 5 Players in the Series

  1. Brady

2. Abyss

3. North

4. Ty

5. OrlandoStayWoke