Salary Cap by the Numbers

$425.5 million. This was the overall league cap after the team bidding was complete. This is the sum of all 12 teams available cap for the player bidding that occured over the weekend., pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

With the conclusion of the player bidding, we are given even more data on the value of players and their positions. 

The overall value of each offensive position goes as follow:

Quarterback – $197 million

Runningback – $91.5 million

Wide Receiver – $62 million

Nearly 50% of the league cap was spent on Quarterbacks whereas runningbacks cost about 20% and WRs were about 15%


The overall value of each defensive position goes as follow: 

Linebacker – $165.5 million

Defensive back – $146.5 million

Defensive Linemen – $40 million

Nearly 40% of the league cap was spent on LBs whereas DBs cost about 34% and DLs were about 9%

If you’re a QB/LB in this league, congrats, youre the most sought after position combination in the league. Followed by;









Speaking of positions, the following players are the highest paid by position combo

QB/LB – Abyss ($26M)

QB/DB – MemxMenace ($21.5M)

RB/LB – ShadyonXbox ($16M)

QB/DL – Bhedden ($500k)

RB/DB – JusttSmoove ($7M)

WR/LB – TheBrisket ($13.5M)

WR/DB – OrlandoStayWoke ($16M)

RB/DL – Daaccountant ($5M)

WR/DL – GaabageAssassin ($7.5M)


Rookies bidded on this season will be making $23.5 million. Redwater is the most expensive rookie having a price tag of $12M which is over 50% of the rookie salary. 

Lastly, the 15 most expensive players in this league make up roughly 55% of the league cap. See the graph below