Hit Miss or MEH

based on bidding


This will be the category will cover players who owners have gotten high value from with low cost 

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bidding price:500k (3-0)

This one blew my mind. this man went for 500k and is absolutely wrecking havoc on the league. If some one cannot slow this man down in the future there is going to be hell to pay. he has not only racked up rushing yards to be proud of right now but is absolutely unstoppable on defense. the sack margin for this animal is unmatched. coming in with 15.5 sacks on week one the next closest isnt even half that. this man has been a menace and should be stopped at all cost some QBs better learn how to mark that double team and quick or is going to be in for a rough week 2.

#1 in the league in Rush yards, RushTD, TFL, Sacks

39car 432yrds 11.1 ypc 5td 5rec 57yrds

25TFL 15.5scks

SP Teams
5kr 183yrds 1td


Bidding price: 500k (3-0)

With husky being one of the cheapest QBs going in the draft. and turning up in week one. At his first season ever in the league at QB. Finishing week one with a 3-0 record is impressive with help from veteran WR the brisket. the season is looking to be a tremendous success for these two. With the two connecting on 23 passes for over 400yrds and 4+ tds. there is no where to go but up. with more playing time this line will continue to get better. its clear the price on husky was well paid and will help the chiefs progress deep into the playoffs if not more.

huskynuts stats
28-40 70%comp 444yrds 5tds 3ints 5rush 42yrds 

2TFL 1Sck 2int 


Bidding price: 8.5m (3-0)

Super is another guy when other QBs were going into the 20 of millions he sat firm at 8.5m. Im sure there are many who wish they would have taken a chance on a guy like this at 9mil looking around the league were some 3rd string QBs are going for 10s of millions we have a guy here who was in the single digit salary not only wrecking havoc on the offensive side of the ball with josh allen not with his arm but his legs. his defense is were he shines racking up 7 sacks on his way to his 3-0 record its been a great performance by him on both sides of the ball which is what finds him number 3 on this list and well deserved and with the bills having found success in another qb on there roster for a decent price they should have a very successful season moving forward 


25-30 80%cmp 383yrds 1td 1int 21car 158yrds 4td

19tfl 7scks


In this section we will cover who was paid alot but contributed very little. THIS WILL BE FUN


BIDDING PRICE: 21m (0-3)

This seems to be the common case of bidding up the owner or staff bc the odds of them quiting is low. Granted this list is not really the players fault they went for the price none the less, They were paid to perform and did not do so. as shown in this case warpath went for a crazy high amount and has not produced one win with good teammates around him like natecashmoney, who has been a proven player in past seasons. yet here they sit with no wins. Now the expensive QB has left the niners and is headed to the Ravens with the same price tag but hoping for different results but starting 0-3 has to be weighing heaving on warpath after so much trust and expectation was placed on him. i cant see what the ravens can offer him as of teamates opposed to NATE but we will see going into week. This is going to be one to watch moving forward if the struggles continue this may be the biggest bust of the season.

16-40 40%cmp 269yrds 4td 5ints 13car 70yrds 1td 

3ints 2tfl

I got a chance to chat with their GM Johnnywheels regarding the trade for BIG TY from the ravens for warpath and this is how it went

“Q1:Now that week one is over and he started 0-3 and now is traded how do you feel about paying 21 million for warpath

A1:It was tough, we kinda just got into a spot where we had to take a chance on one of the 2 top QBs in the league and in my opinion grandpa is a very good QB, however his games with Trey Lance and Jimmy G have left a lot to be desired. Paying 20+ mil for anyone is tough.

Q2:and what was the ultimate decision on trading him was it perfomance based cap based or was he just not working out with you guys any more

A2:Despite his performance, I personally didn’t want to trade him. Grandpa requested a trade and we did everything we could to grant that request while trying to improve our roster. I think Ty brings a ton of talent and gives us a fresh start


Q3:Have you spoke with nate about this and is nate going to be playing with big ty

A3:We will be playing this week as Johnny, Ty and Nate”

So after talking with johnny they are looking to have a much better week 2 after beachmode so i wanted to here what he thought about the whole ordeal and this is what he said.

“I’m bummed that he requested a trade after only 1 week of games in all seriousness he was a hefty investment and felt like he jumped ship pretty early. But it’s a business and is what it is. I have no ill feelings about it and I wish him the best. We need to focus on getting more Ws and I’m happy I’ll be able to contribute once I’m back”

I then asked him how he thought big ty would do moving forward 

I’ll be 100% honest with you I’m not sure and I won’t have a read until I watch their first stream. He was a sought after player and had a lot of success last madden so I’m hoping he can ball out for us. This madden will show separation between QB skill gaps though imo. It’s a noticeable drop off in game/animation assistance with low tier madden QBs.

2. BetterCallSaul (0-2)

Bidding price: 21.5m

Here at number two comes SAUL. with poor ownership/management and stat keeping we are truly un aware of how bad saul has done but with a struggling line we have some insight on his record we for sure know he has lost one and from another source i have found he is 0-2 with no stats entered. playing on a team that is in the bottom half of the league record wise this is a big part of the play from their highest paid player. when you get picked up at a ridiculously high price you are expected to perform and participate in a winning line. failure to do so will leave your team down and out after dropping majority of their cap on you. as shown here with the vikings only having 4 wins this week and of what we know right now none of which came from their most expensive quarterback its unfortunate for the vikings. Now people can look at this two ways. One way is that the vikings could be screwed if they cannot get their top paid line going and produce wins. Or two is that well the other two lines are producing enough wins to hold out until your top paid player can get his shit together. either way something has to get on the move with the vikings. Whos one of their 5 Loses came from a FF. as well as one of there 4 wins. we will see what the future holds here with the vikings but its looking grim IMO.




Bidding price: 16.5

Putting ebok on this list was tough for me he could have easily found himself in the meh. but with the team as a whole struggling to get wins they need to lean on their top paid player to produce wins. Although he has produced more wins than the others on this list with less of a price. it still needs to be looked at in the aspect of with great value come great responsibility which these players have lacked. Now this being said i have personally played against ebok this week and i have no doubt in my mind that his Wins will climb and he will produce for whatever organization he plays for. His numbers are not bad and he is only a few plays away from being 2-1 instead of 1-2 this is one player that i hate putting on this list but it has to be. He has a solid offensive scheme with a good madden team if they can work out there defensive woes and solidify there redzone scoring they will be a force to deal with moving forward. the buccaneers have faced alot of trials in this week one having to deal with FF a gm that quit and lines not winning on top of all that they are going to need a massive jump from ebok and ponchy to turn their season around.


32-47 595 4td 4int 

4tfl 1sck


In this section we are going to be going over BRIEFLY they players who did not quite exceed their bidding price but did not quite shit the bed either 



I might catch hell for putting these boys at number one on the meh list. but with that being said these guys have been performing at a high level although there record shows only 1-2 they have taken top talent to the wire and shown they can compete with just about anyone here are they the fanciest line no are they the best line probably not but for what you pay for them they have done extremely well and i see them pushing all games no matter who they play to the wire and making sure people dont just assume bc they are playing the niners they are going to walk away with an easy win

2.Da Accountatn (2-0)


Sitting here at number 2 i had to really think about the price but honestly at 5 million the price was right. With only two games worth of stat line accountant is sitting with 15 TFL and 7 sacks not going crazy on the offensive side of the ball should not be a surprise as he is on the ravens and i would assume that most carries are going to go through lamar. which is why i assume he only has 14 car through two games. but moving forward if he can keep pressuring the qb and getting TFL they should continue to win games pressure equals picks this we all know


Bidding price:500k

this player for one bid has not been bad he has had some turnover difficulties but his stats are pretty good Completing 39 of 59 for 653 yards and 6td its the 7ints that haunt this qb  considering the rest of the league qb woes its not horrible. if the bengals can make a few changes and get one or two more wins a week moving forward they will be a strong contender moving forward in the playoff race. user just need to keep the pressure on and make sure his wins can keep suite with his stats and limit his INTs and he will be looking nice moving deeper into the season