Author: GT: x KING J0N x

VBA Conference Finals Prediction


People may consider this the match up of the year. With the MVP in MRxxUSERxxPICKx leading the way and MVP candidate Cleveland Cash in opposition, it is going to be a great series. In terms of winning condition for the Suns, they need to try and contain Morant as much as possible despite how great he is on the game. Cleveland has been doing an outstanding job controlling the pace in each quarter; calling early backdoors, knowing the contact animations, or throwing frees for Adams. His ability to score at will but also hit Wade on dexes is also a problem. If Suns would like a chance to go to the finals, both bridges and centers need to have the best defensive game possible. The key players in this series isn’t Chris Paul (Shamet) or Booker. MrxxUSERxxPICK and Primo Re have been putting on a clinic all season. Evidently, the key players who can change the outcome of this game is Ruthless, Blackwood, Kelz, and Jon. In my opinion, they will not drop a game against the Grizzlies second line. Therefore, the goal is to do their best to win one against Cleveland to close the series out.

In terms of the Grizzlies winning condition, their second line needs to do their best to steal a game against either Suns line. They have been blown out by the Suns all season. If playoffs are similar to previous games, Cleveland will need to win both games and Game 5 to push through, which is such a tall task going against the Suns users. At the end of the day, it is a 2K game and anything can happen. In terms of gameplan, they will need to figure out how to beat the undefeated line between MVP MRxxUSERxxPICKx and DPOY x KING J0N x. The league knows they play the game like the 80s Celtics but it is up to them if they can stop the designated plays. The Grizzlies need to push the tempo and put defensive leaders like Blackwood and Jon on the backfoot. It may sound crazy but the winning condition isn’t Cleveland Cash or WadeO; they have been hooping all season and that should not change. The players who will make the most impact will be Clutch King and Woohdy. If they can provide the swing, steals, and blocks needed like they have all season, it will be tough for the Suns to win 3 games against them. If these two players don’t have a perfect game, I can see their top line splitting the series 1-1 or even going 0-2. If they do have a perfect game, I can see them going 2-0 as a line.


Reason: The Suns go 2-0 vs the grizzlies second line and 1-1 vs Cleveland Cash.

Eastern Conference:

Despite this not being as hyped up as the western conference, this is also an extremely close matchup. Within the season, Nets have blown the bucks out a couple games. However, I do not think that will be the case in the playoffs. The bucks have a really good line between Lord Relaxx and Zhajesus on Jrue and Giannis. If they would like a chance to reach the finals, they will need to go 2-0. Their backpack is going to be pretty hefty because of how good the nets are as a team. The users on the nets know how to abuse how easy the paint is on this 2k. With their type of motion offense, it will be difficult for the bucks to contain. In terms of the winning conditions for the bucks, Lord Relaxx should let the game come to him. There are times when he chucks or takes bad shots when frustrated. Outside of Zhajesus going absolutely crazy, they need their shooters to shoot efficiently. However, I think the Nets second line is better than the Bucks second line. If they can so happen to steal a game, they can end the series in 4 games. If middleton and jrue can guard the KD wraps that the nets love to do, i think the series will be much closer than people think.

In terms of the nets, their winning condition is stopping Zhajesus. The bucks do not have a second giannis of his caliber so they should take advantage and not drop a game vs them. However, if they can somehow manage to beat Lord Relax and Zhajesus, I think the Nets win the series 3-1. The key players for this team is Bodega and Chaos. Bodega has shown the potential of Ben Simmons being a defensive juggernaut. With him making All Defensive, he needs to do his best to bait and contain Giannis. Outside of that, there are players like Ron Gotti and DODADAMNTHING who play Drummond who need to play the paint defense a bit better if they want a chance against Giannis despite how hard it may be. In terms of offense, be as toxic as possible with the triple big lineup. All in all, sweep the bucks line 2, and try to beat line 1 at least once.


Reason: Zhajesus line goes 2-0, the bucks second line goes 0-2 and the bucks go on to win Game 5.



1. Phoenix Suns (11-1)  
As previously predicted, the team is dominating the league midway through the season and it is not even fairly close; they went 6-0 Week 2. They are all locked in and hope to continue such success this week. In terms of shine, Ruthless is third in the league in PPG with 32.8 (using Mikal). King Jon is top 10 in FG percentage, rebounds, steals, and blocks. Revolves SZN and HollyBlackwood is top 10 in three point percentage. MrxxUSERxxPICK is leading the league in assists with Shamet (18 APG). Primo Re is top 5 in assists as well. Kelz is top 10 in rebounding and field goal. In short, everyone is going crazy. Every game they played this week was a blowout. They are clearly the league favorite for winning the championship. However, their regular season success is getting to their heads. They will most likely fall off this upcoming week. They haven't played a single game outside of season games and doing so, will bite them. The tensions are high within the lockerroom. They may have a horrendous week. The highlight game will be against the 76ers who have found their calling. With an extremely tough schedule this week, we will see if the talent on this team will rise to the occasion.

2. Memphis Grizzlies (7-5)

Originally being ranked number three after Week 1, they were able to elevate their game and have a better week. Cleveland Cash and his line went 2-1. Their undefeated streak was broken by the 76ers. However, they had great games against the Clippers and Lakers. However, it is their second line that struggled for a second week in a row. They were demolished by the Phoenix Suns, and lost against the Bucks. The second line went 1-2. With the week ending, they made some acquisitions. They picked up iSeeCapBoy for the week who averages 29 PPG. However, he is getting tossed around from team to team. They traded him to the Heat for Woohdy. Evidently, that is not their biggest move. They traded a key piece in Post Kobe (who is leading the league in rebounds. One may say is a huge reason for the first line being 5-1) for BigWadeO. I think they will progressively get worse as a team and may fall down to third in the west. There was drama brewing within the organization and it exploded. There were multiple players who wanted out, arguments in general chat, and no smooth communication between management and players. With the team morale and team chemistry at an all time low, I see this team being worse:

“Bro IDC no more, I messed my line up. It is what it is. I’m just balling shooting my shots. My goal for the season is MVP. That would feel like a title. F the team morale”

– Cleveland Cash (VBA General Chat)

3. Golden State Warriors (5-7)

This team was originally 4th in the West after the first week. Although they went 2 and 4 this week, they still have a better seeding because the Lakers forgot how to play 2K and had a horrible week. King Mizzark demolished the 76ers, and Lakers by 30. However, that was their only wins this week. They lost their other games which means that their second line went 0-3. Shaun needs to shoot more consistently with Curry. They are also not getting the same production from their role players as they did before all the trades happened. However, they traded BigWadeO for Post Kobe which is an upgrade. Post Kobe knows how to shoot with Draymond and Looney. He fits the system that Mizzark runs and I expect them to trade places with the Grizzlies in terms of seeding after the third week is over. With Mizzark being top 10 in PPG and APG, Shaun being top 10 in PPG, and Bron being top 10 in SPG, they have a chance to make a run. Their sole solution is for Post Kobe to ball out and for Wiseman to return before this season ends.

4. Los Angeles Lakers (5-7)

From starting the Week 4-2, they managed to mess it up and go 1 and 5. In the previous power rankings, I mentioned that it might’ve been a fluke. Unfortunately, for them, I was right. They had a tough schedule in having to play the Warriors, Suns, Grizzlies, and Nets who are considered the better teams in this league. However, they also lost to the Celtics and it wasn’t even close. With the trade deadline approaching this week, I think they need to make some moves or else they will not be competing this season. Whether that means trading a bunch of people or stacking a line of their best users to give them a fighting chance; hypothetically you only need one really good line to win. The only game they won this week was against the Clippers and they used Blunkey. Technically, that does not count. However, there are some bright spots. Von is top 5 in 3 point percentage, Shady is top 10 in assists, Fear is 10th in Rebounds, and Von leads the league in Blocks. If I were them, I would make a line of Smoove, Shady, Shig, Fear, and Von. Let the second line die and hopefully they will pull out a win or two against the bad teams/bad lines. However, as things are currently, I have them at the bottom of the West.

5. Los Angeles Clippers (4-9)

With all things considered, Redhour is doing his best to maintain a sinking ship. It has been an unfortunate season for him to not only have his GM quit on him, but also one of his better players blacklisted and banned. However, there is a bright spot with his first line. The KING clan has brought a spark and new hope. They managed to beat the warriors and are looking pretty good; maybe it was the Heat that didnt fit to their playstyle. Unfortunately, I do not see their second line winning a game. This team will literally lay on the shoulders of Farah and his line. With one solid line, that is all they need in order to compete. I think this team will stay at the bottom of the West unfortunately but I think there is a small shimmer of hope. It is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very small, However, I think Farah and them can make some things work come playoff time with the play in game.


1. Philadelphia 76ers (8-4)

This team is a completely different one from draft night and are on a rampage; they went 5-1 this week. The only team that beat them was the Warriors. Citrs is looking like a frontrunner for MVP with the midway point of the season coming to a close. My man is leading the league in points with 38.5 ppg, beat Cleveland Cash line, and is Top 10 in assists. They are an extremely dangerous team and I feel like they are the best team in the Eastern Conference; arguably the entire league. In terms of other notable players, they have Saver being top 10 in rebounds, and Kurupted leading the league in SPG. In terms of talent, their main line is in good shape. The question on this team is whether or not Switzo can hard carry the second line and pull out some wins. They were fortunate to get two forfeit wins against the Nets and the Celtics. However, I am not sure if that fortune will last forever. The role players are going to have to do their part in order to secure some wins. With the trade deadline approaching, I do not think they should make any more moves. They have the talent to go all the way. It is whether or not they can put it all together.

2. Brooklyn Nets (7-5)

In terms of users, they know what they are doing. They were originally 4-2 and went 3-3 this week. They lost to the Bucks, Clippers, and a forfeit loss to the 76ers. They can have the worst week possible as user skill but I do not think they will fall below 3. The Nets are too good of a team and the users on this team know how to take advantage of it. NWO Bodega ED is top 10 in assists, and steals. DODADAMNTHING being top 10 in rebounds with Drummond. They will continue to do their best and dominate. With the midpoint closing, I think they are the dark horse for the championship. Between the team and skill, they may provide upsets against other favorites.

3. Milwaukee Bucks (6-6)

This team is quite possibly the most interesting dynamic within the league. They have the best team on the game, have good users, but can’t pull away from a .500 week. I am completely unsure what the issue is but there needs to be some kind of change. However, there was one game I would love to highlight. Zhajesus having the first quadruple double for the very first season of VBA. He had 24 PTS, 27 RBS, 13 AST, 10 STLS, 5 BLKS. From that dominate performance, they blew out the Heat by 60. Lord Relax had a silent but efficient 35 points that game as well as Woozy having a great game. As a team, they beat the Heat, Nets, and Grizzlies. Unfortunately, they got blown out by the Suns, lost to the Celtics, and threw the 76ers game. Lord Relax could have won them the 76ers game but maybe the lights were too bright under regular season. Evidently, the team is in good hands. Aeata22 is top 10 in PPG, blocks, and rebounds. ZhaJesus is top 10 in FG% AND assists AND rebounds AND steals AND blocks. Woozy and DBlock are top 10 in 3PT%. With the team having success statistically, I’m just surprised it doesn’t coincide with a winning record. Hopefully they will figure out something for the third week and go absolutely wild. They do have a chance to win it all. However, its going to take something to click for them to get there.

4. Miami Heat (5-7)

As a team, they have been disappointing. I had high hopes for a roster that consisted of good users. By trading the entire line of the King Clan, I was expecting them to make some type of noise with a new locker room, and new teammates. However, that is not the case. Their second line may be worse than the original line that they started with. They are trying to see what fits best and who should be on who. These types of experiments and trusting LJ on Jimmy Butler led them to a miserable week. They almost lost by 80 and got a quadruple double dropped on their head. I believe they should make some moves with the deadline approaching. Whether that means they look to make some trades or look to pick people up such as Young ISO, Tunechi, or Big Dex. In terms of the first line, their only loss was to the Nets. With Fab bringing the ball up and running the offense with Bam, many teams may not know how to defend it. In order for this team to succeed, they have to change their second line drastically. They received iSeeCapBoy who is pretty good and hopefully he can help that record. Gabe is top 10 in FG% and steals, Kuhrow and Traynor are top 10 in 3PT%. Fab is top 10 in APG. They have the skill to do it all. Unfortunately, it isn’t clicking. On the bright side, Traynor is looking like SG of the year lol.

5. Boston Celtics (2-10)

This week has been a bit better. Instead of going 0-6, they were able to go 2 and 4 instead. There are 0 screenshots posted so I can not give a detailed analysis but I think their only two wins were against the Bucks and Lakers. They are really good users and are probably better than the majority of rosters user skill wise. However, the team is definitely holding them back and I do not see them competing against the rest. Hopefully, they can continously show up and compete to get better. Maybe they can figure out a way to beat the top teams like the 76ers, Suns, and Nets.



The results of the Suns having the best record in the conference, as well as the entire league, should be a surprise to no one. They have two dominant point guards in MrxxUSERxxPICKx and Primo Re; both who have finished in the top five for assists. With both players dominating the league, they both finished 3-0 and the rumor has it that the team would've finished 6-0 if they didn't have to use an ECU. They also have the highest point differential in the league which means that none of their games have been particularly close. Despite the PGs, they have solid players all around. Ruthless is one of the top scorers in the league with Mikal Bridges. x KING JON x is leading the league in rebounds and Dat Boy Kelz is also up there statistically. This team has the user skill in both lines to continue dominating. The question is whether their diva tendencies will lead to trade requests or their downfall. The ego on this team is ridiculous and Jon is like Lisa Ann. If they can continue their high spirits, I see Week 2 ending very well.
2. Los Angeles Lakers (4-2) 
As much as I love to admit that this roster is poop and I love to troll them, they have surprised everyone within the league. I personally thought that they were going to be tied for the worst in the western conference with the Clippers. Unlike their Los Angeles counterparts, they are not a disaster. They beat teams like the Grizzlies, Suns, and Nets in order to achieve this record; teams with above average records. With Shady averaging a consistent triple double and Von absolutely demolishing his matchups, they have potential to make some noise. As for the other line, champ and Fear can hold their own as the stars. However, they have some surrounding role players like Taco and Shig who are doing the best they can with Melo. They have been shooting well and have been rotating decently too. As much as I like to hate them, their record speaks for themselves. The question is whether or not they can continue this hot streak for the second week. They play Suns, Grizzlies, and Warriors number one lines. Will their hopes be shattered and be brought back to reality? They have a tough week ahead but we will see if this record is a fluke or if they really are better than what we imagine. Keep proving everyone wrong!
3. Memphis Grizzlies (4-2) 

Since preseason, I had this roster as the third best team in the Western Conference; as for now, I was correct. They have been solid. In terms of clevelands line, they ended the week 3-0. He has been having an MVP type of season so far with almost averaging a 40 and 20 week. If he can continue his idea of production, I hardly see his line losing. He is taking full advantage of how explosive Morant can be on this game; he is practically unguardable with a good user. In terms of notable wins, they won against the 76ers best line as well as the warriors best line. Post Kobe and Elijuw0n have been the highlight players from his line that make it even easier for him. Elijuw0n is averaging nearly 30 with a role player and Kobe is dominating the boards with Steven Adams. Their second line has been struggling. They had to played with Lord Artie who is one of the worst Ja Morants I have seen and I have seen myself play; THAT is saying something. With the addition of Im Da Truth (who is a huge upgrade from Artie), and trading for bennie beem, I think this team will have an amazing Week 2. Look for them to jump to second or first in the conference.; their most notable game would be the 76ers this week.

4. Golden State Warriors (3-3) 
In terms of the Western Conference, they have had a disappointing Week 1. In my opinion, they have one of the best users in the league but unfortunately could not get it done. King Mizzark and Gee Money have not played 2K consistently enough for a long time so maybe the record has to be with the rustiness; as time goes on, I expect them to get better and better. Their number one line ended the week 1-2. They dominated the 76ers by nearly 30 points with King Mizzark and Bron having 40 points a piece. However, they could not get it done against the bucks or the grizzlies. In terms of their second line, they went 2-1. They beat the Heat with an ECU in Johnny Wheels and the clippers who are notoriously the worst team in the league. They have made some roster adjustments since then by adding Big WadeO, and Shaun. In my opinion, they upgraded their roster and I believe they will have a better record Week 2. 
5. Los Angeles Clippers (2-4) 
I originally projected this team to at least be fourth in the conference but I didn't think they could worse than that; I was dead wrong. They were some cheeks all around. Unfortunately, the GM of the team had some kind of public breakdown and left all together; leaving Redhour in a rock and a hard place. I do not think there were any highlight players from this team in terms of Week 1. Well, outside of Lucky who has been doing his best to average 30 with Kawhi. They had some potential with Traynor and Woohdy but ultimately, they couldn't reach it. I personally do not see this team competing with the other teams; however, Redhour should be applauded for attempting to try and make some moves despite his GM quitting on him. He ended up trying to trade for the entire Heats second line. I do not know if it was the heat or them, but they are also some cheeks; there was no upgrade (maybe even a downgrade by losing Traynor and Woohdy) but maybe the morale of the locker room will brighten up and lead to some wins. With the acquisition of Gaabage and Banks, maybe this team can pull out a couple wins next week and prove me wrong. 

1. Brooklyn Nets (4-2) 
Although not many people know who the Nets roster consists of user wise, I know they had potential to be at the top of the league. I predicted that they would end up number 2 but they surpassed my expectations and lead the conference with the best record and the highest point differential. Due to a lack of box scores posted, I can't give a detailed analysis but I know NWO Bodega ED and LA Chaos have been their best players this season. With both lines going 2-1, they proved that chemistry is everything. My predictions of this team before the season even started consisted of making fun of their offense. Unfortunately, four teams have fallen victim to their nonchalant motion and paintball offense. I will never understand how it works or why it even works, but it has led to them being at the top of the conference; look for them to continue this style and staying at the top. This team is very hard and annoying to guard. They came into the league with not many people knowing them but I have a feeling people will know them after this season.
2. Philadelphia 76ers (3-3) 
In terms of what I thought they would be in the preseason, I originally thought they would end up being 4th in the conference. However, they exceeded my expectations. DROCK had one of the worst drafts possible but traded for Switzo; he gave him the keys to the organization and got out the way. In doing so, he was able to recruit Citrs and Saver. With them three and Kurupted, they will do what they can to salvage this season and make a run for the championship. In terms of highlight players, both Switzo and Citrs have been averaging roughly 35 and 10 with James Harden. They have split the talent and let Switzo have his own line. The number one line with citrs, awesome, kurupted, tmo, and saver have potential to be one of the best lines in the league. However, it is up to the second line to hold their own. The question is whether Sonic, Stimothy, and DRock are able to hold their own as role players and not sell Switzo bag. In terms of players, they are momentum driven. If their team is doing good, they will excel. If their team has a bad week, expect them to break apart quickly with a lot of drama.
3. Milwaukee Bucks (3-3) 
They were originally predicted to be third in the east and I was right; despite having the same record as the 76ers, philly holds the tie breaker due to beating them when they played which puts them here. In terms of the team, they have potential. Giannis is the best player in the game and Zhajesus/Aeata22 have been having a tremendous season. They have been having explosive games like 25 and 25 or 32 and 12 or 37 and 19 or 28 and 20. However, that is also a worry. If the giannis is having games like that, the team should have a better record than .500. In terms of consistent players, they have Lord Relax, Woozy, and Kavious (one game) who have been doing their best in terms of the role they are in. In the games they lost, there was always a role player who shot bad. Therefore, I think their key for next week will be consistency. I have hope that such a star studded team on 2K will be able to compete in the East. The users have the skill, but it is up to them to put it all together. If their entire team can shoot consistently, it will be over for the opposition. It is note worthy that the games they lost, it was single digits; especially the grizzlies game when they ran away with it in the fourth quarter. I have trust that Stunna and the group will bring it all together for Week 2.
4. Miami Heat (2-4) 
Outside of the warriors in the west, this is one of the more disappointing results after the first week; their main line has been had promise to go undefeated with the star studded talent of Fab, Gabe, and Kuhrow. With Bama and Jaydubb as the role players, they were considered one of the best lines in the league. Unfortunately, that was not the case. They were beat by the Nets by almost 30. However, in the preseason, everyone said that the second line was a risk and we could not wait to see how they ended up. Unfortunately, the decision to get them bit Fab and Gabe in the butt because they were horrendously cheeks. With the big brain IQ, they were able to trade that entire line of assness for Sorci, Woohdy, Bud, Traynor and LJ. Bud and LJ are not the greatest players but they do well with their counterparts; Bud excels with Kuhrow by his side and LJ excels with Traynor by his side. Evidently, I think they have gotten exponentially better through the trades. I predict they will have a dominate second week. Fab has made a return to Bam for an entire week. I believe that line will be great; the question is whether sorci and Kuhrow will be able to pull their own weight and get the second line some wins.
5. Boston Celtics (0-6) 

Unfortunately, I was right. I knew the users were good but I knew that having the Boston Celtics were going to make them have a miserable season. I will be very surprised if they even end up close to being .500. In Maccs defense, two of his best players retired on him. However, it is their fault for choosing the Celtics with the Hawks, Cavs, Nuggets, Pelicans, and Jazz all available. At this point, the biggest thing Macc can do is just get his team to show up for games. He has gone through a couple forfeits due to the situation with his team. Hopefully the second week will be favorable for him but I highly doubt it. There is no deep analysis I can go into due to the lack of games played. The one game they played, they got 40 pieced by the grizzlies and everyone shat the sheets; that was their best user line as well. I think its going to be a rough season for them. The best they can do is just show up. In terms of roster moves or trades, its going to be difficult to move anybody because everyone on his team is just people he knows. Therefore, the interest by other teams will be low. He is just going to have to stick it out and hopefully he does not end up 0-12.



I have always said that with the right users, the warriors can be as deadly as a Top 2 team in the game. Curry is one of the best players in the game with the curry slide under his bag. He is also one of the only guards to have gold fast twitch and gold giant slayer; with how easy it is to finish in the paint, he is practically unstoppable. With that being said, the warriors have dominated the draft. They picked up Chairz in the second round who is lights out with Draymond; with a line potentially being Mizzark, Eazy, Bama, Chairz, and GEE. They will hardly lose any games at all. They have chemistry, IQ, and stick; mix that with the potential of the warriors and they're in the right direction. They also figured out that looney can green corners and created a lineup of him and Draymond. This will surprise a lot of people because Looney is not the push over many people will think he is. Evidently, their second line has the potential to upset a lot of first lines. With Sorci, Rivals, Del, and load, they can easily beat anybody. With his draft being close to perfect, Mizzark is on his way to being #1 in the West. 
The Suns have had a terrific draft. In terms of users, their potential is through the roof. In terms of the west, they may be one of the only teams that will give the Warriors a run for their money. With their first pick being MRxxUSERxxPICK, he has potential to lead his line to victory. I do not know who CJ2K is but from the games I played against him, he is completely lights out. From a bit more research, it seems as if he is a PROAM player. If he gets acclimated to team up, I do not think they will lose too many games. From our scrimmages against them, they have dominant defenders in Holly Blackwood, and King Jon. They also picked up Ruthless who is an amazing player. They have really great centers in Revolves and Kelz. However, I have three questions for this team. The question is whether or not they will reach their full potential. In a realistic world, x KING J0N x should switch to center where he strives at in order to give this team the edge over other teams. The question is whether he will leave his troll tendencies at wanting to play PG and actually do so. The other question is if they will give Ruthless the reigns on a line as he is probably the most consistent player on the team. If both scenarios happen, I think this team will be hard to stop.
3. Memphis Grizzlies
Kyle has been in an unfortunate spot where his first pick wanted to be traded and get out of the Memphis organization. However, there are a couple bright spots. In the VBA, the west is way easier than the east. Outside of the top two teams in the west, I do not see competition. Regardless of the trade, I still believe they will stun people and become a pretty good team. Cleveland Cash is still a dominant Ja Morant and will have to lead his line to almost every victory. They have a really good Steven Adams in Kyle. They have good role players in sacrifice, and clutch king. They know their role, plays great defense, and can shoot fairly well. Although their first line is dominant, I do not see many bright spots outside of them. With players like Post Kobe and BLKSUPERSAIYAN, I still do not see a second competent Morant who will make this team compete against the better users of the league. Post Kobe will be an amazing Steven Adams; the question is on whether he wants to play here. With the extra week, I will hope to see Kyle try to make some moves and try to fix that hole in their system.
4. Clippers
Honestly, the fourth spot will be a toss up between the clippers and Lakers but I do have the clippers with a slight edge for the sole fact that they have Woohdy, Traynor, and Shaun who will have to hard carry this team like they have never before. However, I am looking at this team like BBQ Chicken and feel like they are a free game. Outside of the three players mentioned, I do not see any great players who can compete. I think selecting LJ as their first round pick may have been their downfall. He is not a bad player, but he is far from a first round selection. They were able to trade him for Lucky Dabbs but he is definitely a better center than he is a guard; which is unfortunate because this is a guard heavy team. He still still solid but similar to Redhour and Buckeye, they aren't the difference makers or take over players that the clippers need in a Kawhi or Paul George. Bud and James are good bigs but there is not too much you can do with Zubac; he is a horse but is the slowest big man in the game. The team will rely on PG and Kawhi but I do not see 4 users capable of doing that which makes me think they will struggle tremendously against the other users in the league. I think their only hope is stacking a line and hoping they go undefeated.
In terms of team selection, I think this team had potential; their first trade they did to put themselves in position to acquire the Lakers made me think they were going to be on of the few teams that will upset a lot of the top teams; they seemed smart. However, once the draft started, that went downhill with their first pick selection. Just Smoove in the first round may be one of the worst picks with so much talent on the board; Smoove is far from horrible. He is actually a good defender and listens. However, he is not a first round player. Evidently, I see they are struggling in scrimmages and I see that they will continue to do so when the season starts. There are bright spots in terms of the GM himself, VONTHEGAMER, AND KING CHAMP. However, I do not see them winning many games despite how good the potential of the LAKERS are. 


The heat are my favorite team on 2K to use and I full heartedly believe that oFAB and Gabe will lead this team to the potential it has. In terms of lines, they have pookdog, fab, gabe, jaydub, and kuhrow. Fab is one of the best 2K players in the league, Gabe is one of the better wings, and Kuhrow is one of the better centers; I think this line will dominate the east and will go toe to toe with all the other top lines. Off this line alone, I have them number 1 and coming out of the east. The question remains on how successful their second line will be and if they will solidify them as actual contenders in a star studded east. I do not believe there is one bad team in this conference. Therefore, a second line is extremely important and hopefully the "Kxng" clan will live up to their name.
I think the NETS are the most annoying team in the game with Ben Simmons at center; however, Radio has found something even more annoying. I do not know why it works but they have a line up of KD, Simmons, and Drummond. They just rim roll to your paint knowing the big has to contest and if he doesnt, the 2 other 7 footers will be there to get the board in position. It is one of the worst spacing I have seen of all time and I am astonished that it works but it will dominant the paint with how weak paint defense is. In terms of players, they are literally all friends and Radio picked up his boys. I am not too knowledgeable of what each player can do but from scrimmages and screenshots, it looks like they are headed in the right direction. They may be even come out of the east with not many people expecting this type of offense (it is the worst offense I have seen but it works).
The bucks are in a similar spot as the Nets; they have a dominant team with pretty good users. In terms of highlights, they have players such as Lord Relax, MJ313, woozy, and Aeta24. I do not have any more information on the other players but they are not bad at all. Regardless of who is on Giannis, they will average around 30 and 15 because of easy and dominant he can be. Any team can be at the top of the east because how even a lot of the teams are, but with the chemistry these dudes have, and the people I mentioned, I think they can easily make a run. 
4. Philadelphia 76ers
I think DRock had potentially the worst drafts of the league; however, he made up for it with the trade. They now have Switzo, Kurupted, and iBall Saver. Between those three on one line, they will dominate the East; they may even be undefeated. However, I have no hope for their second line. I think if I have to play their second line, I'm licking my lips because it is a stat game. They have drock, tmo, LJ, Sonic, and Stimothy. Stimothy is the only bright spot; the others aren't bad but as a collective, I do not see them winning that many games compared to the other teams in this conference. Although the first line is going to be really good, I have them 4th because of the precedence of toxicity that Switzo established. He already unofficially asked to be off his original team; when the season starts, he still has one official trade request. How am I so sure that whatever happened in Memphis will not happen in Philly? Therefore, despite how skilled that line will be, I believe there will be some issues down the line. 
5. Boston Celtics
This may be surprising to some because the users that are on the team are probably one of the best in the league; Macc really brought all of his friends, and all of his 2K Godz players. They are extremely skilled but the team they selected will only take them so far. Macc is one of the few people who I know can use Jayson Tatum efficiently; he either powers his way to the paint, or mastered the release timer on his fade which gives tatum a faster release compared to his original slow jumper. Outside of that, Jett, Wade, Dolo, and Devo are the the stars of the team. I think with how heavy the conference is, I do not think they will be fair well. If they had a better team, I think they could easily have made #1 in the conference. However, due to their negligence of a choice, they are stuck at the bottom in my opinion.



These are a list of players who are first round talent and should be selected as so; owners from the Bucks, 76ers, Warriors, Lakers, and Grizzlies should not let any of them get passed the first round. They rarely speak because they may have a certain team they want to go to or certain Owners hoping they fall in the draft; their talent will speak for themselves.

All of these dudes should be getting drafted first round and should not be falling past the Top 15 players. If you do, you’re trolling and helping the top user owners and gms.

Woohdy v2









Top 10 Free Agents Per Position

* With the opinions of 10 individuals who wish to remain anonymous, here is a list compiled of what we believe are people every owner should go after*

This is a center heavy draft. There is roughly 20 centers that are solid. The skill gap between the top 10 – 15 centers isn’t huge. Therefore, I would target PGs first. There is a HUGE lack of talent in the guard department. It was painfully hard to think of a top 5, let alone top 10 Point Guard.

The list will be followed by honorable mentions and names to look for


                               1. SwitzoSn 
The other 9 people agreed he is a Solid Pro AM player who can adjust to the Team-Up environment; comfortable with a star. the stick skill is there compared to the talent in this league but will he be reliable? 

                               2. Big WadeO

Has experience in multiple leagues from 2kGodz, EBA, and VBA. He is a veteran when it comes to team-up and has the ability to produce as a star. He also has the ability to play any position and be above average. His top destinations may be with the 2kGodz crew themselves; whether FoexMacc or King Mizzark.

                               3. Jvmper7620
According to the others who helped create the list, this is another Pro-AM PG that has the ability to adjust to Team-Up. With High Game IQ, rotational defense, and ability to score, he lands here.

                               4. PookDog
He is known to be an extremely solid player within the 2k Community. People have not seen him play but with a high game sense, he has the ability to adjust quickly. Will he play without his friends in FAB or MIZZARK?

                               5. Movss X
From the few in-houses that he has played, he may be a sleeper. He has not had a bad performance yet. However, playing against a communicating team of 5 is completely different than an inhouse. Will he succeed then?

                               6. ISeeCapBoy
I do not believe he has the ability to take over games but he is extremely solid. May need certain players to produce at a high level. In this league that lacks talent at guard, he will definitely be of use to any team that looks his way.

                               7. Aceboogs 
He is a pretty good score first PG; He is still learning dribbles so he has potential. He is definitely a better scorer than passer. His passing and defense need work. His downfall is the ability to make only one read towards the center; in a rotation defense, he may struggle.

                               8. xLoad SL
He is also another Pro-AM player. He can play any position and has played against organized teams before and has done fairly well; Is he a byproduct of his system or will he be able to shine anywhere?

                               9. x KING J0N x
He is well known to be a dominant center; if he is willing to play big for your team, he is Top 3 in that position without discussion. However, he signed up at guard. I do not know if he is trolling but he has potential at PG. He is very inconsistent; he may give a 30 and 10 game but next game a 5 and 15 game. He has a lot to learn. His top destinations may be Goodfella Joker, King Mizzark, or oFab. 

                               10. KXNG CHAMP
He has always was above average at PG in every 2K; he has the ability to adapt. In terms of scoring, this 2K is not hard; guards can score at will in the paint if the center does not time his jump. The only question is whether he will play without Farah En Fuego or King Klay.


                                1. Woohdy v2
He is without a doubt a user who has stick skill; He can be comfortable on a star and produce. However, there are multiple complaints that he is toxic. If we're talking user skill out of Free Agent wings, he is up here. If we are taking personalities into account, he drops a bit.

                                2. GB King Jet
He is a super underrated player; he may possibly be the best wing/big in the draft with all the top users accepting Owner and GM. He has the stick skill, he has the game IQ, and has the ability to change a game. He plays in multiple parties with random players which shows he will play with anyone. He is definitely a must have. FoexMacc will most likely be pursuing him.

                            3. Nacho "Suge" Traynor
He is without a doubt the best personality in the draft and will play with anyone. He is a former professional player and still has professional experience in coaching. He has the ability to play a superstar and produce; He has high game IQ. The only issue is whether or not he tries. He tends to troll a lot and may find this league for fun.

                                 4. BAMAxx
He is not a superstar but he is definitely a great role player. He understands how to rotate on defense and can shoot with anyone; I have not seen him shoot poorly yet. He is also not toxic. He is definitely a must grab for a team.

                                5. BLK SUPERSAIYAN
He is a great role player that can do a mixture of everything. He is way better at shooting guard and is very similar to BAMA. He can definitely be the difference maker for a team since he knows how to rotate on defense and help the helper.

                                 6. Viintage 2k
He has the ability to play the superstar and produce a bit, but we think he makes a better role player. He is in the similar area between BAMA and BLK. They do not have an ego but will be a difference maker when rounding out a team.

                                  7. DEVO228
The skill gap between the wings are not huge. He is similar to everyone on the list outside of the top three. However, he is also a FOExMACC friend so will he be able to play without him?

                                8. ClutchxKing
Outside of the top three players, the skill distinction is very minimal. He is a very good plug and play player. He knows the concept of rotations and will do very well assisting the top players.

                                9. Stimothy T
He has potential to be a star player in this league. Outside of the five games people has seen him play, he has been very productive. The only question is whether he will be able to play without Fear Painkiller.

                                10. xXx MJ313
He has had years of experience from team up as well as proam. He is an exceptional help defender and one of the better players in the draft. The question is whether or not he will play without LOM5STAR or Goodfella Joker. 


                            1. MRxxUSERxxPICKx
If he signs up, he will be the best player in the draft. He will deny and say he has not played in years and is not worth it. However, as a former 2K Pro, he is exceptional at every position. Give him a star, give him a line, and get out of the way. The question is whether or not he will play without Fab, Mizzark, Goodfella Joker, or LOM5STAR. Those will be his destinations if he does sign up.

                              2. GEEE MONEY
He recently got back to 2K and will be a top center once he gets acclimated. He had a solid performance on his first center game against competent users. Once someone has high game knowledge, playing this game is like riding a bike. The question is whether or not he will play anywhere other than KING MIZZARK. 

                                3. Kuhrow
Most people know him as a wing player but he is far better at big in my opinion. He is one of the few players who do not have a preference on where to go and will play anywhere. He is still getting acclimated to the position but he will dominant once the season comes. Pair him with a dominant ball handler and that line may not lose that many games. He may be the best passing big in the draft. Look at destinations like the Philadelphia 76ers.

                           4. Post Kobe (eBoKTsoP)
He is in a similar stance as Traynor. If he does not troll, he is one of the better players in this league. I think he is a great center and it is probably his best role. He is without a doubt the best shooting center that I have seen so far. His top destinations may be the Miami Heat or Brooklyn Nets. I do not think he has the patience for other teams.

                                5. DatBoyKelz
He is a good all around big. Understands the game at a high level and is a great defender. The big issue is that he has a tendency to not show up due to real life stuff and may quit mid season. His availability due to work is not the greatest either. Look for destinations like the Phoenix Suns, the Memphis Grizzlies, or the Los Angeles Clippers.

                               6. Revolves SZN
He is a great under the basket center who will guarantee you rebounds and points. He may not pass out frequently enough and will mash despite a miss. He may get exposed in a 5 out offense but he is definitely an extremely solid center. Look for him to become a Boston Celtic as he is FOExMACC boy. Either him or King Jett will be his top 2 picks. 

                              7. Farah En Fuego
He has been one of the most consistent centers in every 2K and I expect this one to be no different. He has high game IQ and has played in all levels of competition. However, he is not a plug and play player. He may want to go primarily to the Miami Heat. Evidently, whatever team he goes to, he is a package deal with Kxng Champ, and Kxng Klay.

                              8. Ruthless x252x
He is a household name throughout the 2K Team Up community and is well deserved to be anywhere from a first round to a second round pick. He is great at defense and is definitely a top center. He has the ability to play the wing as well. However, as most top guys, he has his own crew. I do not know if he will play anywhere outside of the Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, or Phoenix Suns. He may try to lay low so they can draft him in the lower rounds.

                               9. VONTHEGAMER
This man plays with anyone and everyone. He is a pretty good all around center. He has some faults in the pick and roll defense but he is one of the better centers in the league. He is definitely one of the better passers and will make the right read at a high level. He can score really well but is a byproduct of the system he is in. He will only shine with certain talent around him. He can land anywhere from the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics, the Phoenix Suns, or the Memphis Grizzlies. The reason he drops this far is because he is a better center than wing but he may look to play wing this season.

                               10. ooJAYDUBoo
He has pretty good game IQ and compared to the other players in this league, he is definitely above average. He is not dominant but he will do his job at his position. The question is whether or not he will play if he is not selected to the Miami Heat or Brooklyn Nets.

                             11. KURUPTED NYX
I know this is a top 10 but he recently signed up. He has been consistent in every 2K and is one of the best players in the player draft. He signed up at center and may dominate with how influential center is within this years team up. However, he has always been known to play point guard or wing at a high level; compared to the talent level of this league, he is way above average.



Bon Blast (PF/C)
BudweizerBeast (C)
Luckyy Dabs (if at Center)
Elijuw0n (PG/C)
SnagzforVC (Wing)
Benniebeem (wing)
Elite RZA (wing)
Woozyshattamon (Wing)
NeverPractices (if he signs up)
Just Smoove (Better Role Player than Center)
RNO Block LP (wing)

Players Who Were Previously Decent

But may be completely cheeks

x Im Da Truth X (PF)
o0 Mantis 0o (PF)
LJ53 (SF)
Mikeman 117 (PG)
Jerseys Illest (SG)
European Beas (SF)
Kavious 18 (PG)
Shaun776 (SG)


  1. BUCKS

Giannis is the best player on the game. From badges, to speed, to rebound animations, to dunk animations. He can actually shoot now. If this team is played correctly with a 5 out offense, i think it should be without a doubt #1. Everyone else on the team can green fairly easily. The team also has insane defense between Jrue, Middleton, and Giannis himself. There are no wholes with this team which should make this an undoubtable first choice.

Preferred Lineup:
Bobby Portis


When talking about gameplay, the dribbling on this game is horrendous compared to previous 2Ks which may hinder users on Kyrie Irving. He may have one of the worst layup animations in the game but regardless, the team is actually nuts. Kyrie has a great shot with his mid, and his fade is super easy. KD is one of the most dominant players in the game and with a good user, he is practically unguardable. He has a great rebound animation, a great pull up animation, and a great momentum. He also receives a lot of contact dunks which is important due to the strength of the paint defense this game. However, the stars are not the only factor. Seth Curry is an auto green with a smooth shot. There will be no such thing as help defense. I believe this team has the potential to be amazing. If Ben Simmons comes back, you have the ability to put him at center. The only downfall on this team is defense; Kyrie, Seth, and Bruce are liabilities in which the opposing guards can practically score at will. If Simmons does not come back, you still have

Preferred Lineup:


In this game, anybody above 65 three can green every shot if the timing is right. With that being said, I know it sounds crazy with Curry, Poole, and Klay on the team, but the success of this team will rely heavily on the user on Green. Draymond has a hotspot in the right corner but a low three; being able to hit it consistently is key if you want to use a 5 out offense. If you cant, you’re practically useless because his contact animations at the rim aren’t the greatest. In a small ball lineup, the possibility of getting horsed is high. Therefore, needing to know the timing of the box is important. Despite the difficulties, the team has extreme potential. There is amazing defense with Klay, Wiggins, and Draymond. They all have easy shots. Curry can curry slide to a quick stop, can momentum, and green fade 3s. Klay has one of the fastest shots in the game and can momentum despite being underneath the 86 ball handling threshold. Wiggins shot is extremely smooth where you cant face guard. If you do, his ability to blow by and contact dunk is scary. Poole doesn’t have the quickest shot but with a bit of separation, its definitely an auto green. I think they can easily guard star players as a team, but the success will be on if the owner can get a Draymond green that can consistently hit or if they can team rebound. They have potential to be #1, but if the user on Draymond is not great, then this team might not be as deadly.

Preferred Lineup:

4. 76ERS

Embiid is without a doubt the best big in the game. He can do a little bit of everything. His biggest issue in previous 2Ks was his shot release. It was extremely clunky and there were liabilities on his offensive game. However, they fixed it and the release is super easy with an 81 THREE. He is a center that you practically have to face guard or else he will green it. However, he is more mobile than a majority of centers so he can cut as well. He has great defense, great standing dunk contacts. He has gold post playmaker (practically dimer). Evidently, that is not the only thing that makes this team great. They have one of the easiest players to use in a one on one situation with James Harden. His step back separation move is lethal to the point where you can momentum off the last second animation. With that speed burst, he gets that blow by and he is the best guard on the game at finishing at the rim. He will either contact dunk on whoever is in front of him, or the user can switch shots mid attempt to get the foul. They have a lockdown defender in Thybulle who can take on the primary ballhandler with ease. He also can green the corner. Harris is the stereotypical PF who can green every shot. Maxey has an okay release but has a high three to make up for it. If people are uncomfortable with him, they have Danny Green to rely on. In terms of liability, they don’t have any. I think this team has a great ceiling with a low skill needed to be successful.

Preferred Lineup:
James Harden


Lebron is great due to his strength and speed. His blow by animations is nuts but AD is even more dominant. He is one of the fastest bigs, best defensive animations, low three but easy release, great contact. There’s this animation where a guard is under the paint, they can do a circus layup and it will be considered open and go in all the time unless the big jumps. AD? One of the few bigs where putting your hands up is enough. Lebron has HOF Dimer which helps tremendously. Westbrook has cold spots everywhere but an easy release. With HOF dimer, hes greening every time. Malik monk is a sniper. Carmelo is a sniper. Offensively this team is a juggernaut,  defensively they arent the greatest but can hold their own.  Plus, having a high speed center is so important in this game. The ability to play high and recover is extremely important. I don’t think they have a true lockdown which is their downfall.

Preferred Lineup:
Malik Monk


They did Booker right. In previous teamups, you’d only be able to white the shot unless you were hot. This time? You can green everything. His contact dunk animation is nice and has a fast release on the jumper. Chris Paul is super good in my opinion. His floater is crazy. Despite his size, hes a solid defender. Bridges might be one of the best wing defenders on the game. He also has one of the smoothest shots on the game. Deandre Ayton is one of those bigs that isnt great, but he’s definitely good. Solid rebound animations, moves fast, 81 mid range, and 70 three. I think they match up well against most teams. They just aren’t super dominant in one position like the teams I think are higher; I just think they’re well balanced.

Preferred Lineup:

7. Clippers

Without Kawhi, this team isn’t top 10. But with him, they definitely are. They have arguably two of the best wing defenders. This is extremely important on this game because its hard to score and fast breaks are going to be needed. PG is a monster on this game for what its worth. Marcus Morris has a good shot, and Zubac is a HORSE. I think Kennard has an easy release. I think the ability to guard any team puts this team at an advantage against the rest. If someone can wiggle with PG and Kawhi to at least get some offense, it will be a nightmare.

Preferred Lineup:
Paul George
Luke Kennard


With them losing the other night, hopefully the rosters may be reset and this roster is scary to see. In my opinion, Monte Morris has the best shot in the game. Alongside Kevin Huerter from the hawks. Jamal Murray has always been pretty good. Will Barton is solid in contact dunks, can green, solid defense. Michael Porter has been one of the best players on the game every 2k despite always being hurt. He is like the modern Gerald green from previous 2ks. A straight up monster. And Jokic? This team is super scary offensively. Jokic doesn’t have the smoothest shot but he sure can dominate in other aspects. This team is similar to the nets where they aren’t the greatest defensively but offensively? I don’t think many teams stop them.

Preferred Lineup:


Zion is a baby Giannis. They have a similar style of play as the bucks. Vala has a high 3 as a center, can green consistently, and has great rebound animations. Ingram is a do it all wing. Can momentum. McCollum isn’t the greatest “star” compared to other guards. He is slow, not the greatest at creating on this game for his size. I think it should be a two man game between Zion and Ingram w/ McCollum sitting pretty in the corner since his shot is beautiful. And they have a solid defender in Herbert Jones who can also green from corner. A 5 out with Zion or Ingram will be dangerous. 

Preferred Lineup:
PG: McCollum
SG: Ingram
SF: Jones
PF: Zion
C: Vala

10. HEAT

It seems like a travesty to put them this low but there is so many good teams on this 2K. This team is like another version of the suns. But instead of booker, you have jimmy. This is my favorite team to use on the game by far. This is the definition of the ability to switch everything on defense between the trio jimmy/pj/bam. They might have the best defense on the game. Their guards can green absolutely anything and everything. From 35% contested or less between herro and duncan. Kyle lowry has an extremely smooth shot. So does PJ Tucker. Jimmy Butler has a low 3 but has an easy animation to where you can green every shot. And Bam? Hes a super athletic/defensive big. Hes one of those bigs that can play high and recover. Despite his defensive prowess, he has a 69 three which is greenable with kyle lowry gold dimer and gold floor general. This team has everything you need. The reason why I have them here is that their “star” in jimmy butler is not as easy to use or dominant compared to the others. But he is still dominant in the right hands.

Preferred Lineup:
PJ Tucker