Article 1: Structure of the VFL

Section 1: VFL

The VFL (Virtual Football League) is a free-to-play league that focuses on simulation competition on Madden games for the Xbox series X/S. The league itself is whole.

Section 2: VFL Executive Order

2.1 Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner

2.1.1 Commissioner Responsibilities
The Commissioner serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the League. He is responsible for the general direction and supervision of League affairs, coordinating between the VFLPA, Owners, and Staff, and serving as the principal public spokesman for the League.
The Commissioner will always make his decisions based on what is best for the League as a whole.
If there were to make a change or a new rule in the VFL constitution, The Commissioner is allowed to call a Hearing for voting or making a new rule.

2.1.2 Deputy Commissioner Responsibilities 
The Deputy Commissioners are responsible for monitoring and aiding League management, as well as aiding the Commissioner. The Deputy Commissioners may be appointed special tasks to help run the league.

The VFLPA (VFL Players Association) or BOGs (Board of Governors), has one of the most important duties in the league. They include:

– Approving trades

– Monitoring complaints

– Enforcing rules

– Updating Rosters

– Assisting players in the league with general inquiries

The VFLPA are allowed to review games that happen to have someone that broke a rule with the commissioner. The commissioner and VFLPA will decide the consequence and ruling of the match.

2.3: Media Director
The Media Director is in control of the Media team for the VFL. Making articles, videos, interviews, or anything that deems as entertainment on the forums is considered Media. Media Director is one of the most important roles in a league as it creates content and attracts new talent.


Section 3: League Structure

The VFL will be monitored on three platforms.

Discord: communication between league officials and players will occur here. Within the discord, you can find locker rooms, the constitution, rulebook, complaint system, schedule, and more. It is highly recommended to be in the leagues’ discord to stay informed on the latest news and announcements.

Website/Stat system: This is where you can find media content, sign-ups, rosters, and stats. 

Social Media: The media team will utilize social media to attract new talent. 

3.1: Hierarchy

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Coloring denotes the level of authority. AGMs may be applicable if teams exceed 3+ lines.