ARTICLE 3 : Player’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Section 1: Player’s Bill of Rights

Every player in the VFL has certain rights to ensure equal treatment and opportunity to play according to the rules and procedures that govern the league, provided that the player has followed those rules and procedures, and fulfilled their commitment and responsibilities as a VFL player.

1.1: Participation

A Player has the right to scheduled a minimum of 3 games per week.(Unless it is a shortened week)

A Player has the right to be involved in team practices.

1.2: Fair Treatment

A Player has the right to be treated with respect by every member of the community. This includes Staff, Management, and other Players.

1.3: Notification

A Player has the right to be duly notified when a transaction involving that player has been completed, or a ruling has been made against that player.

1.4: Request a Trade

A Player has the right to respectfully request to be traded. Under the following conditions :

1. The trade window must be open. A player can not request a trade if the team cannot currently trade them.

2. The player must make their request respectfully, via PM to their management group and TWO (2) VFLPA Members, including the reasons for their request. Demanding a trade, Speaking to other Management regarding Trades may give Management the right to file an Appeal with Board of Governors. You will be Blacklisted if found guilty.

3. The player must continue to fulfill their commitment to their current organization while they are being shopped. Requesting a trade does not excuse a player from their responsibility to attribute to the success of their current organization.

4. The player must give their management at least 2 weeks, or 2 Thursdays, to comply with their request. 

5. The player may not request a trade to a specific organization.

6. If there are no offers for that player, they will have to retire or cancel their trade request and stick it out with their current team. 

7. Trade Requests by a Player will now be limited to twice Per Season.

8. Players must not broker their trade.

Failure to adequately comply with these conditions may result in an inability to act on the player’s request.

1.5: Trade Request Retraction

A player may retract their trade request at any point during the two weeks by contacting their ownership and two (2) VFLPA members. Players are only entitled to one (1) retraction a season and do NOT gain a new trade request if they use a retraction. 

1.6: Injury Claim

A Player has the right to request placement on the IR. Under the following conditions :

1. The player may not participate in games for at least 1 week.

2. The player may not claim injury for more than two weeks a season.

3. The player must retire if they are required to claim an injury for more than 2 weeks a season.

Failure to request placement on the IR before a period of inactivity may result in a player being blacklisted due to inactivity.

1.7: Retirement

A Player has the right to declare retirement and retain their player status, according to procedures outlined in the constitution and outlined by the VFLPA. Failure to comply with procedures for retirement may result in a blacklist. Players must fill out retirement applications correctly by the guidelines handed out by the VFLPA. Failure to do so results in a denied retirement

1.8: Right to Appeal

The VFLPA has the right to file an appeal on behalf of the player regarding a decision made against them, according to the Judicial Process. An appeal may be made for blacklisting by management if the player can provide evidence that they contacted their management before being blacklisted.

Player Appeals are to be filed with the VFLPA according to their guidelines.

Section 2: Player’s Responsibility

2.1: Rules

It is the players’ responsibility to know, understand, and follow the rules. This includes gameplay, conduct outside of the game, and conduct on the discord, website, and social media.

2.2: Availability

Players are responsible for posting their availability every week in their Locker Room, according to the requirements of management.

2.3: Showing Up

Players are responsible for showing up 15 minutes early for their scheduled games. If a player is unable to do so for some reason, they are expected to give their management plenty of notice, so that they can arrange a substitution.

2.4: Commitment and Dedication

It is the player’s responsibility to make themselves available for team practices and/or meetings. Players are also expected to be active members of the League Arena community. You are not required to post frequently, but you are expected to stay updated on League events, such as rule and procedure changes, and be active in your Locker Room.

2.5: Sportsmanship

Players are expected to showcase sportsmanship by following the rules, being respectful toward other members, and respectably conducting themselves.