Section 1: Schedule Breakdown


1.1: VFL Schedule


A VFL Season consists of 6 weeks of play:


6 weeks at 12 games/week for the Regular Season

3 weeks up to 7 games/week for the Playoffs


Each VFL season is followed by an off-season of necessary length to finalize the previous season and manage preparation for the next season. During this time, staff and management will be handling necessary tasks, while players are provided the opportunity to scout.


1.2: VFL Games


VFL games normally take place at 8, 9, and 10 pm eastern standard time (EST). There are 12 games scheduled each week, with exceptions for reschedules, replays, and playoffs.


The daily times for VFL games during the regular season are:


Sunday: 8, 9 and10 pm

Monday: 9 and 10 pm

Tuesday: 9 and 10 pm

Wednesday: 9 and 10 pm

Thursday: 8, 9 and 10 pm

Friday: No scheduled games

Saturday: No scheduled games


The daily times for VFL games during the playoffs are:


Sunday Game 1: 10 pm

Monday Game 2: 10 pm

Tuesday Game 3: 9 pm

Tuesday Game 4: 10 pm

*Wednesday Game 5: 9 pm

*Wednesday Game 6: 10 pm

*Thursday Game 7: 10 pm


*If necessary



Section 2: Weekly Scheduling Rules


2.1: Posting Lines


Posting lines correctly and on time is an important part of management’s duties. Procedures for doing this are in place to make it easy and efficient for your players and opponents to identify your lineups. Failure to meet standards or deadlines for scheduling procedures will result in suspensions and penalties to Management. NFL Lines are the Owner’s responsibility, while AFL Lines are the General Manger’s responsibility. Failure to comply with these standards will result in the following penalties for each Manager.




First occurrence =  1 Game suspension

Second occurrence = 1 Week suspensions(3 Games missed)

Third occurrence = Removal from Management



2.2: Lines Procedures


Management is required to have their lines formatted and posted, according to restrictions and procedures, no later than 12:00 pm EST Sunday afternoon. A submission timestamp of 12:01 pm EST or later on the lines thread for a team is considered late.

Each week’s lines are to be created in a new post and never edited again.


2.2.1: Format


Guidelines will be provided in a sticky thread at the top of each lines section.

There will be an example in that thread, and a copy/paste option provided.

This is to make lines easy to read, track, and organize. They may not edit the original thread but post underneath any changes during the week.


2.2.2: Scheduling Restrictions


Players must be scheduled according to their availability and their right to 4 games per week.

Players must be scheduled for at least 3 games.


2.2.3: Editing Lines


Do not edit any posts in your lines threads, make any necessary corrections in the form of a new post.

Once lines have been submitted, they may not be edited. Any line changes are to be made in a new post in that thread. Your current lineup, as well as any corrections, are to be submitted before the relevant game starting. Last-minute corrections should be made by management when possible but may be made by any player on your team if management quotes and verifies that post within 24 hours.

To edit a lineup, copy/paste the original lineup for the game in question, and make the changes necessary to that lineup, then submit it in a new post.


2.2.4: Substitutions


When using an ECU (Emergency Call Up) player, create a new post. Include the date and time of the game, the player being replaced, and the player being used. This should be done by management when possible, but can be done by any player on your team, if management quotes and verifies that post within 24 hours.






Section 3: Game Night Procedures


3.1: Game Setup


From the main menu:


Superstar KO

Select PAF

Select 3v3

Select NFL rules

Create a short password and provide it to the other team



3.2: Game Times


-15 Minute Mark: Your team is expected to be organized and prepared to play 15 minutes before game time. If you do not have your full lineup, as scheduled, then, it is your responsibility to contact the other team and a staff member immediately. Request extra time if you are missing a player(s) and need to prepare a substitute.

You will then have an additional 10 minutes to gather a full lineup and correct your lines on the forum.


-15 Minute Mark: Verify your lineup is accounted for. Request additional time if it is not.

-10 Minute Mark: The home team is expected to set up the game lobby.

-5 Minute Mark: Both teams should enter the lobby with all of their available players.

0 Minute Mark: If additional time was not requested, the game should be started.

+5 Minute Mark: If there was an error or host change, the game should now start.

+10 Minute Mark: If additional time was requested, the game should be started.

+15 Minute Mark: If there was an error or host change, the game should now start.


If a team is unable to produce a full lineup, in the lobby, and ready to play, at the +5 minute mark, (or +15 minute mark if additional time was requested), that team forfeits. This is not at the discretion of either team, this is at the discretion of the league. The league does not want forfeits to occur, but they are the only effective deterrent and method of identifying which teams are not operating according to the procedure.


If either team feels the forfeit should not be enforced, they may file a complaint with the BOG.

The BOG may make a ruling for a replay if sufficient cause can be found that the forfeit should not have been enforced.



3.4: Connection Issues


3.4.1: Time Allotment


There are 5 minutes allotted for connection issues in the game times.


3.4.2: Player Can’t Connect


If a player is unable to connect to multiple hosts, that player must be replaced. As you only have 10 minutes to do so, it is highly recommended that teams have a player on standby during those 10 minutes before the game starts.


3.4.3: Player Loses Connection


If a player loses connection, the game must be played out.


3.4.4: Restarting a Game


The procedures for restarting a game are when the game lags or freezes out at any point, which is a replay on Friday at 9 pm EST according to all replay procedures.





Section 4: Playoff Adjustments


To account for restrictions and scheduling for playoffs, the procedures and rules must be adjusted. The playoff rules will be ratified and released before the playoffs.