ARTICLE 6: Stat Tracking & Awards

Section 1: Overview

Compared to previous years, madden had a post-game pause where users could track stats. For the time being, they did not include that in Madden 22. However, there are workarounds to ensure we can have a simulation league. They may include a patch to add the post-game stats. 

1.1: How to Submit

There will be a discord channel in which players submit their stats. Screenshots only of scores. Screenshots of in-game stats like passing are permitted for optional stats later defined in the article. 

1.2: Accessing Stats

Stats will be uploaded and maintained on our website. From there users can track stats, rosters, and news. 

Section 2: Stats

2.1: Required Stats

There are four required stats when submitting a game in the channel. 

– Overall score

– Points for (OC required tracking stat)

– Points against (DC required tracking stat)

– Win or loss (HC required tracking stat)

These are the main stats that will be tracked throughout the season for a few season rewards. 

2.2: Optional Stats

In addition to the required stats, players can submit optional stats. These include:

QB: Passing TDs, Rushing TDs, Fumbles, Ints

RB: Rushing TDs, Receiving TDs, Fumbles, 

WR: Rushing TDs, Receiving TDs

DL: Sacks, FF, Ints, Fumb Recovery, Defensive TD

LB: Sacks, FF, Ints, Fumb Recovery, Defensive TD

DB: Sacks, FF, Ints, Fumb Recovery, Defensive TD

When a player submits these stats with proof of screenshot, they will be added to the stat system. Failure to capture optional stats may hurt a player’s chance of being considered for some rewards at the end of the season. The best way to track these stats is toward the end of the game when a ticker displays a player’s stat. The proof is needed for audit purposes. 

Section 3: Rewards

At the end of each season, there will be season awards for players who have outstanding seasons. These will be defined by the media team throughout the year.