Week 14 Power Rankings

Media has been slacking lately due to IRL things but we are going to take a dive into the power rankings this week. This is solely based on what is on the standings and what i am able to find in the stats system. If you’re salty do yer job and enter stats 

 1. Falcons (22-3)- This in my opinion is a no brainer, ebok and hexied are a great line and are currently sitting at an outstanding 10-0 together while the whole team is sitting at the top of points for and have the least points against. Oxqw has gone 5-0 since joining and fitch is 3-0 this team just looks scary on paper and a super bowl favorite

 2. Chargers (21-5) brady and company are always a top team in VFL and the merger shows no this is not a fluke. This team is killing it with 584 points for and 314 points against i believe this team is the falcons only real challenger at this point in time what confuses me is brady is sitting at 7-5 while child please is sitting at 9-0 i believe child gets carried by fig and rivals however a 9-0 record shows he is doing enough to not be losing games. He does however have 11 TDs and only 2 INTs

 3. Chiefs (16-8)- I put chiefs ahead of the ravens just because of mahomes as both teams re 16-8 but chiefs are just a better madden team and with that advantage i see them being able to win close games ravens might not be able to win. They have not entered in all of their stats but from the look of it cruce is 2-0 since joining the chefs. Clamps is 6-2 this team can make some noise headed into playoffs.

 4. Ravens (16-8)- I have ravens at 4th this team will be a contender for sure unfortunately they do not enter stats so im not 100% sure who is putting in the work on this team. I should drop their ranking because of poor management 

 5. Seahawks (16-10)- The 3VL halfway house. This team is full of ps guys only two people on this team currently were on the original roster. #MVPork AKA young toenail has been playing great being top 5 in passing stats. Sacrifice since joining has gone 5-1 and helped this team solidify another line that can win games, something they desperately needed 

 6. Bengals (16-9)- ive heard this team took solo off of QB and went with the falcons approach and brought in some mut talent i can see this team being much higher in these rankings come playoff time joka is sitting at 9-3 and doing is part to lead the team to the playoffs

 7. Saints (12-13)- after losing wace because he was salty he lost a game this team seems to have bounced back and is staying in the top 8 discussion lucky is current 4-2 i believe as a saint and beach has been struggling this season sitting at 4-8 i hope he can turn that around because ive seen him win some tough games

 8. Jaggin off (12-14)=- With abyss retiring i saw this team just spiraling but they have made a rally and in my eyes are a top 8 team easy jags are a hard team to use but they have been getting it done as of late i just would like to see them continue that.

 9. Packers (12-12)- all im going to say about this team is its great to see the “MVP” finally shut up in main chat it brings a smile to my face knowing that blunkey is so embarrassed that he deleted his discord. Because theres no other way bro has been this silent for this long.

 10. Buccs (11-13) Warpath taking this team over after lucky traded away their best players and then proceeding to step down this team has been hanging in there. I know the line of warpath tmo and woody will continue to be a deadly combo for the rest of the season i just want to see a little more out of beaste atm

 11. Browns (10-14) this team was filled with drama about a week ago with reebok retiring and un retiring av threatening to retire and the browns missing their best OL this team has had it rough they however are still in playoff talks and if they can finish out their last few games strong id like to see their matchups in playoffs and see if they can surprise some people on some underdog vibes.

 12. Eagles (9-17) they pretty much get this spot because they are the more active of the last few teams in the league they might get a playoff spot due to just poor management by other teams. I know they have good players on the roster but something just has not been right all season for them. Will they make playoffs? Or will the ff disqualification rule hurt them??

 13. Cowboys (8-18) not much to say since sandie stepped down as owner this team i believe has been ffing a lot of games. Huge bust considering the start they had.

 14. Bills (7-19) not much to say other than this team is a disgrace to madden players lol

 15. Dolphins (6-18) I’m not sure if they’re just not trying or is tua just that bad and they cant use him. 

16 . 49ers (4-20)- wow…. Just wow….. WOW

Hit or Miss

We will be reviewing every first-round pick and determining whether it is a hit or a miss. This has little to do with pure skill mainly determining if the team owner made a good draft pick at the pick they had.

 Pick 1 – Saints selected Wace.
Miss. Wace went 4-3 before getting banned. This pick is a miss. The first overall draft pick couldn’t even finish out the season for his team after only bringing them 4 wins.
 Pick 2 – Seahawks selected Velus.
Miss. I don’t know where this guy is honestly, but wherever he is, it’s definitely not with the Seattle Seahawks, which makes him a hard miss.


 Pick 3 – Packers select WagBoyz
 Hit. WagBoyz has only lost one game so far out of 7. He is a big part of the reason the Packers stand at 10-5. This pick is the first hit of the draft.
Pick 4 – Jaguars select NateCashMoney.
Miss. Nate is currently 3-5 and playing mediocre at best. The Jaguars as a whole sit at 6-9, roughly under .500. However, they are on a win streak currently. I’ll call this pick a miss because playing at such a mediocre level after being drafted this high is not ideal. The Jaguars should have probably picked a quarterback at this spot. Nate is still a great player don’t get me wrong just at this spot and Jacksonville situation no
 Pick 5 – Dolphins select AV.
Miss. This pick is an obvious miss because he is currently playing for another team. Drafting a player this high and then getting rid of him is never a good sign. The Dolphins are currently struggling as they sit at 4-10. This missed draft pick may be a big reason why. The trade benefit from this trade was also low.
 Pick 6 – Buccaneers select Woodhy.
Hit. Woodhy is actually having a good season as the team sits at 7-7. Looking to make a playoff push, Woodhy clearly isn’t a problem in Tampa Bay as he is 6-2.
 Pick 7 – Falcons select Cruce.
Miss. Cruce was selected to the Falcons, struggled a bit early on, and later got traded to Miami for his replacement. This was clearly a miss for ATL. However, Cruce is now performing well in Kansas City. Still, a bad pick for the Falcons for drafting a player they didn’t use properly.
 Pick 8 – Browns select Hero.
Miss. The Browns sit at 4-10, and Hero is 2-2. Maybe it isn’t all his fault as he is a DC, but maybe the Browns should have gone for an OC in the first round. First-round picks are supposed to make a strong impact regardless of teammates, and he is playing mediocre. The Browns are in 13th place with little chance to make the playoffs, making this a miss. Similar to the Nate situation he is a great player just went at the wrong spot to the wrong team
 Pick 9 – Ravens select Shurzi.
Hit. The Ravens are 13-3, and Shurzi is losing 2 games but also winning 6. It seems like the Ravens got the guy they wanted, and they are winning games, so this pick is a hit.
 Pick 10 – Chargers select Fig.
Hit. Fig is currently undefeated, and the Chargers are 12-4. His record is still 7-0. This was a good pick by the Chargers, and it’s showing.
 Pick 11 – 49ers select TPbraves.
Miss. The 49ers were fighting for a last-place spot with the Bills for almost the entire season. TPbraves also recently retired, so this pick was obviously a miss.
Pick 12 – Eagles select KoolAidz.
Hit. I’m on the fence between hit and miss for this one. I feel like KoolAidz isn’t the reason the Eagles are struggling. He had some losses, but only to good teams. I’ll say hit because I believe as the Eagles’ schedule gets easier, they will make a late playoff push with help from their first-round pick.
Pick 13 – Cowboys select North Side.
Miss. It was a hit until it wasn’t. After the Cowboys got embarrassed by the Chiefs, everything fell apart. North Side was traded to Cleveland shortly after. The Cowboys received Thompson in the trade, which was a good pickup. However, why draft a player in the first round if you weren’t going to keep them? After one L…
Pick 14 – Bengals select Orbi.
Hit. Orbi is 6-2, and he is on the opposite line of where the Bengals are struggling. GM Joka and his first-round pick seem to be holding it down, being part of the reason the Bengals are maintaining balance at .500.
Pick 15 – Bills select Vizju.
Miss. The Bills have won one game out of 13, and it isn’t even with Vizju.
Pick 16 – Chiefs select Cowboy.
 Miss. Cowboy got banned around week 1. Self explanatory why this one was a miss

Fraud Watch

Top 5 players on fraud watch

  1. Brady – big jipper is a man of stats. some may think he cares more about stats than actually winning. with that being said, brady is a great player vs mid tier players, but when the lights came on. he threw a crucial pick 6 to lose to the packers. he is on fraud watch till proven he can beat comp
  2. Blunkey – blunkey claimed to be the “QBOTY” but with his record I don’t know how he thinks that’s possible. he throws the ball.. to his team and the other with no hesitation. think he’s a 1 read wonder and will be on fraud watch till proven otherwise
  3. Joka – he has joe burrow and lost to pork and the seahawks. I don’t know what is going on in cincy but he’s gotta get it together. shouldn’t be losing many games with a PLE qb
  4. Unglued Tiger – tiger claims to be a top running back in the league, but this season i could name 3 Quarterbacks alone with better stick than him. isn’t a game changer is on fraud watch this week
  5. Koolaid – the eagles got off to a hot start quick, some saying a top 4 team in the league. but after last night i don’t know how that’s possible. koolaid was throwing straight books and had his teammates flustered after the game.

Tink Tink List

GrandpaWarpaths poor little tink tink list

If you made this list, you suck. no arguments, no debates, no nothing. you are terrible, uninstall the game, just leave.


1. Abyss-

I love you, but you quit midgame on your team, as one of the best qb players i know that hurts to see.

2. Grof

Leading the league in Ints is not a good look, yes i know Tua is hot ass cheeks but come on now brother.

3. SuperSaiyan

1 td 5 ints 10 points for. ouch

4. clamps-

im assuming your no longer playing qb after 0 tds 5 ints and only 3 points scored. you need to go to confession because this is a major sin.

5. Warpath-

fucking shitter. 113 points for, but half of those are defensive tds, 2 tds on the year. Jesus christ ur a turd.


1. 2 da crib-

you have the cowboys o line, and pollard and are averaging 4 yards a carry. you and number 2 on this make me want to cry

2. Nate-

Nate what da halibut is going on here. You have jukebox and only hitting just under 4 yards a carry and 1 td?

3. marc-

find the endzone brother. 2 tds is a little rough

4. woohdy-

brother, this guy just sucks

5. rivals-

100 god damn carries? this aint madden 20, tell your oc to throw the damn ball

defensive users-

1. blunkey-

kid is utter garbage so he had to be included somewhere in this article

2. trashpanda-

103 points given up, 3 turnovers. HC may be a good spot to look at going forward

3. Beaste-

Love you buddy, but call your brother and tell him he needs to join, then retire so you can get banned. its time.

4. Eric Cartman-

You have the chiefs but have one of the worst defenses in the league. No one respects your authority, im sorry


Power Rankings S1 W5

disclaimer all of the records are what i found while making this article may be different come time it is posted

  1. Chargers (10-1) – Brady and company seem to be dominating and i do not see that changing anytime soon, i expect this team to stay in that number one spot for most of the near future
  2. Falcons (7-3) – Hexied and Ebok cheesin it up as Pork likes to say they had some controversy this past couple of days but i see them being able to turn that around and stay in this two seed and potentially knock the chargers out of the one seed.
  3. Eagles (6-4) – Swaggy recently traded his GM away for beast while I’m not familiar with one line on this team I do know koolaids tiger and farah will be a tough line all season and swaggy and co look to be another line that is really good
  4. Packers (7-3) – I can’t believe I am putting a blunkey owned team in top 5 but his line of wagboys and Larrylarry seem to be DOMINATING and are able to carry blunkey to this spot can they keep it up or will their backs give out?
  5.  Bengals (5-5) – Joka i know is a really good QB him and brady seem to be the best QB’s in the league and solo is putting up great passing numbers but doesn’t seem to be translating to wins maybe he should try managing the game a little more and keep his defense off the field
  6. Chiefs (6-4) – not familiar with many people on the team but they have the chiefs and i saw someone did a highlight video for clamps and his user skill looks to be top tier based off those clips. I have faith in this team
  7.  Cowboys (6-4) – vengeance and north’s line look to be doing work they just need to figure out the other line and they might be on too something soon!
  8.  Saints (6-4) – not a great madden team but they are getting things done! Wace is killing it! Not having a true punter puts them at a disadvantage due to field positioning not having an ability QB or RB either and this team is still a top team. I like this team, I like what they are doing!
  9. Buccaneers (5-5) – TMO WOOHDY, and  warpath are on a rampage I believe they have only lost one game unfortunately lucky has been struggling, that’s lucky’s MO at this point he struggles to start season but he always finds a way to get on  hot streak I can see them jumping up in these rankings soon
  10.  Ravens (5-3) this team has two really solid lines and shurzi and his line are tough they gave the chargers their only loss and that says something! The other line aint a cake walk either. I want to see how the rest of the season plays out and would love to see some stats entered for them as it is tough to tell how they are actually doing
  11.  Dolphins ( 4-6) –
    velus quitting cruce and verts getting traded then retiring then unretiring, grof is just a hotspot for turmoil it seems lol I like the guy but it seems whatever he touches falls apart, i put them at 11 strictly cause of record but i see them falling more
  12. Seahawks (5-6) – #MVPork pork has been throwing this team on his back that second line needs some changes or a pep talk let’s see if they fall or climb
  13.  Browns (2-8)- I know I know team is 2-8 but i like the line of AV REEBOK and hero and now they have thompson while again i don’t know much about that line I think they will turn things around and in a hurry
  14. Jags (2-8)- abyss quitting might hurt this team more than they are but i know hucci is a good OC and can turn things around
  15. Bills (1-9)- having the bills and being 1-9 is WILD but they have a line that imo will be the bright spot for this team and could help push them if other 2nd half teams start to crumble
  16. 49ers (2-8)- it’s hard for me to see the 9ers this low when teams like the saints are top 8 but sometimes the users just aren’t there and I think this may be the case here.

S1 Top 10 list!

Do not take offense if you are not on here, tell your owner to make sure your stats are getting in for a chance to be publicly respected. Also if you have issues with the list you are more than welcome to create your own for submission!


1. Solo

the best statistical QB so far but isn’t by too much.

2. Brady

arguably 1, dude is having a phenomenal season.

3. Blunkey

idk how he here but his stats are actually pretty good.

4. Hexi

5. RCV20

6. Pork

7. Child please

8. Wace

9. Vengeance

10. Koolaidz


1. Rivals

leads RBs in yards and is up with the top in TDs.

2. Woohdy

are we suprised?

3. Ebok*

shitter. Its hexi stats

4. Secure tackler*

5. Beaste

6. Clamps

7. Lurker

8. Tiger

9. Dough

10. Helpsin

*the QB is running the ball


1, Outaker

carried by Brady but stats show

2. Ragequit

insane RAC and YPC

3. Mallard

dude head taps everyone.

4. Neal

5. Fig

6. Ohio

7. Mo

8. Rigs

9. Plum

10. Trash panda

Defensive players:

1. Hexi

stats say he best pass defender in the league.

2. Shadow

a bit of everything. TFL picks and all.

3. Mo

will probably end the season at 1 with the way he gets TFLs and sacks

4. Defeetu

5. Orbi

6. Ebok

7. Lurker

8. Ibprofam

9. Woohdy

10. Rivals

Power Rankings wk1-5

  1. Falcons

    running mut shit but traded sexond line away so we will see.

  2.  Chargers

    brady is being brady.

  3. Packers

    only a matter of time before the blunkey effect comes into play.

  4. Eagles

    They suck.

  5. Cowboys

    one line competitive, one line free win.

  6.  Bengals

    one of the few teams with solid 2 lines.

  7. Ravens

    getting wins but not many dominating performances.

  8. Saints

    worst team with a winning record.

  9. Dolphins

    know nothing bout them besides they have the most fun offense to use in the game

  10. Chiefs

    surprisingly figured out how to win

  11. Buccaneers

    another great team on madden despite having baker. Def underperforming compared to the teams ahead of them

  12. Browns

    complain about their oline but they still have chubb. I call it user error.

  13. Seahawks

    camaro amd pork are leadership. Enough said.

  14. Jaguars

    vfl boys letting us down.

  15. 49ers

    best teams in madden but ass users

  16. Bills

    best teams in madden but ass users

Ian Rappapork w/ Views

Introduce yourself!

Hello, im views been playing madden since like madden 13 people claim I’m not a OC but opinions are like assholes everyone got one.

For those who don’t know you. Browns have complained a lot about the OL… do you think play-calling could be a factor to?

The browns oline is almost unusable majority of the time due to ea, sure the play calling could be better we are all human.

What has to change or continue to keep yall in the win column?

I think we need to run more games together so the OCs can figure a more fluid scheme

Looking back at the team draft… is there another team you wish yall would’ve got?

I could have went the ravens I believe but I was unaware of the browns oline being glitched.

Final remarks?

Allow oline users


Ian Rappapork on RPO META

(No names will be revealed in the article) So people can give their honest opinions without having to worry about being called out for people that disagree with them!

RPO? Are they the problem? Or is there something bigger?

RPO spam have become what I would say is the “meta” for OCs in this season. With the current state of Madden, who blames them?

Better run blocking, quick pass options, and easy ways to get your skill players out in space. That’s everything an OC should be looking for. However defensively it has become pretty hard to stop. Is that due to poor users? Poor DCs? Or maybe is it too overpowered?

I’ve gone around asking almost 20% of the entire server to gain a sample for this article. Through it I have seen multiple views.

One person says:

it’s boring and frustrating to play against, but I don’t think it’s the meta.
While another has told me:
Rpo meta is very tuff offensive scheme, it can be stopped, but only if there are 3 users that are doing their job. If you limit it, u are taking away half of the 3VL schemes, but limiting it might make it more fair for all teams, so the game can turn into more of a skill over scheme type of environment.
However the most interesting take I’ve heard on this topic was made when one player said:
It’s the only way to beat a gaps and shit. RPOs aren’t hard to contain. Spamming Overload 3 seam a gap all game should be banned. Offense is hard enough to limit the only way to beat the blitz

This take on the “meta” made me think, if we were to limit the rpos, would we not just complain about the absurd defensive blitzes? Madden in general is bad at programming, A gap blitzes have dominated this year all year. Along with your usual blitzes that are able to cause instant pressure. These defensive blitzes have cause for havoc on the offensive end. QBs are forced to run more, they are forced to look for short passes, and they are forced to change their play style.

Maybe it isn’t the RPOs? Maybe it seriously is the user skill. One player said “Last I checked RPO was nerfed from last year, all you need nowadays is 3 good users. Unlike dline usering if you can’t handle RPOs now it’s just a skill issue. User it.” I think honestly he isn’t wrong. He seriously might be right. If we are to limit rpos, we would have to limit defenses as well. But what if we didn’t change anything?

What if all we changed was maybe put a position lock? Well some thought that was a great idea while other simply said, “no.” I like the idea of an offensive position lock personally. But I’ll get into that in the next paragraph. I think overall from what I have heard, the genuine belief is yes. It’s boring. Yes, it’s hard to stop. But if you are good enough, it is definitely stoppable. There shouldn’t be a limit.

Now position lock, I originally heard the thought to have position lock offensively to prevent the double user TE blocking. Those user blocks would cancel out the abilities of the DL and cause chaos. But a teammate of the man who recommended it said there is an easy way to stop the double user block. Cut stick the hell out of them. Blow that shit up.

So here is the main reason why I say position lock. Stats. Top RBs are getting outperformed by other RBs that aren’t even usering the RB. The QB is! I find nothing wrong with that. If the QB wants it, he can have it. However we are a league with awards and players that aren’t even doing anything are on pace to win some of the trophies. Easiest way to prevent that, the QB running it gets the stats. This would make for an insane MVP stat line and truly have some of the best statistical seasons the league has ever seen. But players that aren’t usering the RB shouldn’t be getting the stats.

At the end of the day, Mr Hexi is ironically right. We are a comp league. Not a sim league. We are playing for money. It is not right to flat out ban this strategy. Is it annoying yes. Is it kind of a toxic thing to do, sure. Does it require any sorts of skill, no. Does it mean they are good, no. But we aren’t looking for realism. we are playing madden.

Maybe next season we go for a “sim” look. More realistic options and rules enforced. But as for this season, I think we don’t need to necessarily change a thing. We are doing just fine. The only thing maybe is control how the stats are imputed. I don’t believe players who aren’t using their labeled position should get the stats.

Regardless, everyone can do it. Nothing stopping you from doing it. While jukebox is OP, they still are facing legitimate players and playing legitimate games. Overall, the league is doing well. The users are the problem. Hope we all can enjoy the rest of the season and come back to this topic after.