VFL Season 1 Draft Grades

Foremost, I would like to congratulate all owners and players on a successful draft. On both nights, we averaged between 90-110 viewers, a lot more than I anticipated. With that being said, I have compiled a grading system for each team on how well they drafted their talent. Going in order of draft position. 

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Las Vegas Raiders – B

I have alot of uncertainity with this team and I think its due to the amount of players with WB in their name. I have never seen these players play but the Raiders management claims this is the best team in the league. Some notable picks would be I Revis I who was picked in the second round. They did draft a solid training camp though with the likes of Mostwanted nbw, RandymossedU and lj53. 

Carolina Panthers – C+

I still wonder as to why Willyson was drafted 2nd overall. He was the owner prior and has to step down due to natural disasters. He is a reliable player but taken so early was a mistake I believe. Willyson has to at least make probowl or this pick is a bust. Krash was a solid pick up in Round 2 and I believe they got a gem in round 6 by selecting DQ15. 

Green Bay Packers – B+ 

Dfeetu was drafted as expected with the 3rd overall pick. Safe pick by the packers. A solid QB who knows time management. JBX and Woohdy were good pickups in round 2 & 3. I expect Woohdy to make probowl this season. The TC draft was solid as well. However, there are a few names I do not recall. But I believe the packers put themselves in a good position to be competitive this season. 

Dallas Cowboys – B- 

Solid pick ups in the likes of Kuhrow, Jackboyhenny, Gamegreen, Trustap and Bringa. My only concerns when seeing these picks some in is the strength at the QB position. The cowboys arugable may have drafted some of the most talented skilled positions, But I feel like their weakness is the Qb position. Bringa has a unique schedule living internationally, not sure how beatdown plays at QB and I believe gamegreen excels at a skilled position rather than a QB. 

Buffalo Bills – B+

Overall a very solid roster. The concern I have is me going their at Pick 5 as I play WR/DL. Shady, beast and Nate are the QBs for the bills this season all of which are very good. Ice the man and myself are considered to be top 10 D-Linemen in the league, Shady brought in his Mut squad partners so there is no doubt there is lack of chemistry there. The TC draft was solid given that the Owner wasnt able to make the selection. With the likes of GarbageAssassin, mightyZeus, and Truly Jon, the Bills have plenty of depth with their roster. 

Baltimore Ravens – A- 

The first team that I have given an A so far. They have a great group of guys with the likes of Orlando, Champions, Texas, Farah, Bama and clutch king. They were able to get Gabe in the TC as well. I have high expectations with this team and expect them to easily make playoffs this season. 

Cleveland Browns – C+ 

I was shocked that SungaserGabe was selected in the first round by the Browns. I get it, he was one of the 10 people that was always down for a tryout and it was a safe pick, but I am not a fan of the pick. Gabe is solid but I feel he is a 2nd-3rd round talent. The browns could have drafted a well known skilled position player and still selected him in the second round. Most of the guys draft, I dont know, but R3D hour is a beast as DL. he is my pick for DLOTY given he has garrett and clowney. 

Arizona Cardinals – B

Management did select players who are considered reliable and alot of selections, these players have played with one another in previous Maddens. The main focal point is if they can gel well together and not have lockerroom problems. I believe this team is playoff caliber once all the right pieces are in place and there are no distractions.  

Kansas City Chiefs – A

The fact they got JP and Saul in the late rounds back-to-back is beyond me. Those two draft selections alone sets this team in a great position. Add in the likes of goodfella, Lom3star and primo, this is the team to beat this upcoming season. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – B- 

They did what they could with the 10th pick in the draft. Kavious, whodat, Radio and ATM are the X factors of this team and they drafted a good TC with the likes of Userb Flawless, and Mitch. My only concern with this team is the chemistry. How will they handle conflict and losses? Thats the big thing for this team this season.