Week 1 Power Rankings

Week 1 of the VFL has concluded. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated thus far players and staff. Without you guys, no VFL would exist. While we did have a rough start on Day 1, I strongly believe the league bounced back strong. Each team played a total of 12 games in week 1, below are the leagues power rankings. Ranks are sorted by Overall Record and if there is a tired record, Points for is the tie breaker. 

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1.) Arizona Cardinals (10-2) Last week: --

No shocker here, I figured this team being a playoff contender from the beginning after draft night. Management has done well in terms of obtaining the best talent. What’s even more impressive is this team handed over 3 reliable players to save the Panthers franchise and still managed to pull the best record in the league. They lead the league in many categories; Points for (267), Points Against (118), Team passing yards (2094), Passing TDs (16), and second in team DEF INTs (15). 

2.) Buffalo Bills (8-4) Last week: --

I must say, I did not expect this being placed at the second best team after week 1. I projected the bills to be played in 3rd to 5th. Despite the many hurdles this team had to get through in terms of using ECUs, they were able to finish 3rd in the league in Points for (197), 5th in Points Against (166), 2nd in team rushing (617), 1st in team sacks (18), 1st in team DEF INTs (17), and first in DTDs (7). 

3.) Baltimore Ravens (8-4) Last week: --

Tied with the best record in the AFC, the Ravens are a legit threat in the league. They were two points under from surpassing the Bills and claiming the second spot. Its been fairly quiet in terms of the team, no player stats were reported nor any type of news. 

4.) Green Bay Packers (6-6) Last week: --

Considered to have the second best scoring offense in the league with 211 in points for and second in the league in terms of Points Against (124). They have at least two solid lines that can compete with any line in the league. It seems they went into a slump with having the leagues worst losing streak of 3 games. However, I think this team has to take two forfeits. 

5.) Kansas City Chiefs (6-6) Last week: --

Biggest shocker so far. I expect this team to be top 3 in the league given the roster and team they have. I think once players familiarize themselves with the rulebook and enforce those practices on the field, I believe this team can bounce back in week 2 and do some serious damage. 

6.) Dallas Cowboys (6-6) Last week: --

The Cowboys have exceeded my expectations this week. I had this team being ranked 9th or 10th in the standings. Management has had to do many roster changes due to inactivates but they have been handling it well and still able to compete. I think almost half of their roster now is players from either TC or the free agency. the second and third pick already dipped, but that hasnt fazed the team. 

7.) Las Vegas Raiders (5-7) Last week: --

WB Clan where ya at? Not gonna lie, you all had the league on alert in the first half. Some of us thought this team was going to swept the league and take over. I expected this team to be ranked 1st overall with how well management talked highly of their players and from previous maddens, I have ran into some of these players and they are decent. I do expect a bounce back week for this team. 

8.) Cleveland Browns (5-7) Last week: --

This team is better than their record. A lot of their games were decided by 7 points or less. Aries, I’m going to need you to step up and be the man of this team, Redwater cant do it alone anymore.  

9.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8) Last week: --

Whats going on here boys? Arguably the best madden team in terms of Superstars and X factors. I expected this team to be ranked between 4th and 6th. Maybe the team is trying to figure out their chemistry. I expect a bounce back in week 2. 

10.) Carolina Panthers (2-10) Last week: --

The curse of the Carolinas continue. Ownership has changed 3x since late August. Kudos for Scaly for stepping up and trying to turn the team around. This team endured alot in the first week. Original management and most of the roster quit 15min before opening kickoff. This caused alot of panic in the league but after replacing the team with good talent, this team can turn it around easily. I expect a better record in week 2 since half of the losses were forfeit losses.