IR Brady interview with the GB Packers

IR Brady Interview Pre week 1

Q:  How do you feel about your chances at making the playoffs? Ik its early but seeing the division you are in how do you feel your chances stack up, pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

A:    As a person I never count myself out, I consider my team to be either the best or 2nd best in the league

Q:  in the league thats a big statement there is some good talent here

A: People are gonna be surprised by the Packers, we don’t have big name players  but I trust these guys and I hate losing

Q: After having a week of preseason to figure out your team who do you feel has the best line on your team? And to follow up on that best user and why?

A:     Hmm, I like these questions, good shit. But honestly I have to say Dfeets line is going to be really good, they just have to get on the same page, I think they could be our heftiest line, as for User I will always believe that I’m the strongest user in the game

Q:  What do you predict your week one record will be?

A:   With a few mishaps here I think we finish 8-4

Q:  What team is your biggest threat in the league and why?

A: I’d have to say the only team I consider on our level are the Cardinals just because you guys have a harsh depth chart in game and user wise


Q: Who do you believe is the least threatening in the league? Be honest

A: I’d have to say the Cowboys, even though Kuhrow has found some glitches, I think the Cowboys are going to be the easiest team to beat this season

Q: even though we have madden teams like the panthers and raiders? as well as the obvious struggles from the browns

A:   I think the Browns will figure their stuff out and the Raiders are actually a formidable foe, their team has chemistry and that’s huge when it comes to sports games, and the Panthers were a toss up in this question tbh

Q:How do you feel your madden team stacks up to the rest of the league? 

A: As long as Rodgers stays healthy/stays on the Packers, I think we have a top 5 Madden team in the league

Q: with dline OP and the Bak still out do you feel confident with your oline to hold up

A: I picked my Quarterbacks that play similar to me, getting the ball out fast will eliminate the need for Olinemen

Q: What do you look forward to after season one? and do you see yourself remaining owner after season one?

A:I look forward to having a bigger draft board season 2 and I’m definitely gonna be an owner season 2

Q: What do you feel the league can improve on the most coming from an owner?

A: Helping Outaker out with running the league better, get him some more people to take a bit of the decision making off of pretty much just him.


Q: Which team is going to be the dark horse or the surprise team of the season?

A:Probably the Raiders honestly

Q:you feel they will be a surprise. Surprise how good or bad. bc in my recent power ranking i had them ranked 4 i believe

A:you feel they will be a surprise. Surprise how good or bad. bc in my recent power ranking i had them ranked 4 i believe

Q:besides yourself what team would you pick to win the superbowl and why?

A:Probably the Cardinals, just due to chemistry and Madden ability

Q:alright thats all the questions. do you want to say anything to the rest of the league or anyone before we end this

  A: “Good luck boys, les have a great season”


IR brady has been around these leagues for a long time. So he is well aware of the talent that floats around the league. Yet he is still confident enough in himself and his teams ability to get wins. After myself gazing at their schedule i have them going IMO at best 7-6 this week. Not far off of what brady predicted. That is an at best scenerio. For me the packers will have to rely alot on Rodgers with a shaky OL which will be a problem no matter how fast you get rid of the ball it is going to be intresting to see how thing shake up. Wish you guys the best.