The Washington Redskins,Football Team, Commanders are the greatest, and they are telling everyone.

If you’ve been in the league for more than thirty seconds, I am sure you have heard all about how great the Washington Commanders team is. Whether its THREE THOUSAND TIME SUPERBOWL CHAMP Beaste owning the team, or REGULAR SEASON GOAT Champ as the max bid QB, there certainly is a lot of reason for optimism., pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Have to start off things here with Beaste and his line. I caught up with Beaste after his prolonged vacation for a rather awkward interview. “I’m back from my BULLSHIT suspension and im gonna fu….” I noticed him look over his shoulder and see the league staff with their ban hammer at the ready and he got oddly quiet. Paired with his brother, who doesn’t speak for himself becuase Beaste does that for him, and Clutchking this line is going to be very formidable. My prediction, this line goes 5-0 until Beaste ends up taking another early vacation, then 0-7 to finish things out.

Beaste spent his offseason time looking menacingly off in the distance

Line two is an old retread in the League, Champ, Farah, and Klay. This line has often produced great regular seasons, and not so great playoff runs. Champ is a regular MVP candidate every season. I attempted to reach Farah for comment, however he was far to busy gagging on the WFT roster to get any kind of intelligent response out. I predict this line has at least two season award winners at the end of the year and somehow ends up with negative playoff wins. While leaving the locker room I swear I heard someone moaning “Apke!….Ya Forest you can have my box of chocolates!” Disturbing.

Yes, I would advise running to if I saw Farah coming into the building

Line 3 is an interesting one. League legend KoolAidz is back on this madden for a whopping THREE whole days. Man is a super intelligent QB, great decision maker. So much so, that he bought a damn Xbox one S instead of a Series S. I understand KoolWhip, life is hard. However he did correct this on draft day, I’m not bitter or anything not like my team was gonna draft him if he had the right console. (Fuck You) Paired with a human highlight reel in ungluedTiger should make for one hell of a squad. Although i am extremely concerned with the type of activites Mr. Tiger gets up to with a name like that, worst case is he fits right in. This line 100% is carrying this team to the promised land after everyone else falls apart after Beastes inevitable ban.

Qb and Rb showing so much love