Nates Post Draft Power Rankings

10. Steelers, pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

This team has an interesting roster. Their first two picks are questionable at best. The best QB on this roster is signed up at WR. Behe is a good veteran player. They do have a few solid players on the team but for the most part this team is (bree)suss.

9. Patriots

The roster on this team has a few studs starting off with Shady on xbox and 1st round pick tmo. Out side of them they have a couple seasoned vets and some people they maybe meant to draft in the VBA and not over here (whoops). I just don’t like the patriots TEAM but if tmos 3-3-5 keeps balling out they may be able to survive. Ezakimak MUST play QB or we (I) RIOT.

8. Dolphins

The Phins have some household names on this roster. I’m sure Kuhrow will find a way to get pressure with that d-line. A big position change will be Gabe playing QB. I’m sure he will be fine but it’s hard to judge when you’ve never seen it before. Can we get my RB Smoove (I was his QB FIRST) a good running back for a full season to use for once?

7. Falcons

This could be the sneaky roster that I think I may have ranked too low led by McCoy. Just kidding! Dirty and TXJamesSmith are good quarterbacks and if you ever needed good ones it’d be this season. Hopefully Dirtys schedule is more open this season so he can have more success. I am tempted to rename this team “Cover 3 Beaters” I guess we will wait and see.

6. Eagles

What do we have here? Another solid roster put together by areis featuring two good qbs in Hutch and Warpath. A good running back in King Jon, and one of the nicer dbs in the league JP. This is a team I could see going higher but not too far lower.

5. Raiders

(Sorry I have to do it) Daaaaaa rraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaidaz edged out the Falcons and Eagles just because of their team. Ty is a good QB and he got his boy orlando. (SB champs) They do have some Qbs that need to prove themselves this season and the fan favorite MR JOHNNY MF*KN WHEELS!! Don’t get it twisted!!!

4. Colts

Did I mention they have Jonathan Taylor?? A really good madden team + good players = success. A lot of familiar faces from this past Super Bowl which is no surprise. Not only are five of the winners returning, they also got runner up Ace Boogs and the previous seasons undefeated, undisputed, GOAT Marcdog. This team could make a deep run with this loaded roster. Sometimes drafting people who have been there/done that may not have the greatest regular season but once they get in the dance, they know how to win.

3. Saints

My favorite team pick this season slides to number 3 post draft. They have one of the best Qbs in the league in Ponchy whos coming off of a tough out last season with the Seahawks. They drafted good role players in Outaker and Kwame. Mocarbone is a decent quarterback. Solid roster all around, would be surprised if they missed playoffs.

2. Commanders

Welcome back Beaste, you did it again! Built a very good roster that rivals the number one spot and wouldn’t be surprised if they won it all. Player to watch is going to be the 3rd QB KoolAiDz who’s been back on madden for all of a week! We will see if Beaste’s Super Bowl winning ways can rub off on Kirk Cousins, I mean, Kxng Champ. It’s not always about the regular season numbers, we will see if that changes this year.

1. Bengals

Realest put himself together a great roster this season with arguably the best TEAM selected to use. Abyss is the two-time reigning MVP at QB and looks to go for his third. Brady is looking to make a deep run in the playoffs this season and he will finally not have to carry the team on his back like he has previously. With this ranking comes expectations, no excuses.