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Congratulations to the selected Owners for this upcoming season. This is a pivotal time for our league and possibly a new beginning toward something great, moving forward. Personally, my goal is to see everyone flourish and for us to band together and make this community stronger than ever. Cheers to everyone involved, below I’m ranking each owner 1-8 and doing an NFL coaching comparison. 

#8 Johnny Wheels – Coaching Comp = Jeff Saturday

To start things off, we begin with the VFL underdog himself, Johnny H. Wheels III. A true underdog story, Johnny was once looked at as a very late round draft pick/ 3rd line player, but through major trial and error- he’s managed to become a well-respected/dedicated user in this league. Much like recently appointed HC Jeff Saturday, Wheels starts his Owner journey with a small sample size of experience but has phenomenal promise and opportunity to succeed.  

#7 DROCK- Coaching Comp = Matt Rhule

DROCK aka Mr Tuxedo is back as owner for what is being called a “Make or Break Season”. Now on paper, he most certainly has the ability to lead his team to the promise land. DROCK is very active with In-Houses, he knows the game well and is more than familiar with the IN’s and OUT’s of being an Owner. The major question mark here is, can he put all his past experience to good use and prove all his doubters wrong? Similar to Rhule heading into the 22 NFL season, he will either sink or swim.  

#6 TpBraves57- Coaching Comp = Kevin O’Connell

Braves heads into this season after coming inches away from a VFL title back in Season 6. I remember at the start of Season 6, Braves was an undrafted QB fighting for a roster spot on whatever team would have him. Fast forward to playoffs, Braves converts to WR and puts together a quite impressive 7-2 record. Similar to O’Connell, Braves has MASSIVE upside, but will be faced with the typical question mark for any newly appointed owner- Does he have what it takes to create and lead a team?? 

#5 AceBoogs – Coaching Comp = Doug Pederson

Ace has been here before, similar to my coaching comparison Doug Pederson. A true veteran of the VFL and back-to-back Superbowl finalist- Like him or hate him, results matter more than opinions. The true test will be forming a team that not only is cohesive enough to win but will get along for an entire season. Ace has the tools and the experience- the question is, what will he do with it this season? 

#4 TxJamesSmithTX- Coaching Comp = Sean McDermott 

Let the TxJamesSmith Hype Train commence! Smith is an owner that could easily be #3 on my rankings, but I decided to hold him back due to his commitment of playing with his friends over possible better VFL talent. Now it’s commendable that he showcases that type of loyalty, but will that loyalty cost him a chance at a title? 

#3 Lucky- Coaching Comp = Kliff Kingsbury


At #3 this is a bold prediction for an owner that two seasons ago, almost pulled off the Ultimate Cinderella Story. Coming into last season, Lucky had an opportunity to solidify himself as a top-level owner. He aligned himself with one of the top RB/DC users “IBPROFAM” as his GM and secured at that time-quite possibly the most talented top level QB available for bidding “Shig”. Unfortunately, his team’s season fell apart due to his questionable bid selections and lack of chemistry between lines.. then his star player quit on his team 2 weeks before playoffs. Much like his coaching comp Kliff Kingsbury, this is a make-or-break season that will either end in glory or in flames. There is a rumor circulating between inner circles that pegs another highly touted QB stepping into Lucky’s GM role, we shall see.  

#2 Abyss- Coaching Comp = Andy Reid 

What more needs to be said about this next owner? From the time I joined this league in Season 3 to current day, Abyss time and time again has been an elite level QB and someone who is purposely avoided in line matchups every season. Last season his “downfall” was simple, instead of taking on the responsibilities of Owner, he decided to play second fiddle and GM for Groff. Is Season 7 his Revenge Tour??? 

#1 Ebok – Coaching Comp = Sean McVay

It pains me to publicly admit this, but last season Ebok and company put together a sensational championship run! Their season did get off to a rocky start and many doubters including myself, definitely let him hear about it in General Chat. Though, just like Sean McVay and the Rams in the 2021 NFL season, it’s not how you start- it’s how you finish. Coming into Season 7 now, Ebok and his future teammates will have a major target on their backs- heavy lies the crown and when you’re hands down the league’s biggest troll… major criticism comes with the territory. 



An Article by DtM x KoolAiDz & SixthMallard

In this list, I provide my rankings on who I feel should win MVP this season based on the stats that have been inputted so far. Just note, factors such as win/loss record and strength of schedule are highly taken into consideration. I also recognize there are many players having a great season, so a small honorable mention list will also be included. I would also like to thank Cascade, for taking the time to assist me in completing this article and Nate for posting this article for us. 

 Getthiswork1018 RB/DL (9-0)

Offensive Stats: 125 Rush | 931 Rush Yards | 7.4 YPC | 13 Rush TDS | 6 Rec | 66  Rec Yards | 14 RAC | 3 Rec TDS

Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 64 TFLS | 35.5 Sacks | 13 KR | 403 KR Yards | 1 KR TD | 2 PR | 14 PR Yards

Long-time veteran Gethiswork, better known as “ImUncleWillySon” is out here on a mission wreaking havoc against every opponent he has faced. The man is clear favorite so far to win the award with his undefeated record and the fact that he is the overall #1 RB and #1 DL when looking at everyone’s stats. From torching others with James Cook to getting instant pressure with Von Miller, the man can clearly do it all. If he continues this production for the last week of the season, I don’t know if I could see anyone else winning this award.

 IR x Brady QB/LB (8-1)

Offensive Stats: 99 Comp | 145 Att | 2119 Pass Yards | 21 TDS | 13 INTS | 68.3 Comp% | 5 Rush | -3 Yards | 5FGM | 5FGA

 Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 3 TFL | 10 DEF INT | 277 INT Yards | 2 PDEF | 5 DTD | 5 FGM | 5 FGA| 18 KR | 571 KR Yards | 2 KR TDS

I think it’s clear to most that the individual who has a close chance against Willy in the MVP race this season is Brady. While his RB, North managed to win MVP last season, Brady seems to take it upon himself to be the next who ends up winning this award. It would be a great accomplishment for this line to have two of the three individuals win MVP back-back seasons. Apart from his only loss to the Ravens (Champ, Farah, Accountant), Brady has just been dominating his opponents. I’ve seen games where this man will proceed to put up 40+ points and beat his opponents by double-digits. Another person to keep a close eye on as we approach Week 4. 

 Never Practices WR/DB (8-1)

Offensive Stats: 87 Rec | 1971 Rec Yards | 21 TD’S | 577 RAC

Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 12 TFL | 11 INT | 121 INT Yards | 4 PDEF | 1 FF | 1 DTD

Rivals, fellow line-mate of both North and Brady also makes it toward the top of this list. We say that most of the receiver’s stats come from the QB throwing it to the CPU, but I’ve seen this man go up and moss opposing DB’s while running his own routes and getting open for Brady. On defense, this guy has also been known for his great users. It’s not a surprise that this line always manages to find success each season. Being the #1 WR in stats and top 5 in DB stats Rivals makes a strong case for himself at MVP. 

 UngluedTiger360 RB/LB (8-1)

Offensive Stats: 137 Rush | 812 Rush Yards | 5.9 YPC | 12 Rush TDS | 2 Fum | 17 Rec | 227 Yards | 2 Receiving TDS | 196 RAC

Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 10 TFL | 0.5 Sacks | 6 INT | 68 INT Yards | 2 DTDs | 22 KR | 617 KR Yards | 1 KR TD

Essentially ROTY in Season 5, Tiger has entered the league and proceeded to have two great seasons in a row. It seems him and Koolaid are finally on the same page and are now able to consistently win their games. Tiger has been killing it on the offensive side with Mixon but also seems to be an all-around threat. The YPC can be a concern to some, but Tiger has been a pivotal piece for the Bengals at 1M as they try to make a playoff run. Let’s see if their line as a whole (Tiger, Koolaid, Outaker) can continue to stay on page and finish the season 11-1. 

 eboKtsoP QB/(LB/DB) (7-2)

Offensive Stats:  81 Comp | 127 Att | 1644 Pass Yards | 14 TDs | 11 INT | 3 Rush | 4 Rush Yards | 1 Rush TD
Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 19 TFL | 1 Sack | 9 INT | 151 INT Yards | 3 PDEF | 2 DTDS

Many questioned Ebok’s bidding price at 16.5M but he’s gone out and proved everyone wrong this season. Ebok has gotten himself the best record on the Tampa Bay squad and from the VOD’s I have watched, he has managed to use Brady’s Madden abilities in an efficient manner. We thought Breesus would be the one to play QB this season but Ebok was the one to step up and help this TB squad to a 16-11 record. I understand the TB squad has received a lot of ff’s, but Ebok’s performance should still be recognized as a whole especially with the type of competition he has had to play this season.  

 DtM x KoolAiDz QB/DB (8-1)

Offensive Stats: 60 Comp | 90 Att | 66.7 Comp% | 1270 Pass Yards | 9 Pass TDS | 4 INTS | 1 Rush | 1 Rush Yards | 1 Fum
Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 5 TFL | 10 INT | 166 INT Yards | 9 PDEF | 1 FF | 1 FR | 1 DTD | 10 FGM | 10 FGA

After making his return in season 5, Koolaid had a mediocre performance on the Redskins and eventually got benched in the playoffs for Blunkey. Coming into the new season, there were a lot of doubts about Koolaid’s ability to perform well at QB. It seems what happened in the season prior snapped something inside of him and now in season 6 he has come out strong. If he wants any chance of winning this award though, he will need to have a strong week 4 offensively. Regardless, Koolaid has come to show the rest of the league why he was regarded as a top player in the old VFL days.

 TxJamesSmithx QB/DB (7-2)

Offensive Stats: 60 Comp | 98 Att | 1312 Pass Yards | 12 TDS | 13 INT | 3 Rush | 20 Rush Yards | 1 Rush TD

Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 3 TFL | 8 INT | 194 INT Yards | 12 PDEF | 3 DTD |  6 FGM | 6 FGA | 11 KR | 428 KR Yards | 2 KR TDS | 4 PR | 118 PR Yards | 1 PR TD

After week 1, the Chiefs looked like the toughest squad to face with James leading the pack. Although they have fallen from the top spot, James has faced a number of skilled lines and has still managed to have really great success. This does not come as a surprise though as the trio of James, Apollo & Danish have played together for a long time. The TD/INT ratio is the biggest concern if James wants to win this award. But looking at his stats overall, he is playing at a high level and could be considered one of the best returners this season. 


Offensive Stats: 86 Rush | 726 Rush Yards | 8.4 YPC | 10 Rush TDs | 12 Rec |  146 Rec Yards | 0 TDS | 57 RAC

Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 33 TFL | 15.5 Sacks | 1 INT | 3 INT Yards | 1 PDEF

Former MVP North has also managed to make it onto this list. It’s crazy to see all three members from one line make it, but I feel we are all aware of the skill the Packers first line hold. North is hovering around the top 6/7 spot at both RB and DL which is my main reason as to why he made it on this list. Although it is unlikely he wins this award back-to-back, North is a consistently good player and complements Brady and Rivals extremely well. 

 Critical Telos RB/(LB/DB) (6-3)

Offensive Stats:  95 Rush | 851 Rush Yards | 9.0 YPC | 7 Rush TDs | 10 Rec | 163 Rec Yards | 1 TD | 95 RAC 

Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 12 TFL | 7 INT | 226 INT Yards | 2 DTDs | 22 KR | 492 Yards

GEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Introduced to the league by Warpath, this man will most likely win ROTY this season. Although being 6-3, Telos has played at an elite level. Telos, Mocarbone & Gaabage have been a crucial line for the Ravens as they fight and try to make a playoff spot. As I said before, I’m here to give players recognition and Telos has definitely been one of those guys who deserves it. Watching his VOD’s you can see the man knows how to easily read the hole and can also play solid on the defensive side of things. I’m excited to see how Critical Telos does in future seasons. 

XxTmo706xX WR/LB (9-0)

Offensive Stats: 49 Rec | 1006 Rec Yards | 8 Rec TDS | 209 RAC

Defensive/Special Teams Stats: 3 TFL | 6 INT | 35 INT Yards | 1 DTD | 5 KR | 304 Yards | 1 TD

It’s hard not to include the only other player who is undefeated in the league this season. New league owner Tmo has always been a top DC in the VFL and has proven to do his part and make games easier for quarterbacks like Logic & Beaste. You take Tmo out of the equation and there would be no undefeated player in the league this season. He continues to show why he’s a great player and I’m sure he will continue to have success in the playoffs itself. 

Honorable Mentions: Mocarbone, Abyss (8 Games), Hutch (Not all stats put in), DatBoyKarma (Not all stats put in)

Nates Top Owner-GM Combos

With the VFL season starting in a couple weeks it’s time to rank our Owner-GMs before the team draft!

  1. Beaste/TMO – No question that Beaste tops the owners at this list, if his team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl they are making conference championships.  I’m sure they will be back as one of the top teams in the league this season and would be shocked if they were any lower.  TMO is a great addition to his team, knows the league, knows the game well.
  2. North/Brady – Fresh off of their Super Bowl win from last season the duo is back looking to repeat as champs again.  The question I have is normally they are a super strong line, but the other lines can’t win a game when it comes to playoff time.  Will they be one of the big spenders on a QB knowing that may be the piece they need to win it again?  We will see.

  3. Realest/Mr Userpick – The only reason I put these guys ahead of my next pair is because of post season success.  Realest may have left the Super Bowl team that he had drafted last season BUT it shows he knows how to draft, not to mention has been apart of deep run playoff teams as a GM, he was also on the best team in VFL history and won a Super Bowl with them.  This will be a welcome back for userpick who is an older name but knows the community.

  4. Areis/Hutch – I don’t think there’s a more starved of a Super Bowl ownership group than these guys.  They have always been a consistent management team but haven’t been able to advance far in the playoffs.  Will they use a ton of money to bring in RedWater to reminisce on the glory days?  Or will they look for a consistent line 2 QB?

  5. Champ/Farah – These guys will know the ins and outs right off that bat on the new game because Farah is the biggest lab rat in the league.  Champ has always done well in the regular season but still has the stigma of someone who can’t bring it home in the post season.  On this Madden he will be looking to change that.

  6. Lucky/ibprofam – The surprise owner from last year is back!  With all the turnover they had on the Saints I couldn’t let Lucky fall any lower on this list.  This season we will be able to see if what happened last year was him being an excellent owner or all “luck”.

  7. Grof/Rigstime – Grof is coming off a disappointing season after his Packers Super Bowl win.  The two time owner with Rigs are looking to cement their status back in the playoffs and go after another Super Bowl and if they do that, they could jump up to top 3 next season.

  8. Ponchy/Route tech Dfeet – This will be an interesting combination that I didn’t see coming.  Ponchy knows whos good in the league and I’m sure his line will perform good this season.  Dfeet will HOPEFULLY bring what he’s learned from his previous Super Bowl run and put his input in on what is valuable to a Super Bowl winning team.  

  9. James/Rogue – This combo goes way back in VFL history.  Together they have put together consistent winning, competitive teams.  They know the community, and Apple Danish is back.  Watch out!

  10. DRock/Mr Ohio – Another returning management group coming in at my 10 spot here.  They have always been consistent on playing well, and having their teams show up.  The question is with the most competition being spread out will they be able to return and MAYBE make it further in the playoffs?  We will see.

  11. Koolaidz/Outaker – Big koolaidz is back this season as an owner.  He has been successful in the past but this is a whole different game!  After getting benched in the playoffs last season he looks to be the one calling the shots this year.  He knows the community well and has a lot of friends in the league.  Outaker is a great player and knows a lot of people well.  Looking forward to seeing these guys’ draft and think they have potential to climb this list.

  12. Beach/Johnnywheels – Over the past few seasons Beach has been improving at quarterback and excited to take on an owner roll.  He got ROCKSTAR johnnywheels as his GM a guy who eat/sleeps madden FOOTBALL.  This pairing has the most question marks, I honestly have no idea what route they would take in the draft but I’d suggest getting players that weren’t on your teams in the past, Beach.  But maybe I saved the best for last?

VFL power rankings through three weeks

Our own Mrr Oh1o put together a panel of people from each team in the league. He had them rank each team on a 1-10 scale with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best to come up with these rankings. Below is the result of those rankings. The members were 7 owners and 3 team reps.

  1. WFT 20-7 96 pts (7)
    2.Bengals 20-7 88 pts (1)
  2. Raiders 16-11 77 pts (1)
  3. Saints 16-11 57 pts
  4. Dolphins 12-15 55 pts
  5. Eagles 11-14 49 pts
  6. Colts 11-15 48 pts (1)
  7. Steelers 10-16 38 pts
  8. Patriots 7-20 22 pts
  9. Falcons 10-17 20 pts

Week 3 power poll.

Things to Watch for in the Last Week

WOW, we are finally entering the final week of the regular season. Talk about a lot of change going on in the league and on these teams! In the AFC the Bengals are the one of two teams that have clinched a spot going in to the final week, they do still need to win a couple games to secure the number one seed. They have a big game on Monday night versus the Raiders that could benefit OR hurt them by the end of the week. With their owner retiring their team is still picking up the pieces, so anything could happen! The Raiders are currently sitting comfortably in the second spot and have a decent gap between them and the Colts. Not only do they have a big game against the Bengals, they also have one on Sunday night vs. the Colts who are trailing them in the division. The Colts and Steelers are separated by 2 games for the 3rd and 4th seed. The Colts and Steelers may decide those seeds Monday night at 9. The Patriots aren’t dead yet, BUT, they have a big hill to climb. They need to start winning some games while hoping the Steelers finally turn into what everyone thought they would be this season. EVERY game is a big one for them this week.

In the NFC we have one team that has clinched playoffs going into the final week in the Football Team. They have a decent lead on the Saints and will face off Sunday night with them to possibly clinch the one seed! The Saints are in a pretty comfortable spot holding the 2nd spot, they need to win a couple games to secure it BUT are guaranteed a playoff spot no matter what happens with 4 wins this week. The Dolphins, Eagles, and Falcons are separated between 2 games. We should see a lot of movement (and excitement) in this race to the finish. They all play each other at least once this week but every game is huge for them! Not only do we have a great last week filled with meaningful games, we will get to see the battle for MVP finish up too. Right now it’s between NORTHZIDE and Beaste! Let’s have a great last week!

Day one Games, Blowouts and Shockers.

Steelers Start 3-0

After night one of games we have had some shocking finishers. Number one being the Steelers starting the season 3-0 with QB Beach mode playing all three games and finishing some nail biters. With two walk off touchdowns coming in the last 20 seconds. And a blow out win vs the Dolphins. This is a shocking start for the steelers considering there was a strong consensus for the Steelers being the worst team starting the season. That being said the steelers look to be on a war path to prove many wrong with beach mode carrying his weight will his team be able to follow suit in the coming nights. This is a big question among most teams. This is something that many are going to be anxious to watch in the coming days.

Steeler games

19-14 W vs Raiders (johnny wheels, Darocknation, Kaosfps)

17-14 W vs Colts  (grof minotaur rigs.)

27-7 W vs Dolphins (eboKtsoP DaAccountant Bwall)


I was able to catch up with beach mode after his games last night and asked him

Q; How do you feel about your games last night starting 3-0

Last night was the epitome of team victories. Constantly communicating defensive adjustments and actually carrying out the play to get the victories. We never felt out of any game. CJ & I took a lot of tips and coaching from a veteran player like xBehe and it translated to the field. I myself had 4 TDs & 1 int on the night and completed about 80% of my passes. Game 1 & 2 we scored with 8 sec or less for the W. Proud of the line as a whole and I look forward to a great season.”

Q: Alot of people see behe as being known for his toxicity is that true? and if so does that make it tough playing through such things

A: I don’t find xBehe to be toxic at all he just keeps it real. Sometimes people have a hard time with the truth. He’s a veteran player and truly has knowledge to share. He legitimately knows his shit.





Gabe iLy
Justt Smoove Kuhrow

This being the only shutout of the night with the saints absolutely destroying the dolphins. With self proclaimed “Goat” Kuhrow getting absolutely blasted. Defense being non existent and the offense producing the same, The Dolphins are starting the season 0-3 with nothing to show for a good user roster in hand. On the other hand the Saints absolutely showed out in this game. With a complete shutdown defense. There is no better feeling than holding your opponent to 0, Nilch, Nada. As much of an embarrassment this should be for the dolphins this is a Hype time moment for the saints, Shutting down an offense with so many weapons to absolutely zero points and doing so in such fashion is definitely something to hang your hat on.






This game was the hardest league game i have ever had to watch in my entire career. The Falcons played the worst Madden I have ever seen. On the very first snap of the game the Falcons QB threw an interception. And many more were to follow when the first half finished the Falcons QB had accumulated 4 ints and this was just the beginning of many more to come. But with the second half looming the answer to throwing 4 ints was not to run the football but to throw more. With black supersayin as a rb and only getting 5 carries and having to just watch your qb throw the game away must be absolutely disheartening. As much as i would like to give all the credit to the bengals for this game i am afraid any lineup could have done this to this team. But the onslaught did not stop with the ints the Falcons had also given up two safeties in this game just to add to the horror of a madden match that has became. The flacons line had also given up a sack in previous games. This is something that must change moving forward they must run the ball if they are going to get any wins in the future

Nates Post Draft Power Rankings

10. Steelers

This team has an interesting roster. Their first two picks are questionable at best. The best QB on this roster is signed up at WR. Behe is a good veteran player. They do have a few solid players on the team but for the most part this team is (bree)suss.

9. Patriots

The roster on this team has a few studs starting off with Shady on xbox and 1st round pick tmo. Out side of them they have a couple seasoned vets and some people they maybe meant to draft in the VBA and not over here (whoops). I just don’t like the patriots TEAM but if tmos 3-3-5 keeps balling out they may be able to survive. Ezakimak MUST play QB or we (I) RIOT.

8. Dolphins

The Phins have some household names on this roster. I’m sure Kuhrow will find a way to get pressure with that d-line. A big position change will be Gabe playing QB. I’m sure he will be fine but it’s hard to judge when you’ve never seen it before. Can we get my RB Smoove (I was his QB FIRST) a good running back for a full season to use for once?

7. Falcons

This could be the sneaky roster that I think I may have ranked too low led by McCoy. Just kidding! Dirty and TXJamesSmith are good quarterbacks and if you ever needed good ones it’d be this season. Hopefully Dirtys schedule is more open this season so he can have more success. I am tempted to rename this team “Cover 3 Beaters” I guess we will wait and see.

6. Eagles

What do we have here? Another solid roster put together by areis featuring two good qbs in Hutch and Warpath. A good running back in King Jon, and one of the nicer dbs in the league JP. This is a team I could see going higher but not too far lower.

5. Raiders

(Sorry I have to do it) Daaaaaa rraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaidaz edged out the Falcons and Eagles just because of their team. Ty is a good QB and he got his boy orlando. (SB champs) They do have some Qbs that need to prove themselves this season and the fan favorite MR JOHNNY MF*KN WHEELS!! Don’t get it twisted!!!

4. Colts

Did I mention they have Jonathan Taylor?? A really good madden team + good players = success. A lot of familiar faces from this past Super Bowl which is no surprise. Not only are five of the winners returning, they also got runner up Ace Boogs and the previous seasons undefeated, undisputed, GOAT Marcdog. This team could make a deep run with this loaded roster. Sometimes drafting people who have been there/done that may not have the greatest regular season but once they get in the dance, they know how to win.

3. Saints

My favorite team pick this season slides to number 3 post draft. They have one of the best Qbs in the league in Ponchy whos coming off of a tough out last season with the Seahawks. They drafted good role players in Outaker and Kwame. Mocarbone is a decent quarterback. Solid roster all around, would be surprised if they missed playoffs.

2. Commanders

Welcome back Beaste, you did it again! Built a very good roster that rivals the number one spot and wouldn’t be surprised if they won it all. Player to watch is going to be the 3rd QB KoolAiDz who’s been back on madden for all of a week! We will see if Beaste’s Super Bowl winning ways can rub off on Kirk Cousins, I mean, Kxng Champ. It’s not always about the regular season numbers, we will see if that changes this year.

1. Bengals

Realest put himself together a great roster this season with arguably the best TEAM selected to use. Abyss is the two-time reigning MVP at QB and looks to go for his third. Brady is looking to make a deep run in the playoffs this season and he will finally not have to carry the team on his back like he has previously. With this ranking comes expectations, no excuses.

Top 5 OffSeason clips


5. One yard pass 20 yard Jurdle
iH ii G Hi

Play Video

4. Mobile Matt Ryan

Play Video

3. Tip Toe Grace

Play Video

2. Is All, Speed All
Awsome vii

Play Video

1. To EZ Pick 6
Ez Big Ty

Play Video

Pre Season Power Ranking Part 2 (5-1)

Pre Season Power Ranking Part 2 (5-1)

5. Colts

I do not know much about the users on this team but with that being said i hear there draft went well and they have a very strong madden team one of which is probably one of the strongest teams in the league if they can find a strong medium between balancing taylor skill with a mediocre pass game this team should find success and climb the rankings. On the plus side they have probably the best offensive line of any team this season. Coupled with playing with many mediocre and below average teams this should be a big part of the success of this team. There is nothing stopping this team from being successful other than the user skills. The users can manage there gameplay and produce there is no reason for this team to not be able to compete for a championship


Players to watch- meow grof, ib pro fam


Madden PTW: 

Jonathan Taylor- 94spd 95 BTK

Quinton Nelson- 97 strength 90+ Blck

4. Eagles

This team has veteran players built in to the grain with many players whom have been around these leagues for a long time and have had success in and out of said leagues. That being said those same things are what can bring huge success to team players whom have made names for themselves with consistency. And consistency is something that is needed to remain in the running year in and year out. There are many shining lights though this team that have a historical competitive nature. With aries being able to play around the bored and lead a line by himself. Others like Hutch who is not Talent based but shows up and is consistently mediocre but in this league mediocrity can lead to championships in the right situation. The situation to watch will be can jp aries carry the averageness of the roster.


Players to watch- Aries, Hutch, JP


Madden PTW:

Quez Watkins: 98 spd

Offensive Line

3. Dolphins

 Making there way in at number three the dolphins loaded with top end speed at WR and a strong league roster including Kurow who is a top DL in the league and who was also a player in last seasons superbowl. Dolphins are going to be in a good spot seeing how the Madden teams in this season are definitely lacking at qb and speed this team has a good shot at competing this season. So with madden talent leaning there way. With strong veteran play there are many opportunities for this team to break through. Waddle being the main one with the max speed of a player like this against slow under averaged defenses this should be a consistent problem with two WR coming in at 95 and 97 spd this is going to be an explosive season.


  Players to watch- Kurhow, Gabe


Madden PTW:

Jaylen Waddle 97 spd

Xavien Howard: Pick artist/Acrobat

2. WFT

 With consistent top side play from ownership and high picks WFT feels like a easy choice at number 2. The main problem they will likely run into should be there madden QB lacking in throw power this is going to be a hill to overcome. With strong talent on there league roster this should be fun to watch. With all that being said there madden team in a whole may be the one thing that may be able to hold them back. With big talent among the roster the strains of a madden team can be crippling. This is something that i feel we may see alot of this year. We shall see what big talent looks like on underperforming teams which makes this season very interesting. As well as beaste coming back from some skeptical and appalling situation this season is going to be full of not only drama but redemption. Beaste has been constantly a power house among the league. So this is going to be a full filled season while watching this team


Players to watch- Beaste. Farah, Koolaidz



Mclaurin spd 94 90 ovr

Chase young 87 spd 86 ovr


Having star power with the likes of Abyss, Nate, Realest. This is the team to beat couple these players with with a good offense and strong defensive foundation and one of the best ovr madden teams in the league there is no doubt that this team is suited to remain a frontrunner for the upcoming season. The main reason is more along the lines of user talent than madden talent the madden ovr may be high coming off a Superbowl season. But as madden play the team may be average or slightly above. Due to the mediocre speed based offense and defense and but they are ranked here due to the high user talent wich says alot. Veteran talent that tends to be top end talent year end and year out will most likely remain top end. Baring some out of circumstance situations. 



(players to watch- Abyss, Nate, Realest)


Madden PTW:

Joe mixon: 96 car and almost all 90s across RB stats

Pre Season Power Rankings (Part 1)

Preseason Rankings (10-6)

10. Steelers

This is probably the easiest of all the rankings on this list. it seems like the draft was almost as bad as the steelers. With a weak draft and a weak madden team the season will be looking grim here. We will see from the start of the season that this team will live on the bottom. As the bottom feeding steelers look to scrape wins together there is no one to blame but their owner bottom feeder sir bottomis for this. Putting together by far the worst draft in the league. This seems to be the consensus.  On the plus side there is nowhere to go but up.

Players to watch- TBD

9. Raiders

A strong ownership with mr ohio but seems to be a lacking roster. With a strong madden team i am interested to see them climb the ranks within the season. Mr ohio is a veteran and knows how the inners of the league works and can keep a strong foot in the competitive door. But will be hard to do with a below average draft. Looking forward to see the playthrough here. The defensive play calling is going to be the ones to watch here the offense with an average play caller can be successful with this team.


Players to watch- ohio, Big Ty

8. Falcons

The falcons are a madden team who is a laugh. NO Dline to speak of a noodle arm of a QB no WR. The shining part of the team is at TE although there TE is a light in the darkness. There is going to be alot of struggles to overcome with this team. With a superbowl consistent QB in dirty falcons whom finds himself in a superbowl almost every other year. Myself who is coming back after a long hiatus. This season has a lot to be seen from the falcons. Couple that with a draft that did not go as planned. This season can easily find itself being a flop.


Players to watch- Dirty, Banks, Mccoy

7. Patriots

Shady has been around this league along time and knows the ins and outs here. Has been successful on many occasions but with the roster he has is a bit different than im used to and would like to see what he is capable of he still has a few of his guys with him. That he is used to playing with this team and roster could easily be bumped up on this list a slot or two. With players like tmo this team has potential as long as they are not limited by the patriots mediocrity.


Players to watch- TMO, Shady

6. Saints

The saints have one of the better Olines in the league with strong qb potential in ponchy there is alot of hope with this team. They may climb throughout the season and ponchy is a very confident player who believes he does not need big name talent to win games and from the outset his skill is high so we shall see if playing with the saints he can carry them to a dominate season not that it is out of possibility but can the roster meet the potential. 


Players to watch- Ponchy, Outaker, Del