Things to Watch for in the Last Week

WOW, we are finally entering the final week of the regular season. Talk about a lot of change going on in the league and on these teams! In the AFC the Bengals are the one of two teams that have clinched a spot going in to the final week, they do still need to win a couple games to secure the number one seed. They have a big game on Monday night versus the Raiders that could benefit OR hurt them by the end of the week. With their owner retiring their team is still picking up the pieces, so anything could happen! The Raiders are currently sitting comfortably in the second spot and have a decent gap between them and the Colts. Not only do they have a big game against the Bengals, they also have one on Sunday night vs. the Colts who are trailing them in the division. The Colts and Steelers are separated by 2 games for the 3rd and 4th seed. The Colts and Steelers may decide those seeds Monday night at 9. The Patriots aren’t dead yet, BUT, they have a big hill to climb. They need to start winning some games while hoping the Steelers finally turn into what everyone thought they would be this season. EVERY game is a big one for them this week., pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

In the NFC we have one team that has clinched playoffs going into the final week in the Football Team. They have a decent lead on the Saints and will face off Sunday night with them to possibly clinch the one seed! The Saints are in a pretty comfortable spot holding the 2nd spot, they need to win a couple games to secure it BUT are guaranteed a playoff spot no matter what happens with 4 wins this week. The Dolphins, Eagles, and Falcons are separated between 2 games. We should see a lot of movement (and excitement) in this race to the finish. They all play each other at least once this week but every game is huge for them! Not only do we have a great last week filled with meaningful games, we will get to see the battle for MVP finish up too. Right now it’s between NORTHZIDE and Beaste! Let’s have a great last week!