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Top 5 OffSeason clips


5. One yard pass 20 yard Jurdle
iH ii G Hi

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4. Mobile Matt Ryan

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3. Tip Toe Grace

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2. Is All, Speed All
Awsome vii

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1. To EZ Pick 6
Ez Big Ty

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Pre Season Power Ranking Part 2 (5-1)

Pre Season Power Ranking Part 2 (5-1)

5. Colts

I do not know much about the users on this team but with that being said i hear there draft went well and they have a very strong madden team one of which is probably one of the strongest teams in the league if they can find a strong medium between balancing taylor skill with a mediocre pass game this team should find success and climb the rankings. On the plus side they have probably the best offensive line of any team this season. Coupled with playing with many mediocre and below average teams this should be a big part of the success of this team. There is nothing stopping this team from being successful other than the user skills. The users can manage there gameplay and produce there is no reason for this team to not be able to compete for a championship


Players to watch- meow grof, ib pro fam


Madden PTW: 

Jonathan Taylor- 94spd 95 BTK

Quinton Nelson- 97 strength 90+ Blck

4. Eagles

This team has veteran players built in to the grain with many players whom have been around these leagues for a long time and have had success in and out of said leagues. That being said those same things are what can bring huge success to team players whom have made names for themselves with consistency. And consistency is something that is needed to remain in the running year in and year out. There are many shining lights though this team that have a historical competitive nature. With aries being able to play around the bored and lead a line by himself. Others like Hutch who is not Talent based but shows up and is consistently mediocre but in this league mediocrity can lead to championships in the right situation. The situation to watch will be can jp aries carry the averageness of the roster.


Players to watch- Aries, Hutch, JP


Madden PTW:

Quez Watkins: 98 spd

Offensive Line

3. Dolphins

 Making there way in at number three the dolphins loaded with top end speed at WR and a strong league roster including Kurow who is a top DL in the league and who was also a player in last seasons superbowl. Dolphins are going to be in a good spot seeing how the Madden teams in this season are definitely lacking at qb and speed this team has a good shot at competing this season. So with madden talent leaning there way. With strong veteran play there are many opportunities for this team to break through. Waddle being the main one with the max speed of a player like this against slow under averaged defenses this should be a consistent problem with two WR coming in at 95 and 97 spd this is going to be an explosive season.


  Players to watch- Kurhow, Gabe


Madden PTW:

Jaylen Waddle 97 spd

Xavien Howard: Pick artist/Acrobat

2. WFT

 With consistent top side play from ownership and high picks WFT feels like a easy choice at number 2. The main problem they will likely run into should be there madden QB lacking in throw power this is going to be a hill to overcome. With strong talent on there league roster this should be fun to watch. With all that being said there madden team in a whole may be the one thing that may be able to hold them back. With big talent among the roster the strains of a madden team can be crippling. This is something that i feel we may see alot of this year. We shall see what big talent looks like on underperforming teams which makes this season very interesting. As well as beaste coming back from some skeptical and appalling situation this season is going to be full of not only drama but redemption. Beaste has been constantly a power house among the league. So this is going to be a full filled season while watching this team


Players to watch- Beaste. Farah, Koolaidz



Mclaurin spd 94 90 ovr

Chase young 87 spd 86 ovr


Having star power with the likes of Abyss, Nate, Realest. This is the team to beat couple these players with with a good offense and strong defensive foundation and one of the best ovr madden teams in the league there is no doubt that this team is suited to remain a frontrunner for the upcoming season. The main reason is more along the lines of user talent than madden talent the madden ovr may be high coming off a Superbowl season. But as madden play the team may be average or slightly above. Due to the mediocre speed based offense and defense and but they are ranked here due to the high user talent wich says alot. Veteran talent that tends to be top end talent year end and year out will most likely remain top end. Baring some out of circumstance situations. 



(players to watch- Abyss, Nate, Realest)


Madden PTW:

Joe mixon: 96 car and almost all 90s across RB stats

The Eagles have (crash) landed

Now that the draft has concluded, I was asked for a season preview of the Eagles. Well it may be a season review already, because this shit might be cooked. Led be fearless leader Areis x21, the Eagles are potentially set to make history this season, but lets get into the players first.

Areis seen here after leaving the training facility

Areis and gm Hutch have played together for as long as this writer can remember, which isn’t very long but I digress. A great duo that is always counted on to put up some great stats, yes I can hear farah shouting bum hunting from here, they are going to be relied on to lead this team. Do they put up the monster win totals? More likely they put up a fat old goose egg, and Areis still is in the db of the year talk for some reason. Rounding out this line with King Jon, who I personally feel extremely sorry for, he will be expected to carry these two stat hounds on his back to victory.

Taking the if we can’t beat em, max bid em strategy, Areis max bid GrandpaWarpath. Probably not the smartest move since Areis was once known as saying “I just lost to something called a GrandpaWarpath, my career is over.” They paired him up with JPxProdigie, a man who rarely has had good qbs and im afraid it isnt going to start now. Rounding out this line is Goodfella, who reports are has had to be restrained in the locker room as he is like a horny teenager. Can JP make due with the Eagles menagerie of midget DBs? only time, or myself, will tell. (pst. the answers fuck no!)

Artist rendering of JP trying to tackle the saints mark ingram, normally a diminutive human

Line 3 in all reality is going to have to carry this team. Underrated league veteran Kdot will be harassing qbs and defenses alike as a rb/dl user. As one of the leagues better sack artists last year he should be excellent at getting Cox through the tightest of holes. Sneaking onto the team are Playstation players Slickthumbs (YSK till we die), and iclap. The team will probably miss week one after getting THE clap during our team bonding exercise, but these three guys may shock a few and ruin the 0-36 plan.

No one can predict a season outright, but i am awfully confident that this is a dumpster fire just waiting to be lit on fire, highlight of the season will probably be watching gen chat between Areis and whoever he’s arguing with today.