Nates Top Owner-GM Combos

With the VFL season starting in a couple weeks it’s time to rank our Owner-GMs before the team draft!

  1. Beaste/TMO – No question that Beaste tops the owners at this list, if his team isn’t playing in the Super Bowl they are making conference championships.  I’m sure they will be back as one of the top teams in the league this season and would be shocked if they were any lower.  TMO is a great addition to his team, knows the league, knows the game well.
  2. North/Brady – Fresh off of their Super Bowl win from last season the duo is back looking to repeat as champs again.  The question I have is normally they are a super strong line, but the other lines can’t win a game when it comes to playoff time.  Will they be one of the big spenders on a QB knowing that may be the piece they need to win it again?  We will see., pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0
  3. Realest/Mr Userpick – The only reason I put these guys ahead of my next pair is because of post season success.  Realest may have left the Super Bowl team that he had drafted last season BUT it shows he knows how to draft, not to mention has been apart of deep run playoff teams as a GM, he was also on the best team in VFL history and won a Super Bowl with them.  This will be a welcome back for userpick who is an older name but knows the community.

  4. Areis/Hutch – I don’t think there’s a more starved of a Super Bowl ownership group than these guys.  They have always been a consistent management team but haven’t been able to advance far in the playoffs.  Will they use a ton of money to bring in RedWater to reminisce on the glory days?  Or will they look for a consistent line 2 QB?

  5. Champ/Farah – These guys will know the ins and outs right off that bat on the new game because Farah is the biggest lab rat in the league.  Champ has always done well in the regular season but still has the stigma of someone who can’t bring it home in the post season.  On this Madden he will be looking to change that.

  6. Lucky/ibprofam – The surprise owner from last year is back!  With all the turnover they had on the Saints I couldn’t let Lucky fall any lower on this list.  This season we will be able to see if what happened last year was him being an excellent owner or all “luck”.

  7. Grof/Rigstime – Grof is coming off a disappointing season after his Packers Super Bowl win.  The two time owner with Rigs are looking to cement their status back in the playoffs and go after another Super Bowl and if they do that, they could jump up to top 3 next season.

  8. Ponchy/Route tech Dfeet – This will be an interesting combination that I didn’t see coming.  Ponchy knows whos good in the league and I’m sure his line will perform good this season.  Dfeet will HOPEFULLY bring what he’s learned from his previous Super Bowl run and put his input in on what is valuable to a Super Bowl winning team.  

  9. James/Rogue – This combo goes way back in VFL history.  Together they have put together consistent winning, competitive teams.  They know the community, and Apple Danish is back.  Watch out!

  10. DRock/Mr Ohio – Another returning management group coming in at my 10 spot here.  They have always been consistent on playing well, and having their teams show up.  The question is with the most competition being spread out will they be able to return and MAYBE make it further in the playoffs?  We will see.

  11. Koolaidz/Outaker – Big koolaidz is back this season as an owner.  He has been successful in the past but this is a whole different game!  After getting benched in the playoffs last season he looks to be the one calling the shots this year.  He knows the community well and has a lot of friends in the league.  Outaker is a great player and knows a lot of people well.  Looking forward to seeing these guys’ draft and think they have potential to climb this list.

  12. Beach/Johnnywheels – Over the past few seasons Beach has been improving at quarterback and excited to take on an owner roll.  He got ROCKSTAR johnnywheels as his GM a guy who eat/sleeps madden FOOTBALL.  This pairing has the most question marks, I honestly have no idea what route they would take in the draft but I’d suggest getting players that weren’t on your teams in the past, Beach.  But maybe I saved the best for last?