VBA Transactions

VBA Transactions Update 

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Call Ups And Send Downs 

  • Celtics completely revamp their roster under new owner LJ53

LJ brought up Mantis and Jersey Illest as his first moves  , two people he has a history with . I believe he’s getting people that will play their games and allow them to finish the season but don’t expect any crazy changes in Boston when it comes to winning games . 

  • Miami has been very active, dropping both bud and bama to IR 

Both were temporary changes , I don’t expect the roster to change much from here to playoffs . 

  • Nets pick up Ayo Tunechi and drop Cleveland4ever1

Pretty sure both of these guys have played for the nets throughout the season , with Ayo definitely being a more consistent player I could see this change being permanent


The Golden State Warriors send Big Wadeo to Memphis for Ebok. 

  • Probably one of the best trades I’ve seen this season , with ebok getting to play with his parents and knowing he can produce on draymond or at center and with big wadeo instantly producing on Desmond bane for the grizzlies , both teams gained from this trade . 

Earlier in the week Miami Heat sent whoody to the grizzlies for IseecapBoy

  • Memphis wins this trade , with whoody being a solid player 1-5 and obviously knowing how to play with Steven adams he jumped right into a big role for Memphis , Iseecap on the other hand hasn’t really proved much , and has tended to be unreliable. Will the heat be able to get cap to reach his full potential? TBD