Interview with JpxProdigie

Today I took the time to interview Eagles WR/DB JP. JP is a well known VFL Vet and Season 2 DB of the Year. So far this season JP has a 6-3 record with over 1,000 receiving yards and 17 interceptions which is currently 3rd in the VFL. Here are a few questions answered by JP!, pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Question 1 – Now that week 3 is in the books how are you feeling about your team?


We’re honestly sitting right about where I thought we’d be. We’ve got two solid lines, but we all knew that the 3rd line was going to be a crap shoot. The line we drafted went ahead and called it quits, had to call-up a whole new makeshift line, then that QB “got paid to quit the league” (AKA- he made up a lie to leave on his own).. but now we grabbed Hogcrazy who’s been around forever. We’ll see what we can do. I’m having a lot of fun on my line. Warpath, Haden, and I have a lot of funny times

Question 2 – How has it been playing with Warpath?


Well I haven’t gotten him traded yet, so that’s good. He’s definitely the best QB I’ve played with so far. My first two seasons I had Tmo and MRUSERPICK at QB, so we were pretty much just trying to win with defense. But this season we’ve got some offense to go with it which is nice. He brought some of his plays, we labbed up some new things. And we just get along great too. So it’s been fun.

Question 3 – What team do you see as the biggest threat?


Well after some events took place over there in Cincinnati, I think it’s WFT’s to lose this season. We’re not a threat to anyone.. Cincinnati will still be good, but I think it’s Washington. Especially after Ponchy somehow made his way over there.

But hey, maybe Playoff Farah and Champ make an appearance again and make things interesting

Question 4 – In the Eagles team chat how often do Areis and yourself debate who is the better DB?


There’s not much back and forth, because both of us truly believe we’re better than the other. Areis gave off quite a few humble brags at first but it’s been quiet lately. We’ve had (and still have) our differences, but I know he’s a Top DB also. And he knows I am. I just think he’s a little thrown off by not being the best DB on his team for once đź‘€

Question 5 – what are some things within the league you would like to see changed headed into Madden 23?


I want the bidding back, of course. I think that helps prevent those super teams from being built. I also don’t like the max bids. Again, making those super teams easier to form. I think the more talent in the bidding pool, the more prices will be bid up and make strategy that much more important

Question 6 – Including yourself if you could assemble a VFL dream team who would the other 8 players be?


Thinking potential lines here- Abyss, Realest, Kuhrow… Champ, Farah, Outaker…. MRUSERPICK, Myself, and a QB/DL… maybe Beaste would play DL for me and Pick? If so, that’d be my choice