Why I chose to step down from ownership

Im really making this because I feel a lot of people dont understand why I truly stepped down so I wanted to explain for those who dont.

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Around the beginning of week 2 my 3rd line QB Hucci came to me and informed me he was not comfortable with his line because of one the people on his line wasn’t willing to practice. I told Hucci there was nothing I could current do because the trade deadline was already up and trades weren’t proceeded until Thursday. I also informed him that as an owner I could speak with him but I can’t force anyone to practice and he seemed upset with my response. I also asked Hucci right after picking him who he wanted and he said he didnt care just get him a solid RB and some guys who can play defense. I tried to trade JBX the player Hucci was frustrated with and hes not a known guy so nobody wanted him unless Hucci was involved in the trade. I told Hucci to just finish out the week and I would figure something out. After the week ended he finally told me if JBX was on the team going forward he wouldn’t be playing. So I did my best to trade him , After struggling to trade him I got a message from the Colts owner saying he would send me Marc , Black , Ace for Hucci whole line. Colts owner told me and I quote ” bro nobody in their mind would say no to that trade , damn near guaranteed you a super bowl mocarbone just retired for us so i’m just tryna put my good players in a spot where they can win “. I then told him I would be accepting the trade but would be moving them. He said again and I quote ” idc what you change trade to tbh “. I then make a trade with the Pats and Colts owner chooses to veto the trade because he was just tryna put my good players in a spot where they can win. I showed staff proof of all of this and was told I had to redo the trade because he didn’t agree to me trading the players I received to the Pats even tho he said and I quote ” idc what you change trade to tbh “. So whatever thats fine I just had to use my last trade to with the Pats no big deal. I make the trade with the Pats again to find out shortly after a player involved in the trade was quitting because he wasn’t gonna be on my team and was told by his former owner ( Colts Owner ) he was being traded to my team. I had proof that this owner told his player he was being traded to my team before the trade was even done and no punishment was given and my trade was reversed. I then I had to explain to Hucci he was back on the team and he finally told me shortly after he wanted to be traded or dropped. Next day I made another deal with the Pats , Hucci , Woohdy , Bloody to the Pats for the same line I had just traded for the day before. Few hours later I hear now that Hucci is quitting with Hucci saying and I quote lol ” I should quit just to be petty , they fucked me shit comes full circle “. I did everything this player wanted , traded him which he asked to be traded or dropped and didnt involve JBX in the trade who he was refusing to play with. Once again my trade was reversed , I lost out on JBX because I sent him down just to attempt to do right by my QB , lost out on a QB because he wanted to be petty and lost out on the line I traded for 2 times in 2 days. Not to mention a teammate of mine ( a staff member) was aware of Hucci possibly quitting and never thought to tell me. So in 2 days I got screwed over by a staff member and Marc who I considered a good friend. After all this in 2 days I was literally stunned , frustrated. No punishments were being handed out for this shit happening So at that current time I felt like it was time for me to be done playing. However now im pissed that I quit because if my team doesn’t win I really feel like I let them down. I promised Brady when he took my GM I would get him his first ring. Honestly just wanted to tell my side of the story because I dont like being known as a quitter.

Good Luck to everyone the rest of the season!