Interview with Gabe iLy & DJ

With the playins being today & tomorrow I caught up with the GM of the Heat & the Owner of the Celtics for some questions., pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Gabe iLy

As GM of the Miami Heat. I know you had high hopes/expectations for your team. Are you disappointed that your team went 9-14 & ended up in the playins?

Not really cuz we had to weather an egregious amount of availability issues to even get to this point… I tried my best to acquire enough talent to make a consistent line 2 and when they were all able to actually play, they looked pretty good. Also the heat are terrible tbh and I doubt any1 would do much better with them.

How do you think your series will go vs the Celtics? 2-0 sweep?

Yes.. I actually thought they were going to ff tbh… But we will do what we must. I actually respect the hell out of Dj for stepping up as owner for that team and working extremely hard to get games in when other teams that are WAY better than the Celtics continued to just ff.. Celtics are the only team worse than the heat IMO.

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?

He’s Def 1 of the best players in this league imo… He should win sg of the year with klay, which is impressive cuz i don’t really think klay is that good tbh. If he was on a better player I think he could do alot more honestly.

Political answer.



DJ some would say you did a great job as owner givin the circumstances you were put in. With that being said how confident are you heading into your playin series vs the Miami Heat?

Tbh if we show up to play and slow the ball down and put the ball in the right hands I can see is winning in 3

Who do you think will be the key to your team’s success vs the Heat?

Dudda or Kdot

We know you took over the Celtics late in the year but with that being said. What would be your dream lineup?

Gabe iLy
Kurupted Nyx
From wat games I have seen

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?


Care to elaborate?

Very guardable