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eboK’s 2K Team Rankings

Making this team list to help owners decide what team to pick. Was gonna add graphics to this List but this shit is ass 🙁


Giannis is THANOS with snipers & locks all around him. Giannis is arguably the best player in 2K history…combine that with amazing role players & Bucks are unstoppable. You can play 5 out with Giannis running the show, run pick & roll/pops with Giannis or just let him dead zone. Either way, you lose.

Jrue Holiday
Grayson Allen/Pat Connaughton
Khris Middleton
Bobby Portis JR.


This team is very strong since Lebron has HOF Dimer & Bullet. HOF dimer allows AD & Dwight to green every three. With that being said you put AD at the 4 & Dwight at the 5 & you’ll lock up the paint + horse everyone. Westbrook still has all his badges & greens every shot + Melo is a SNIPER. Lakers have ELITE defense & offense…theres no weak points at all. Lakers are one of the few teams that can go toe to toe with the Bucks. AD on Giannis 🙂

Russell Westbrook
Carmelo Anthony
Lebron James
Anthony Davis
Dwight Howard


Nets are a well rounded team with 3 ELITE ball handlers in Ben Simmons, KD & Kyrie. the tricky thing to this team is wether you wanna use Ben or Drummond at the 5 or try to play both at the same time. Ben is good at center but he can easily get horsed. Drummond on the other hand might be a top 5 center on the game. all though this team is stacked with talent you just cant draft anyone to play with this team. Someone like Kuhrow on Ben Simmons is a real sheet shitter. To use this team to its full potential you need 4 top tier players in the league on 1 line.

Ben Simmons
Kyrie Irving
Joe Harris
Kevin Durant
Andre Drummond

Kyrie Irving
Seth Curry
Joe Harris
Kevin Durant
Andre Drummond/Ben Simmons

4. 76ers

76ers have the 3 things you want on its 2k. An ELITE ball handler, a DOMINANT lock & a big. Thankfully for the 6ers Embiid is the best center on the game, Harden is top 5 ball handlers, & thybulle is up there for one of the best locks. Then you have Tobias who will green every shot along side either Danny Green or Tyrese Maxey at the 2. 76ers are loaded & you would have to try very hard to lose with them. I could see someone messing around with a lineup of DeAndre Jordan at the 5 & Embiid at the 4…could be GLITCHY.

James Harden
Danny Green
Matisse Thybulle
Tobias Harris
Joel Embiid


Clippers are very good & strong team but they can be difficult to play with. I say this because Zubac is a decent center but he has 26 speed turning him into the Croatian Zombie. So with that in mind you NEED a dominant Kawhi & Paul George. kawhi is a MEGA LOCK & will clamp anyone he guards. Paul George has good handles, can green, poster & play ELITE defense. So you would have to find the right balance of VBA players to make this team work. With the best lineup I posted you would have Paul George guard rim. He has all the defensive badges you need at center & he’s big enough to where he can do it. 🙂

BEST Lineup
Norman Powell
Paul George
Kawhi Leonard
Nicolas Batum/Marmus Morris SR.
Robert Covington

Norman Powell/Luke Kennard
Paul George
Kawhi Leonard
Robert Covington
Ivica Zubac


Grizzlies & Clippers are interchangeable in my eyes. Whatever team suits your VBA playset is the one you should go with. Grizzlies have everything you need with an ELITE ball handler in Ja, 2 locks in JJJ & Brooks followed by an ELITE horse Steven Adams. bane is also a complete sniper…this team is so souped & loaded. JJJ can guard ball & the rim dude is insane.

Ja Morant
Desmond Bane
Dillon Brooks
Jaren Jackson JR.
Steven Adams


Warriors are a hard team to play with but they are very good in the right hands. You need someone who can 3 hunt effectively with Curry while also having great role player users. Looney is ASS & Wiseman isn’t much better. Klay & Wiggins r souped but Draymond is VERY hard to constantly green with. So if you cant meet all the requirements to make this team good then you should stay away from the Warriors.

Steph Curry
Klay Thompson
Andrew Wiggins
Draymond Green
James Wiseman/Kevon Looney


The Suns are good but at the same time you need the right users for them to work. 1. CP3 is solid but is hard to use on offense since he is short, has a slow shot & doesn’t have good finishing badges. 2. Ayton is solid but Mcgee is essentially the better center on 2k. Ayton can green mids & threes plays good enough D & can horse a little but Javale is just a super horse & is athletic af. 3. Mikal bridges nor Cpu is a LOCK LOCK. Bridges is fine but he isn’t ELITE by any stretch. 4. Booker has shit handles so he’s a spot up shooter. So what I’m saying is if you don’t have ELITE users then pick an easier team to use.

Chris Paul/Landry Shamet
Devin Booker
Mikal Bridges
Cam Johnson
Javale McGee/Deandre Ayton


Hawks have an ELITE ball handler in Tare Young & an ELITE center in Clint Capela. The thing the Hawks are lacking is a perimeter lock. De’Andre Hunter is a decent lock but you would much rather have the 2k23 Hawks roster with Dejounte Murray. Kevin Huerter is a sneaky good player & John collins is very solid at the 4. The Hawks are very good if u get an ELITE ball handler & ELITE center. This team is can be a better version of the Warriors if played correctly.

Trae Young
Kevin Huerter
De’Andre Hunter

John Collins
Clint Capela

10. JAZZ

The Jazz are a very interesting 2k team. They have a good ball handler in Donovon Mitchell & the best rim protector Rudy Gobert. Royce O’Neale, Mike Conley & Donovon Mitchell all play solid perimeter defense. Rudy Gay has ALWAYS been GLITCHY in 2k so you start him at the 4. Even tho I have the Jazz at the 10th ranked team, I could easily see someone win the Finals with them. They’re just a super braindead team that can beat almost anyone.

Mike Conley
Donovan Mitchell
Royce O’Neale
Rudy Gay
Rudy Gobert


  3. CAVS
  4. HEAT
  5. BULLS
  6. MAVS

Interview with HoLLyBlaCkWooD, Call Mee Kyle, Lomstar & LA CHAOS225

I caught up with the Suns lock HoLLyBlaCkWooD & the Grizzlies owner Call Mee Kyle for a quick interview.


How confident are you going into your matchup vs CLEVELAND CASH & the Memphis Grizzlies? Whats your series prediction?

Im extremely confident going into my matchup with Cleveland Cash & the Memphis Grizzles! All season we’ve preached team defense and we trust in that! We have excellent defensive anchors in x KING JON x & MRxxUSERxxPICKx, couple that with my on ball capabilities improving as the season continues, yeahhhh bitch! ! Series Prediction — eh Im not a big fan of those — But Id say that if we play our game and leave it all on the floor this series should be over in timely fashion !

So since you believe the Suns will move onto the finals. Who do you think will come out the East? Also do you think any of the remaining 3 teams can compete with yall? (Bucks, Nets, Grizzlies)

its gonna be a dog fight on the East between the Bucks and the Nets ! Giannis vs KD It honestly can go either way — but from what Ive seen is you gotta bet on Giannis, its just that simple. And do I think any of the remaining 3 teams can compete with us? No — its literally just Us bro. We are our biggest competition remaining in these playoffs. Simple

Some people have been doubting that User Pick is the MVP…What do you have to say to that? Are people just salty?

Salty … tuh ! Listen Linda — for anyone to say that Pick doesn’t deserve MVP while being at the top of the league with fuckin Landry Shamet can drown in Pelican Bay and thats on Mary and her Little Lamb tf ! But to answer your question –> Y E S <– he is the MVP , fuck we talkin bout

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?

Id never call anybody Zeus on this shit ass game and thats word to my nigga x KING JON x

Call Mee Kyle

How confident are you heading into your WCF matchup vs the Suns? What do you think the outcome of the series will be?

Honestly very confident I threw 5 together the last week of the season just to show up for the game and beat them. I think this series goes 5 games grizzlies 3 suns 2 cash beats picks line in game 5 Jon gets dropped off by woody in game 5 like what happened in the regular season when he was facing saver

So since you believe the Grizzlies will move onto the finals. Who do you think will come out the East? Also do you think any of the remaining 3 teams can compete with yall? (Bucks, Nets, Suns)

I honestly think the bucks come out the east don’t really know much about the nets think the finals will be close just based on them having the bucks

I’ve been hearing that players on the Grizzlies felt cheated that they didn’t win some awards…Do you feel the same way? Also do you think this is the driving force behind your teams level of play?

I think cash should of won mvp definitely pick played weak teams in my option and people can say cash had a star but the other 9 owners could of picked the grizzlies but didn’t. In my opinion Eli should of gotten sf of the year averaged 30 with brooks. I think the awards will be why cash line wants to beat the suns more and more

Do you feel like this szn is a ring or bust or would you be alright if your team lost the WCF?

No I don’t think so we been the underdogs all season they projected us 3 or 4th in the west before the season started so I think we’re gonna prove the doubters wrong

Would you call all the people low iq who have questioned your trades this szn?

Honestly switzo is good player but he didn’t show up for his playoff game which made them forfeit so I think we made a great decision there. Wish we kept Kurupted but confusion happened making that happen. eboK trade was great he was an easy beat for us in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?

He’s good player just don’t think he’s the best player in the league that’s my opinion though

Revolves caught up with the Bucks owner & Nets GM for an interview.


How confident do you feel going against a super team 2k wise of the Nets?

Im confidant in my team. This is a video game though shit happens lol

You guys already won game 1, so what does your team need to do in order to keep winning?

We have to be available lol. Lord and zhas line have mostly been available but between messed up trades and availability our hardest thing is to be available

What do you have to say to some people saying you’re only in the offs because of the bucks?

In fine with that. Thats one thing about me I dont care about the talk. There is only one winner each season and we dont have one yet

If you advance to the finals, who do you believe you’ll be playing there and why?

If we do make it i think we will be playing the Suns. Dont get me wrong grizz can get there but I think it will be suns. Both haden and Kyle put good teams together and i know it will be a dog fight between them and then another from whoever comes out the east

You were previously suspended during the season, but never had a chance to talk about it in an interview. Can you say your side of the story for the whole VBA to see? Did you believe it was the right thing?

I was suspended because they say i didnt put stat in. I put every stat in and “somehow” they disappeared. I wasnt even given a chance to put in again. I was going to appeal but just took the game. Dont want to bash staff so i wont get too deep into it (pause) but i definitely hope they are better for upcoming seasons

If you win it all, will you return as an owner next season?

No i will not be returning as owner. I was owner first season because i am an of of vfl and vba so i definitely want to see it at the top but im cool on owner for now lol. I still see guys with the same mindsets and the same childish bullshit from 10 years ago and i really dont be trying to deal with that. I will be a player and get guys to sign up every year and spread the word but no owner for me until there is no bias and everything runs damn near perfect which i hope happens but i doubt it

If Ebok was next to you right now, would you slap him or shake his hand?

I would do neither. I stay away from tough guys because they scare me and when im scared
Lmao…na i wouldnt do shit. This is a game i talk shit but i really dont care. I just want everything to be even on all sides and we are good in any situation

Do you have anything to say to the people of the league for your last question?

I appreciate everyone who tried to keep the league going and i hope we can push it far. Thanks to the owners who stuck with it and didnt give up. Thanks to the players who kept fighting win or lose. Thanks to my team because we definitely went through a lot behind the scenes lol. Hope to see everyone season 2 and hopefully that will be with me a champion but win or lose ill be there


How confident do you feel about beating the bucks with arguably the best player on 2k(Giannis)

I feel confident the first game we had against them was the second time they beat us and I don’t think they can beat us in a 5 game series

What things do you need to do as a team to secure those wins?

Need to move the ball and hit our shots make them help

Who in your opinion is the most toxic of the league and why

Trying to get me in trouble lol, But honestly I think it is fab but I like the beef ain’t no hard feelings

What made you guys decide to do the aids lineup(ben and drummond) instead of a 5 out?

Defensive purposes and Ben doesn’t have great rebounding Drummond has a 94 offensive rebounds and 97 defensive so we won’t get out boarded

If your team advances, who do you believe you will play in the finals and why?

Don’t care. We winnin it all.

Sorci’s ECF/WCF Finals Predictions


With the VBA season coming to an end, 4 teams are left fighting for a title. I take a quick dive into who I think will win the conference finals matchups & why.


The Milwaukee Bucks take on the Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn has made it this far with an unorthodox line up but it’s clearly been working in their favor. The bucks in my opinion should be able to take this one, they’ve been consistent all season and have the BUCKS, but a 5 game series between two of the best NBA teams in the game can certainly go either way. The nets don’t really have a game plan, they’re play style is a lot of movement and brain dead drives, while the bucks definitely have more of a strategic play style, led by Giannis. With that being said I think the Bucks win 3-1 with ease.


The Memphis Grizzlies take on the Phoenix Suns

Now this should be a very good series. Both teams are led by MVP candidates. I think Cleveland Cash has something to prove against this team. The suns do have more depth, with both lines having a combined 1 loss , I’m not sure how the grizzlies second line matches up with the suns second line and that may be where Memphis struggles. The suns have been rolling all season but I don’t see this series going how the season went, it’ll be a close one. With that being said I have the Suns winning a nail bitter 3-2.

eboK’s WCF Prediction

I have the Grizzlies winning this matchup 3-2(CLEVELANDs line 3-0, Kyle line 0-2). I believe that CLEVELAND CASH will be able to DOMINATE on offense while the PFoty in my eyes CLUTCH KING will lock up any & everybody he faces. This Grizzlies line has some of the best role players in the league in Wade, Eli & Woohdy. With that being said they’ll have to defeat the MVP USERPICK in order to get to the finals but I don’t think it’ll be a tall task for the Grizzlies. Even tho I voted for User Pick for MVP I think CLEVELAND CASH has had the most impressive season out of everyone in the VBA. He came into the league with no line set in place & told Kyle to get him whoever…not many people have the BALLS to do that. If cash was able to beat the Suns during the regular season he would’ve easily won MVP. Even tho King Jon is a top 3 Center in the league I just don’t know how he’ll be able to stop JA from scoring AND get the rebound over Steven Adams. This is exactly what happened in the Memphis vs Golden State matchup. Ja would miss a layup/dunk & Adams would Horse Draymond or Looney since they had to contest Ja. If Phoenix wins this series it’ll have to be off King Jons back.

I caught up with CLEVELAND CASH for ONE important question.

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?


Interview with F3AR & R3dH0ur

With the playins being today & tomorrow I caught up with the GM of the Lakers & the Owner of the Clippers for some questions.


I’m sure you had high hopes coming into the season. Are you disappointed in your teams regular season success? Anything you wish u did differently?

I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed in the season considering it was looking pretty bad at the start and we had quite a bit of roster turnaround. And there’s definitely things I wish I did differently ( can’t speak for Shady ) but I think there’s still time for that to change. Hopefully it does in the playoffs.

As GM of the Lakers how confident are you going into your playin matchup vs the Clippers?

I’m pretty confident going into the series. I’d expect it to be a 2-0.

Who will be the key to the Lakers success?

It’s tough to pick 1 person, but I’d have to say our role players (Melo and Monk ) if they stay ready to shoot and hit their shots I don’t think there’s a team we can’t compete with.

So you said your team can compete with anyone. If you do beat the clippers & move on you will be facing the Suns. How do you see that series going? 3-0 Lakers?

The series vs the suns will be tough no doubt. But every time we play them we compete for 2-3 quarters and it’s a close game and then we break down for 1 quarter or have a bad stretch and they just keep scoring. So I think if we can stay composed and play full games of basketball it will be a good series.

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?


As owner of the Clippers how confident are you going into your playin series vs the Lakers?

Very confident. I know farah’s line will perform great and even though a lot of changes with my line and a lot of things have back fired. I have a feeling we can get past the lakers.

Whats your prediction on your series? 2-0 clippers?

It’ll be close but I believe we can pull it off. 2-0 clippers.

I know you’re happy with the Kxng clan line but do you wish you drafted differently for your other line?

Tbh no, I’m the type that likes to give others chances. only downfall we didn’t practice enough and that was on me due to busy schedule.

If you do end up advancing past the Lakers what are your expectations for this team? A cinderella run to a championship perhaps?

That’s going to hard to do. If we get past the lakers we play the warriors next? that would be a fun game to be in us against bron and mizz. they play amazing but we have a chance. if we get past them and probably end up playing against the “let kill R3DH0ur” suns. I swear every time I play against king jon and userpick. it never ends well but it could change. it just depends on how my line performs. I Kxng line will do amazing like they have been. it’s my just line.

You would play the Suns next round.

  1. Clippers vs 1. Suns
  2. Grizzlies vs 3. Warriors

I really want to beat the suns. they are so good. but I want to have one more shot and try to win one against king john and userpick.

Interview with Gabe iLy & DJ

With the playins being today & tomorrow I caught up with the GM of the Heat & the Owner of the Celtics for some questions.

Gabe iLy

As GM of the Miami Heat. I know you had high hopes/expectations for your team. Are you disappointed that your team went 9-14 & ended up in the playins?

Not really cuz we had to weather an egregious amount of availability issues to even get to this point… I tried my best to acquire enough talent to make a consistent line 2 and when they were all able to actually play, they looked pretty good. Also the heat are terrible tbh and I doubt any1 would do much better with them.

How do you think your series will go vs the Celtics? 2-0 sweep?

Yes.. I actually thought they were going to ff tbh… But we will do what we must. I actually respect the hell out of Dj for stepping up as owner for that team and working extremely hard to get games in when other teams that are WAY better than the Celtics continued to just ff.. Celtics are the only team worse than the heat IMO.

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?

He’s Def 1 of the best players in this league imo… He should win sg of the year with klay, which is impressive cuz i don’t really think klay is that good tbh. If he was on a better player I think he could do alot more honestly.

Political answer.



DJ some would say you did a great job as owner givin the circumstances you were put in. With that being said how confident are you heading into your playin series vs the Miami Heat?

Tbh if we show up to play and slow the ball down and put the ball in the right hands I can see is winning in 3

Who do you think will be the key to your team’s success vs the Heat?

Dudda or Kdot

We know you took over the Celtics late in the year but with that being said. What would be your dream lineup?

Gabe iLy
Kurupted Nyx
From wat games I have seen

Do you think YoGuardBron is the ZEUS of 2k?


Care to elaborate?

Very guardable

Interview with Mizz, Bron, Sorci & Krab

With all the roster moves/drama that’s happened within the first week for the Warriors. I caught up with King Mizzark, YoGuardBron, Viintage 2k & Stop A Krab for their comments on the situation.

King Mizzark


Bron correct me if I’m wrong but, on draft night you were quoted as saying that you drafted the best team. With that in mind, if you did draft a great roster then what went wrong? Why trade Bama, Sorci & Krab?
I never said I drafted the best team, the league said that for us in some content related post. Anyways we traded Bama because it was a neutral agreement, he wanted to heat to play with friends and we wanted one of our friends we were supposed to have on draft night. Sorci was bad with curry and krab was causing a lot of issues. He was in an argument with someone every game and me and mizz constantly kept getting dms about him and his attitude towards people.”

Viintage 2k

Can you rate the warriors management on a scale of 1-10?
Well they were at a 10 until right after week 1 and after impulsive decisions and from what I’ve seen communication wise, I’d have to drop it to a 6, mainly due to the GM.”

Why do people think you played poorly with curry?
To be honest I’m not sure where that came from, could I have shot more and been more aggressive at times? Yes, but with the situation, especially game 1 vs the nets, people were arguing the entire game and we went down 30 before halftime, hard to perform with that vibe and it carried on to every game that night. Other than that I took High IQ shots averaging about 15 assists a game winning the last two games not to mention we were down two starters week 1. In every practice / pre season game with our original 5 I was scoring more, and so was the team. The 5 for the warriors is the most crucial position, and Del has that down and was able to shoot consistently with looney, just allowing the offense to do so much more.

So on draft night the entire golden state roster was so happy go lucky & thought they had a god squad. With that being said in your opinion do you think Mizz/Bron drafted a good team but yall just couldnt gel? Also how do you think your line wouldve done record wise etc if Mizz/Bron kept yall together for the season?
They drafted a great team, our line had no chemistry but we instantly had solid communication, and played great every game together. I think we played like 7-8 games together and lost once . We didn’t play with our full line once week 1 and still went 2-1 , so i personally think we had line 1 talent and would’ve gotten better week after week , losing maybe 1 game a week if that . I’d like to add with my time on the warriors, I only had 2 Ls, both to the nets.”

So lets say if the original GSW line 1 & 2 played each other. who do you think would win & why?
I’m going to have stay quiet on that one because unlike some people in this league I’ve learned to let go of having an ego, but Id have to say it would be a good ass game. One for the books if it’s to ever go down.

Do you think Bron is the Zeus of 2k?
Absolutely not, with what that man put me threw I feel like I survived an R Kelly.

Are you excited to be in Miami? Can you tell me your expectations for the team?
Beyond excited, all the players are easygoing, management knows what they’re doing, high expectations for this team.”

Stop A Krab

Can you rate the warriors management on a scale of 1-10?
Could you elaborate on that?
“Sure thing, I give them a 4 based on how they drafted and the lines they put together. As far as actually team managing goes it’s below average, we were Undefeated with an original line on the court and always were things brought up. Teams are going to argue that’s how it goes.
Also, they asked me to play Draymond and I said I will give it a try, after having 2 eh games with him I decided it wasn’t the best fit for me and I asked to be moved back to Wiggins where I had success at before. They chose logic (a guy who’s very new to the game ) over me for that position. Never onced listened to a word I said, called me a bad teammate although I said I would like a trade but if I need to stay I will. Painting me to be a villain.”

People around the league & also players on GSW have quoted in saying you’ve been a freak & a toxic individual all season. Is this true? If it’s not then why do most view you as a toxic individual?
There are different ways of being toxic, I come from the comp pro-am scene, I don’t take losing lightly, or when there mental mistakes being made that shouldn’t be made I don’t let that slip. I’m not a yes man or anything like that if I see something I’m going to speak up on it
That might view people differently.

So i heard that you were very proud of scoring 35 on Johnnywheels. Is this True?
“I had a game and carried us to win. As I stated multiple times to you and the others I have had many good games with Wiggins before that game. I can provide screenshots if needed also.”

How good of a player do you think Sorci is? Do you think he can be that GUY? Or is he just a role player?
I believe he can be a good player not sure about “that guy “ or not but his offense is there just needs to pay attention on defense a lot more and learn how to pass a little better.

If the original line 1 & 2 from GSW played in a game. who would win & why?
“Not sure. I believe it would be a lot closer than they would assume. Mizz is a better curry than Sorci, Bron is a little better than Rivals , I’m way better than any Wiggins they have, Del is better than Gee. So I think played right it would be a close game but hey, I gotta say us right?”

So you got traded to Boston for Big Wadeo. Who do you think won that trade? Also whats your expectations with the Celtics?
I have heard of Wadeo from 2k godz , I don’t think he’s very good, so I definitely think Celtics won this trade, and I have already been told I will have a big role with this team. I saw that we were 0 and 6 and I’m looking to change that around this week. Got an owner who wants to win and grow as a team so we will get right for sure

Do you think Bron is the Zeus of 2k?
Absolutely not LMAO.
Can you elaborate on that? If not that’s fine.
To be the Zeus of something you gotta be a “god” at it. He’s not a bad player but he damn sure isn’t the god of 2k.”