Season 2 Draft by the numbers

The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the amount of Free Agents and provide a statistical point of view that owners and players may find useful for the upcoming VFL draft. The draft takes place on 11/3/2021. Stay tuned for a time and the draft will be broadcasted like last year. Without further ado, let’s get right into this.
There are a total of 87 Free Agents (as of 10/28/2021) coming into the draft. All but 3 players have filled in their positions so I will be excluding them from these stats.

There are 72 VFL roster spots available for season 2 (8 teams @ 9 players (3 lines)). Take away the Owner and GM spots (16), you’re looking at 56 roster spots. 31 players will not be selected in the draft but rather drafted in TC. This is roughly 36% of available FAs.
From an offensive standpoint we have:
– 20 Quarterbacks
– 38 Running Backs
– 26 Wide Receivers
From a defensive standpoint we have:
– 25 Defensive Linemen
– 28 Linebackers
– 31 Defensive Backs
Free agents coming into the draft. Assuming that teams draft their team needs with having 3 players at each position, it is assumed there will be:
– a shortage of QBs in the draft
– a surplus of 12 RBs
– a surplus of 2 WRs
– a surplus of 1 DL
– a surplus of 4 LBs
– a surplus of 7 DBs
when the draft concludes and TC players will then be assigned.

However, this is not taking into account the positions that each team has at management (Owner/GM).

From the data above, it is assumed that these position combos are considered the most valuable in terms of a high chance of being drafted by a team:
QB/DL (most valuable)
RB/DB (least valuable)

By looking at the team’s management positions:
– 11 are QBs
– 2 are RB’s
– 3 are WR’s
– 3 are DL
– 5 are LBs
– 8 are QBs

After taking into account management positions, it is assumed there will NOT be a shortage of QBs since management is typically QBs. Since WR’s and DL are the least filled positions in management, I would consider this to be the most valuable position combo going into the draft.

After being given this data, players and management can use this to help them make decisions for themselves and their team. As a player, if your goal is to get on a VFL roster, you are more likely to get drafted if you’re a WR/DL versus a RB/DB. QB’s are still considered valuable as well.

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