Season 2 Draft Grades (Players and Team)

Firstly, I would like to say congrats to all owners and players on draft night. It’s one of the most exciting parts of each season. It was good to hear the draft went smoothly so thank you Ice the man for broadcasting, and the team he had with him last night.

Without further ado, here are my grades in terms of the draft. I will be including their pick from the team draft as well. This is solely my opinion. Each first rounder receives a unique MUT Draft edition card at the end of this article. 


Team selection – C-

Player selection – B

Aries and his team drafted a solid player squad. Most of the players seem to be veteran players from the old VFL days. The issue I see with this team is the team selection. I understand there is a talent for the RB, WR, and defense. But I strongly feel the QB position is the foundation of a team. If you select a team with a poor QB, players that play the positions would not be attracted to play for that team. Orlando was a given first overall pick since he is a QB. Solid pick-up as well.


Team selection – B

Player selection – A-

The Rams did very well in terms of drafting player talent. 60% of the starting lineup played together on a playoff-caliber team last season so I do expect good things with this team. I think Realest at number 2 was solid but I think a QB should have been selected here. The Rams have addition with Von miller on defense and given that there was a patch for defense, this team may be difficult to score on as well.


Team Selection – B

Player selection – B-

Defeet at number 3 was a good choice given he was a QB. Husky has a good reputation from last season, JAD is a good use as well. Overall the team did solid in the draft my only concern is where all the pieces will fall. I heard Baker Mayfield is a struggle to use which is why I have the team grade a B.


Team selection – B+

Player selection – B-

While we patiently wait for a badge update soon, I still consider the chiefs to be a great team to use overall. In terms of the player draft, I’m shocked I went number 4 due to not doing any tryouts. However, this team had all QBs going into the draft so it was good they picked a WR/DL. I have talked to everyone on the team and I believe Rusty and his team drafted a balanced competitive team that seems to be cultured well.


Team selection – B

Player Selection – A-

Most of this roster is a returning roster of the Season 1 champions. Key players are missing like JP but I think this team can be very competitive throughout the season. The addition to drafting Marc is solid and he is a good QB. They have a gem in TC by the name of Carnage who was an owner last season so I can expect him to work his way up a VFL roster this season. The packers are overall a good team to use and with the next rating update, this team should get a healthy boost in overalls.


Team selection – A-

Player selection – B+

Bills are arguably one of the best teams to take so Sig and his management did well in selecting them. If they get the right subs in on defense, it’ll be a tough team to score on. Most of the WB clan is back together again and they competed in the Superbowl with the Raiders so I do expect good things with this squad. Woodhy on the TC gives this team depth at the DL position. They did draft a rookie QB in the first round so expectations are high for this player. He is the first rookie to be drafted and the only rookie who took in the first round.


Team selection – A

Player selection – B+

I think the Bucs are the best team to use this season. Almost every position is great, especially on offense. Hogcrazy was their first-round selection which is an ideal pick in the later round. DJrage, iaasc, and Radio are all solid pickups given that they placed a max bid on Kuhrow and couldn’t select the rest of their team in round 5.


Team selection – A

Player selection – C

Beatdown and his management did great in the team selection; not so well in the player selection. No offense to childplease but I had him the sixth-best QB on the draft board with better QBs available to pick. I understand the first round needed to be a QB but many X factor skilled players were available. I predicted child to go in the third round. Farah was a solid pick-up, Likewise with icetheman and ECrosstheBoss. They do have depth in TC with whodat and Mike.

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