S2 Week 1 Players of the Week

I would like to start off by saying thank you to team management for going above and beyond to capture their teams stats. While there are 72 roster spots, 80 players have some type of stats within the stat system which means even TCs stats were captured. Players of the week are as followed:

NFC – 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1DL, 1LB, 1DB

AFC – 1QB, 1RB, 1WR, 1DL, 1LB, 1DB

Since there will be 12 players for nomination, only the highest point valued player from each Conference will receive a custom player of the Week card which is presented at the bottom of this article. 

AFC Offense & Defense and NFC Offense and Defense. 

I used a point system to determine who won POTW. Below is the point system.

Passing TD4
Passing YD0.05
Rushing YD0.1
Rushing TD6
P DEF0.9

Without further a do, here are your week 1 players of the week. 

AFC Offensive Players of the Week

QB - WB Shig (Bills) 34/37; 700 Pass YDs; 92% Pass Comp; 4 pass TDs; 1INT; 10 rushes; 62 yds; 3 Rush TDs

RB - NORTHZIDE (Browns) - 66 Rushes; 402 Yds; 6.1 avg; 5 Rush TDs; 18 Rec; 149 yds

WR - Outaker24 (Chiefs) 34 Rec; 642 Yds; 4 Rec TDs; 185 RAC

AFC Defense Players of the Week

DL - Outaker24 (Chiefs) 17 TFLs; 12 Sacks; 1 FF; 1 DTD

LB - Hutch x81 (Vikings) 7 TFLs; 3 INTs; 1 Pass DEF; 1 DTD

DB - IR x Brady (Chiefs) 2TFLs; 3 DEF INTs; 6 Pass DEF; 2 DTDs

NFC Offensive Players of the Week

QB - Hogcrazy9934 (Bucs) 39/58; 648 Pass YDs; 6 Pass TDs; 4 INTs

RB - itsXER0X (Bucs) 14 Att; 112 Rush Yds; 8 avg; 3 Rush TDs; 6 Rec; 88 Rec YDs

WR - xisaac 2raw (Bucs) 27 Rec; 470 YDs; 3 Rec TDs; 31 RAC

NFC Defensive Player of the Week

DL - Kuhrow (Bucs) - 15 TFLs; 7 Sacks

LB - MRxxUSERxxPICKx (Packers) 5 TFLs; 3 Def INTs; 3 FFs; 1 DTD

DB - Kxng x Champ (Cardinals) 3 TFLs; 6 DEF INTs; 1 Pass DEF; 1 DTD

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