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We have 33 members who are new to the league. Some have made immediate impact on their rosters, others still waiting on a chance to start and prove themselves. This list acknowledges the top rookies thus far. Only week 1 stats are taken into consideration. This list will be updated next week when week 2 stats are in. 

FYI, a VFL rookie is defined as someone who’s in their first season in THIS VFL. Previous experiences from either the EFL or OG VFL are ignored in this. 

If you are a rookie and feel these stats are better than the list, please DM me on discord and I can verify, I believe my rookie list is 95% accurate as I did a comparison with S1 FAs and S2 FAs

1.) Cuban on Xbox | RB/DB (Vikings)
30att 202yds 6.7AVG 2TDs
13recs 173yds 2TDs
1-2 W/L

2.) YG Luckyy | QB/DL (Chiefs)
41-52 495yds 78.5% 1INT
8tfls 2sacks
2-1 W/L

3.) Whiite MagiicX | QB/DB (Bills)
25-36 425yd 69% 1TD 5INTs
2-1 W/L

4.) King LoGiiC | RB/LB (Chiefs)
26att 152yds 5.8AVG 4TDs
4rec 89yds 2TDs
3-0 W/L

5.) Aceboogs98 | QB/DL (Vikings)
21-32 309yds 66% 2TDs 1NT
8tfls 2sacks
2-1 W/L

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