VBA Conference Finals Prediction


People may consider this the match up of the year. With the MVP in MRxxUSERxxPICKx leading the way and MVP candidate Cleveland Cash in opposition, it is going to be a great series. In terms of winning condition for the Suns, they need to try and contain Morant as much as possible despite how great he is on the game. Cleveland has been doing an outstanding job controlling the pace in each quarter; calling early backdoors, knowing the contact animations, or throwing frees for Adams. His ability to score at will but also hit Wade on dexes is also a problem. If Suns would like a chance to go to the finals, both bridges and centers need to have the best defensive game possible. The key players in this series isn’t Chris Paul (Shamet) or Booker. MrxxUSERxxPICK and Primo Re have been putting on a clinic all season. Evidently, the key players who can change the outcome of this game is Ruthless, Blackwood, Kelz, and Jon. In my opinion, they will not drop a game against the Grizzlies second line. Therefore, the goal is to do their best to win one against Cleveland to close the series out.

In terms of the Grizzlies winning condition, their second line needs to do their best to steal a game against either Suns line. They have been blown out by the Suns all season. If playoffs are similar to previous games, Cleveland will need to win both games and Game 5 to push through, which is such a tall task going against the Suns users. At the end of the day, it is a 2K game and anything can happen. In terms of gameplan, they will need to figure out how to beat the undefeated line between MVP MRxxUSERxxPICKx and DPOY x KING J0N x. The league knows they play the game like the 80s Celtics but it is up to them if they can stop the designated plays. The Grizzlies need to push the tempo and put defensive leaders like Blackwood and Jon on the backfoot. It may sound crazy but the winning condition isn’t Cleveland Cash or WadeO; they have been hooping all season and that should not change. The players who will make the most impact will be Clutch King and Woohdy. If they can provide the swing, steals, and blocks needed like they have all season, it will be tough for the Suns to win 3 games against them. If these two players don’t have a perfect game, I can see their top line splitting the series 1-1 or even going 0-2. If they do have a perfect game, I can see them going 2-0 as a line.


Reason: The Suns go 2-0 vs the grizzlies second line and 1-1 vs Cleveland Cash.

Eastern Conference:

Despite this not being as hyped up as the western conference, this is also an extremely close matchup. Within the season, Nets have blown the bucks out a couple games. However, I do not think that will be the case in the playoffs. The bucks have a really good line between Lord Relaxx and Zhajesus on Jrue and Giannis. If they would like a chance to reach the finals, they will need to go 2-0. Their backpack is going to be pretty hefty because of how good the nets are as a team. The users on the nets know how to abuse how easy the paint is on this 2k. With their type of motion offense, it will be difficult for the bucks to contain. In terms of the winning conditions for the bucks, Lord Relaxx should let the game come to him. There are times when he chucks or takes bad shots when frustrated. Outside of Zhajesus going absolutely crazy, they need their shooters to shoot efficiently. However, I think the Nets second line is better than the Bucks second line. If they can so happen to steal a game, they can end the series in 4 games. If middleton and jrue can guard the KD wraps that the nets love to do, i think the series will be much closer than people think.

In terms of the nets, their winning condition is stopping Zhajesus. The bucks do not have a second giannis of his caliber so they should take advantage and not drop a game vs them. However, if they can somehow manage to beat Lord Relax and Zhajesus, I think the Nets win the series 3-1. The key players for this team is Bodega and Chaos. Bodega has shown the potential of Ben Simmons being a defensive juggernaut. With him making All Defensive, he needs to do his best to bait and contain Giannis. Outside of that, there are players like Ron Gotti and DODADAMNTHING who play Drummond who need to play the paint defense a bit better if they want a chance against Giannis despite how hard it may be. In terms of offense, be as toxic as possible with the triple big lineup. All in all, sweep the bucks line 2, and try to beat line 1 at least once.


Reason: Zhajesus line goes 2-0, the bucks second line goes 0-2 and the bucks go on to win Game 5.

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