Realest Top 25 List After Season 5 Updated ( 25 -13 )

My one exception for making the list is you had to complete 3 of the 5 seasons! One player who would for sure be in my top 10 to 15 will not be on the list because he joined the league in the middle of season 3 and that is Ponchy! Also so this is known this is a list based off your play season 1-5.

#25 – ( Never Practices ) This is a player who didnt make my list the first time around. This season he accomplished some things that made me feel he couldn’t be left off this list. Season 3 Rivals jumped on the scene with the Cowboys and made noise instantly finishing top 3 in interceptions at DB. Season 4 he had another good season with the Bucs and was on a line that went 10-0. Season 5 Rivals brought home the LB of the year award while only playing 8 regular season games. He found his way on the Bengals and was a big help on Abyss line come playoff time and made a difference for them. He has the ability to play both RB/WR and LB/DB. Rumor has it he says hes playing DL next Madden to continue to prove he has a wide skill set.

#24 – ( GaabageAssassin ) Gaabage is top 5 at DL in this league , when he is not eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches he is probably sacking your QB or hitting your running back in the backfield. Gaabage was so good at DL in season 3 he was awarded with Defensive player of the year. However I think he lacks alot on the offensive side on the ball. By far the best teammate ive had this madden , low ego , never complains just shows up and wrecks the game on the defensive side of the ball. He didnt play this season so I had to move him from 17 to 23.

#23 – ( OrlandoStayWoke ) Orlando is also very underrated , Season 2 Orlando was the 1st pick in the draft to play QB , I actually think Orlando is a pretty good QB just doesn’t take the time to lab to be a great one , Orlando started at WR for Abyss Season 1 and I thought he was average at best , however these last couple of seasons he has made huge improvement and became very solid , He also became good enough to become a DC in the league which I never thought he could do. Orlando is a superbowl champ season 4 with the Packers and him and Ty as a duo is one of the better ones within the league. Orlando was very inactive this season only playing 7 games due to work schedule. Had to move him from 16 to 23.

#22 – ( Warpath ) Warpath is a player who struggled early on in his VFL career. Started in season 2 where it was pretty much moved between the 2 worse teams Bucs and Chiefs. Season 3 he got his first good chance on the Cowboys and he did well for himself. The thing I like about Warpath be brought a different scheme. Most people use the same playbooks on offense and he used a different one. After a loss to him towards the end of the season I had to go rewatch my broadcast to understand what the hell he is was doing. But that comes with his biggest weakness , he only runs about 2 to 3 plays and if you catch on to them its VERY easy to stop. However his improvement from season 2 to seasons 3-5 are clear. Record in Season 2 was (2-8) and his record in seasons 3-5 is (22-12) which is a huge improvement. However I have to admit I had him ranked too high in my first list. His playoff performances are always underwhelming and leave you stunned how a guy can play so good but shrink when it matters most. I think in the last 3 seasons he was he for sure lost 4 playoff games that I can remember of the 6 he played in and that just isn’t gonna get it done for a QB who is valued at round 1 talent.

#21 – ( Breesus ) Breesus took the league by storm season 3 as a rookie QB , winning rookie of the year and make a superbowl in his first season in the league. He followed up his impressive rookie season with a better 2nd season on the Cardinals almost passing for over 3,000 and 396 rushing yards. Not only was he good on the offensive side of the ball he was good on the defensive side of the ball having 14 and 16 picks in those 2 seasons. Im very confused on how Breesus had to 2 great seasons worth of stats but moved off QB to play WR? Doesn’t make sense to me at all but… He moved from 15 to 21.

#20 – ( Outaker ) Outaker is obviously a good player and his career numbers this madden are great. Hes won of the better WR in the league and in 5 season I would have to say has to be a top 3 at DL. Even with the great numbers I sometimes feel lost on how to judge Outaker. Sometimes hes fully here and engaged and then sometimes hes just not. Outaker is one of the few who actually tracked his season one stats and they were good , In season 1 and 2 he put great numbers , Season he had a drop off where he only had 6 total sacks in the season , that is unacceptable for him in my eyes. Season 4 he picked it back up with another great season but here in season 5 he only has 3 games worth of stats? Outaker seems like one of those players who is very talented but will take a play off or in his case the whole season off lol.

#19 – ( Hutch ) Hutch has played in all 5 seasons of the VFL and has done very well at QB/LB , he has played with the same WR/DB all 5 seasons but no matter who the RB/DL is they do well in his offensive system and are a huge focal point of the offense. I played one game in season 1 on that line at RB/DL and felt if I played with them I would easily have a shot at 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in a season because how much the RB is involved. Hutch is #24 on my list!

#18 – ( Clutch King ) Clutch is easilyyyyy one of the most underrated players in the league , if I had one word to describe Clutch it would be ( Consistent ). Clutch has played with Beaste almost every season but season 4. Clutch is a 2x superbowl champ with both the Browns and Chiefs. Clutch is also a very versatile player playing both RB/WR and was successful at both. Somehow clutch is always drafted in the mid-later rounds of the draft and that shouldn’t happen. Clutch is a no brainer on this list.

#17 – ( Dfeetu44 ) Dfeet balled tf out this season plain and simple. Dfeet is now a 2x superbowl champion and has climbed the ranks in my list. Dfeet has always been a respectable game manager style of QB who looks to run the ball and play good defense. I think the thing that boost him was the fact he moved off QB and decided to play WR which I think was best for him and the Bengals team this past season. Dfeet moved off QB and joined Brady and North on a line which was a good mix. Dfeet won DB of the year this season and had the most ints in a single season this madden with 29! Not only did he have a good regular season , he also had the game winning interception returned for a touchdown in game 5 of the superbowl to help the Bengals secure a championship. Dfeet missed my list completely the first time and after this season and playoff run it was almost impossible to leave him off the list this time around!

#16 – ( Areis ) Areis is good WR/DB who thrive best in cover 3 defense I actually dont think Areis knows anything outside of cover 3 on defense. However him and Hutch have been a solid duo in this league since season 1 started. My only issue with Areis is he is known for not wanting to play the best competition in the regular season. Im not a fan of it myself but Areis claims its a strategy so who am I to knock someone gameplan. Outside of that he is one of the better players within the league and is known to win you at least 8 to 10 games a season.

#15 – ( Justt Smoove ) Smoove is in my top 4 as far as running back goes , Easily THE top pure runner the league has to offer. I would say hes an above average route runner at running back but certainly not the best. Smoove as a DB sometimes worries me a little. Sometimes in cover 3 he is on the middle third and in cover 2 ive seen him on the flat or on the deep zone , hell in man ive seen him on the outside corner. That could easily wreck someone play or it could result in a big touchdown. However he gets the job done.

#14 – ( Champ ) Now that this madden is done 14 is where I have champ ranked. Honestly he had great seasons but at the end of the day hes just a better Warpath. Champ shits sheets when it matters most , 3-6 in the playoffs is unacceptable for a guy who has been up for MVP and even been runner up a few times for the award. Not even trying to bash Champ just feel like while his regular seasons have been great his playoffs have been a huge let down.

#13 – ( NATECVSHMNEY ) Nate in his first couple of seasons played QB and he was below average. His best seasons were seasons 3-5 when he made the switch to RB. In season 3 and 4 Nate was very much the driving force of the offense on his line both seasons. When he is calling defense he is known for his very off meta play calling. You can never get a read on what he is doing , one play he could call cover 3 the next play you might see a all out blitz. This season Nate has made the transition to DL where he brought home the DL of the year award. Since moving to RB Nate has become one of the better RBs in the league except when he tries to do my spin move and looks like a bot , however lets not forget he is now a 2x SB Champ.

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