My thoughts on the league

Before going on my semi rant I just want to say Outaker and his staff have been doing the best they can with trying revive the community. Do I believe things could be better? 100% which is where I will give my opinions here.

1.  While in my opinion this is a good and bad thing. The whole James Smith situation was terrible. As a owner of a team he was giving to much power within the league/discord. A owner should never be able to see complaints field against their team let alone any team.

As many know Outaker is looking for a commish. He was ready to hand the keys over to James Smith. In multiple chats with Outaker I told him that would be the worse situation for the league. I could go on and on about how he would be bad person to put in charge. Good thing is he showed his true colors when he got caught breaking a rule. I think while it sucks to lose a owner and most of the Cards team I think this was best for the league.

2. In-Season Rule changes are horrible. Only way this should be a thing is if the whole community is involved and even then I think its a bad idea. Madden is now a game of abilities as much as it is about the users.

Banning Escape Artist QB from being aloud to sprint out is sad. For a guy like Lamar who is a below average passer your pretty much limiting his skill set. Your taking away an advantage he has. Sprint out is a legit concept.

 But since were taking away advantages lets do the following.

Lets ban the ability Red Zone Threat because its broken. Once you get inside the 20 its pretty much a free TD unless you commit 2 to 3 players to that player.

Acrobat/Lurker it pretty much let players with this ability make crazy diving animations. If your a team with a DB with Acrobat. Bills , Packers , Chiefs they have a unfair advantage with a ability that the rest of the league doesn’t have so lets make those teams take those players off the field or if they make a crazy int they gotta punt the ball back. Dont worry I know it sounds dumb just about as dumb as limiting a QB like Lamar , Kyler , Mahomes , Josh Allen because they have a ability.

Also Tom Brady is the only player with Hot Route Master a QB who put WRs , TE , RBs on special routes that no other QB can so lets force the Bucs to not be able to use that ability because its an advantage for only them.

Yeah I know most of what I just said nobody will care but at least you read it lol.

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