Rule Changes

With the season already being half way through, I took some time to send a survey out to the owners and players of the league to revisit some of the rules. Below each question is a response from both owners and the general player base. The way that I will rule these changes are as follows:

I will compare both survey responses. 

If the owner responses are too close to call, I will use the data from the player survey to determine if a rule is changed or kept as is. 




1.2 Positions (Defense)

With the owner vote being tied, I looked at the player results and majority voted to keep the rule as is. No change is needed


2.1 Chewing Clock

With no vote winning over 60% majority, I looked at the player results and majority voted to keep the rule as is. No change is needed


2.2 Throwing outside the numbers

The ruling remains the same but with the addition of this: If a QB is throwing on the run and the animation takes the QB on the outside of the numbers, the pass is deemed legal. Any part of the body must be on the numbers for this to be legal (previously, half the body must be on the numbers). If the WHOLE body is outside the numbers on a throw on the run animation, its an illegal pass. Throwing outside the numbers is looked at when the ball is no longer connected to the passer. 


2.2.1 QB Running
No majority owner vote. Player vote deems to remain as is. No Rule change needed. 


2.2.2 Spamming of Plays
Majority on both sides to keep as is. No rule change needed. 


2.2.5 Gadget Plays
Majority on both sides to keep as is. No rule change needed.


2.2.6 Dropbacks
Majority on both sides to keep as is. No rule change needed.



2.2.8 Looping
Both sides deemed to keep looping the same but to add the following: You may not engage and disengage with a blocker then use the Speed Boost (A Button) to run around the blocker. To disengage with a blocker, a pass move is to be used, the user cannot back out of the pass block then speed boost around the blocker. This was considered a loophole in the rulebook. 


Ban the 2-4-5 Defense? 
Since player vote was even, I looked at the owner vote and it was anonymous. 2-4-5 defense formation is banned for the remainder of the season. Will add to the banned plays section of the rulebook.


Expand players games per week? 
This was essentially brought up in terms of combatting the huge amount of blacklists this season. Only management can play up to 5 games a week if needed to not forfeit. If reporting stats, only the first four games maybe reported. The fifth game player stats cannot be reported. 


Should QBs with Escape Artist only allow to take off if there is pressure?

Both sides agree that this should be a rule. This will be a new rule created in the rulebook stating the following: QBs with escape artist cannot abuse the ability by hiking and immediately running (Unless a designed QB run) or running to the numbers and waiting for a route to develop then take off running if needed. The purpose of escape artist is to escape incoming pressure and if no pressure is in the area, the User should not spam the ability. 


Should we end the season early? (8 out of 9 owners need to be on board for this).

Since its almost a spilt decision by the players and owners were all not in agreement, we will resume the season to the full length of 4 weeks. No changes to be made.





Thank you all for taking your time in giving your input. Its greatly appreciated. These rules will go into affect starting now (10/3/2021) Please use this material to familiarize yourself with the changes. For the free text responses, I plan on bringing this up to staff and the owners. 

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