Interview with Brownies Goodell

It’s Outaker here and I’m back with another article. I wanted to take some time to interview our new commissioner. The purpose of this article is to spread overall player awareness about upcoming news and changes. 


Do you expect the season to grow exponentially compared to Season 1? If so, why do you think that? Grow? not yet, I think season two is going to be the foundation for what’s to come in the VFL, We have so much potential here and we have to live up to it. Growth will come but we need to get underneath ourselves before we start a growing process

 What are some structural changes that will benefit the league in season 2? (this could be staff, the way we handle processes, etc). In season one you tried to do it all alone, you put so much into this league and I believe at times the league took you for granted and it came back to bite us all. This season we are moving to a Board of Directors style leadership with Myself, WB850, Hog, and Kurow. I believe these changes will be what is best for the league and will show what kind of league this can be when the burden doesn’t lie solely on one person’s shoulders to carry.

What are some changes to the rulebook that you expect to see in Season 2? I can’t say much because this is not just my decision but I do expect a thinner rulebook with a more firm fist of punishments. these rules will not have a gray area. While there will be fewer rules than last season the severity of breaking these rules will be greater.

Do you have a timeline for team picks, the player draft, and the start of the new season? Team picks are currently ongoing, the player draft will be scheduled shortly after the Superbowl and season two is looking to kick off November 7th

How long will Season 2 be? Season two will be 4 weeks just like last season but we will transition to a 9 game weekly scheduled with each line playing 3 games instead of 4. We are currently discussing how we want to handle the upcoming holidays and are doing our best to schedule around that as best we can.

 What are your goals for Season 2? The biggest goal is consistency, we need to be consistent in everything we do. That isn’t just from a management and staff side. we all have to be more consistent this season and do our best to show what this league can accomplish.

How has the transition from BOG to commish been? Lol well, it’s been different. at first, I had zero interest in doing this, I saw how it got to you, and with me having a family, career, and the military it hasn’t been an easy decision to do this. With the help of the owners, the staff, and the other directors of the league I believe I have put together a great team to make sure we carry this league together. I couldn’t do it without them.

Any shoutouts or announcements that you would like to address? Maybe one, this season will be the most important season of the VFL in almost 8 years. We need to do this together and that means signing up, getting your buddies to sign up, getting the word out there that this is the place to play Madden teamplay on XBOX Series S/X. The sky is the limit with this league but our best marketing strategy is for every person in this league. Let’s get the word out, lets get some footage made and posted on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit anywhere that madden has a community we should be pushing that community to check us out. This will be a season to remember and I promise everyone that.


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