Season 1 Walter Payton Man of the Year

While there are no awards this season for statistically related awards (due to lack of stat tracking), There is one award I want to give out besides the top 25 players; The season’s annual Walter Payton Man of the Year. 

This award symbolizes individuals who went above and beyond in terms of bettering the league. I have three individuals who I feel are worthy of this award.  Whether it be media content, doing their job in regards to their role, or being a vocal leader for change, these individuals should be recognized for their commitment to the league. You guys helped pave the way which can make the league grow, and for that, I thank you. 



Brownies stepped us as intern commissioner when I suddenly retired. He quickly went to work in terms of finishing the season and put together a solid work plan going into Season 2. Before that, he was a BOG who handled complaints/appeals and a GM for the Infamous Panthers (before he left his original team). Brownies deserve this award for his hard work, leadership, and vision to carry on the league. 



Kuhrow is currently our VFLPA President and oversees issues with player rights. He ensures players are equal and make sure their voices are heard. Before this, Kuhrow was pretty much a vocal leader to push for important changes to our inaugural rulebook. While I found him expressing his concern to be a pain in my ass, he made good and valid points and proven that the “old” way wasn’t necessarily the best. He was pretty much an extra GM for the Cowboys and I strongly believe a lot of the team’s success was through him. 


Th3 R3alest 260

In terms of media content, Realest took the initiative to learn how to create media content for the site. He was also a person who expressed criticism when needed and honestly showed me the light to not have James Smith as the commissioner. While he and I don’t see eye to eye with my abrupt retirement, I value the work he has put in to help create content. Creating content in the league helps not only boost conversation between players but from an outsider looking in, they can see how engaging this league can be. 


In the upcoming days, these players will beable to see this trophy present on their player profile indicated by

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