Top 10 Free Agents Per Position

* With the opinions of 10 individuals who wish to remain anonymous, here is a list compiled of what we believe are people every owner should go after*

This is a center heavy draft. There is roughly 20 centers that are solid. The skill gap between the top 10 – 15 centers isn’t huge. Therefore, I would target PGs first. There is a HUGE lack of talent in the guard department. It was painfully hard to think of a top 5, let alone top 10 Point Guard.

The list will be followed by honorable mentions and names to look for


                               1. SwitzoSn 
The other 9 people agreed he is a Solid Pro AM player who can adjust to the Team-Up environment; comfortable with a star. the stick skill is there compared to the talent in this league but will he be reliable? 

                               2. Big WadeO

Has experience in multiple leagues from 2kGodz, EBA, and VBA. He is a veteran when it comes to team-up and has the ability to produce as a star. He also has the ability to play any position and be above average. His top destinations may be with the 2kGodz crew themselves; whether FoexMacc or King Mizzark.

                               3. Jvmper7620
According to the others who helped create the list, this is another Pro-AM PG that has the ability to adjust to Team-Up. With High Game IQ, rotational defense, and ability to score, he lands here.

                               4. PookDog
He is known to be an extremely solid player within the 2k Community. People have not seen him play but with a high game sense, he has the ability to adjust quickly. Will he play without his friends in FAB or MIZZARK?

                               5. Movss X
From the few in-houses that he has played, he may be a sleeper. He has not had a bad performance yet. However, playing against a communicating team of 5 is completely different than an inhouse. Will he succeed then?

                               6. ISeeCapBoy
I do not believe he has the ability to take over games but he is extremely solid. May need certain players to produce at a high level. In this league that lacks talent at guard, he will definitely be of use to any team that looks his way.

                               7. Aceboogs 
He is a pretty good score first PG; He is still learning dribbles so he has potential. He is definitely a better scorer than passer. His passing and defense need work. His downfall is the ability to make only one read towards the center; in a rotation defense, he may struggle.

                               8. xLoad SL
He is also another Pro-AM player. He can play any position and has played against organized teams before and has done fairly well; Is he a byproduct of his system or will he be able to shine anywhere?

                               9. x KING J0N x
He is well known to be a dominant center; if he is willing to play big for your team, he is Top 3 in that position without discussion. However, he signed up at guard. I do not know if he is trolling but he has potential at PG. He is very inconsistent; he may give a 30 and 10 game but next game a 5 and 15 game. He has a lot to learn. His top destinations may be Goodfella Joker, King Mizzark, or oFab. 

                               10. KXNG CHAMP
He has always was above average at PG in every 2K; he has the ability to adapt. In terms of scoring, this 2K is not hard; guards can score at will in the paint if the center does not time his jump. The only question is whether he will play without Farah En Fuego or King Klay.


                                1. Woohdy v2
He is without a doubt a user who has stick skill; He can be comfortable on a star and produce. However, there are multiple complaints that he is toxic. If we're talking user skill out of Free Agent wings, he is up here. If we are taking personalities into account, he drops a bit.

                                2. GB King Jet
He is a super underrated player; he may possibly be the best wing/big in the draft with all the top users accepting Owner and GM. He has the stick skill, he has the game IQ, and has the ability to change a game. He plays in multiple parties with random players which shows he will play with anyone. He is definitely a must have. FoexMacc will most likely be pursuing him.

                            3. Nacho "Suge" Traynor
He is without a doubt the best personality in the draft and will play with anyone. He is a former professional player and still has professional experience in coaching. He has the ability to play a superstar and produce; He has high game IQ. The only issue is whether or not he tries. He tends to troll a lot and may find this league for fun.

                                 4. BAMAxx
He is not a superstar but he is definitely a great role player. He understands how to rotate on defense and can shoot with anyone; I have not seen him shoot poorly yet. He is also not toxic. He is definitely a must grab for a team.

                                5. BLK SUPERSAIYAN
He is a great role player that can do a mixture of everything. He is way better at shooting guard and is very similar to BAMA. He can definitely be the difference maker for a team since he knows how to rotate on defense and help the helper.

                                 6. Viintage 2k
He has the ability to play the superstar and produce a bit, but we think he makes a better role player. He is in the similar area between BAMA and BLK. They do not have an ego but will be a difference maker when rounding out a team.

                                  7. DEVO228
The skill gap between the wings are not huge. He is similar to everyone on the list outside of the top three. However, he is also a FOExMACC friend so will he be able to play without him?

                                8. ClutchxKing
Outside of the top three players, the skill distinction is very minimal. He is a very good plug and play player. He knows the concept of rotations and will do very well assisting the top players.

                                9. Stimothy T
He has potential to be a star player in this league. Outside of the five games people has seen him play, he has been very productive. The only question is whether he will be able to play without Fear Painkiller.

                                10. xXx MJ313
He has had years of experience from team up as well as proam. He is an exceptional help defender and one of the better players in the draft. The question is whether or not he will play without LOM5STAR or Goodfella Joker. 


                            1. MRxxUSERxxPICKx
If he signs up, he will be the best player in the draft. He will deny and say he has not played in years and is not worth it. However, as a former 2K Pro, he is exceptional at every position. Give him a star, give him a line, and get out of the way. The question is whether or not he will play without Fab, Mizzark, Goodfella Joker, or LOM5STAR. Those will be his destinations if he does sign up.

                              2. GEEE MONEY
He recently got back to 2K and will be a top center once he gets acclimated. He had a solid performance on his first center game against competent users. Once someone has high game knowledge, playing this game is like riding a bike. The question is whether or not he will play anywhere other than KING MIZZARK. 

                                3. Kuhrow
Most people know him as a wing player but he is far better at big in my opinion. He is one of the few players who do not have a preference on where to go and will play anywhere. He is still getting acclimated to the position but he will dominant once the season comes. Pair him with a dominant ball handler and that line may not lose that many games. He may be the best passing big in the draft. Look at destinations like the Philadelphia 76ers.

                           4. Post Kobe (eBoKTsoP)
He is in a similar stance as Traynor. If he does not troll, he is one of the better players in this league. I think he is a great center and it is probably his best role. He is without a doubt the best shooting center that I have seen so far. His top destinations may be the Miami Heat or Brooklyn Nets. I do not think he has the patience for other teams.

                                5. DatBoyKelz
He is a good all around big. Understands the game at a high level and is a great defender. The big issue is that he has a tendency to not show up due to real life stuff and may quit mid season. His availability due to work is not the greatest either. Look for destinations like the Phoenix Suns, the Memphis Grizzlies, or the Los Angeles Clippers.

                               6. Revolves SZN
He is a great under the basket center who will guarantee you rebounds and points. He may not pass out frequently enough and will mash despite a miss. He may get exposed in a 5 out offense but he is definitely an extremely solid center. Look for him to become a Boston Celtic as he is FOExMACC boy. Either him or King Jett will be his top 2 picks. 

                              7. Farah En Fuego
He has been one of the most consistent centers in every 2K and I expect this one to be no different. He has high game IQ and has played in all levels of competition. However, he is not a plug and play player. He may want to go primarily to the Miami Heat. Evidently, whatever team he goes to, he is a package deal with Kxng Champ, and Kxng Klay.

                              8. Ruthless x252x
He is a household name throughout the 2K Team Up community and is well deserved to be anywhere from a first round to a second round pick. He is great at defense and is definitely a top center. He has the ability to play the wing as well. However, as most top guys, he has his own crew. I do not know if he will play anywhere outside of the Boston Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, or Phoenix Suns. He may try to lay low so they can draft him in the lower rounds.

                               9. VONTHEGAMER
This man plays with anyone and everyone. He is a pretty good all around center. He has some faults in the pick and roll defense but he is one of the better centers in the league. He is definitely one of the better passers and will make the right read at a high level. He can score really well but is a byproduct of the system he is in. He will only shine with certain talent around him. He can land anywhere from the Los Angeles Lakers, the Philadelphia 76ers, the Boston Celtics, the Phoenix Suns, or the Memphis Grizzlies. The reason he drops this far is because he is a better center than wing but he may look to play wing this season.

                               10. ooJAYDUBoo
He has pretty good game IQ and compared to the other players in this league, he is definitely above average. He is not dominant but he will do his job at his position. The question is whether or not he will play if he is not selected to the Miami Heat or Brooklyn Nets.

                             11. KURUPTED NYX
I know this is a top 10 but he recently signed up. He has been consistent in every 2K and is one of the best players in the player draft. He signed up at center and may dominate with how influential center is within this years team up. However, he has always been known to play point guard or wing at a high level; compared to the talent level of this league, he is way above average.



Bon Blast (PF/C)
BudweizerBeast (C)
Luckyy Dabs (if at Center)
Elijuw0n (PG/C)
SnagzforVC (Wing)
Benniebeem (wing)
Elite RZA (wing)
Woozyshattamon (Wing)
NeverPractices (if he signs up)
Just Smoove (Better Role Player than Center)
RNO Block LP (wing)

Players Who Were Previously Decent

But may be completely cheeks

x Im Da Truth X (PF)
o0 Mantis 0o (PF)
LJ53 (SF)
Mikeman 117 (PG)
Jerseys Illest (SG)
European Beas (SF)
Kavious 18 (PG)
Shaun776 (SG)

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