To Blunk or not to Blunk

That is the question. This writer spoke to the almost Mr. Irrelevant, although he was beating down my door pre draft for an interview, to see how he felt about he draft slot, team, and being the small dog in a qb room with Ebok and Gabe.

Asked for his season goals, Blunkey listed he wanted to “perfect all the pre snap skills like reading defenses, blocking adjustments, etc.” and to “learn to go through my reads correctly.” While Blunkey seems pretty confident in his ability to learn these things. going through reads correctly is a pretty vital QB skill.

One thing i learned quickly about Blunkey is that he is definitely a very hard worker as he kept mentioning how hard he wants to work to improve, and how he “wanted to thank his family and friends that supported him through this journey.”

Blunkey did mention being shocked at his draft slot. ” I feel like I deserved to go higher than some of the guys, especially after winning a playoff game, but at the end of the day I’m just glad to be drafted.” Hopefully with all the hard work and preparation we are looking at more of a Dan Marino than a Tua Tagovailoa

Asked about playing with Ebok again for a second season he stated that he is “weird sometimes but at the end of the day thats my brother, thats my dog right there. If he hurt, I’m hurt, if he up im up.” This reporter isn’t quite sure what the hell this means, but we are rolling with it.

Speaking to Ebok, he let me know that he doesnt understand what Blunkey is talking about either, that he is “ass, delusional, and may be traded before week 1 is even over. I had nothing but anger in my heart when i drafted him” Shocked at these harsh words for the new guy i asked what made him think of this. Seething red with rage Ebok told me that Blunkey should “stick to writing songs.”

Go and Run away indeed sir.

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