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Realest VFL Conference Finals predictions!

NFC Matchup!!

(1) WFT ( 26-10 ) vs (4) Saints ( 21-15 )

Last week Saints proved me wrong defeating the Eagles in a great 7 games series. It just seemed whenever the Saints needed a big play Smoove found a way to get it done. Washington on the other hand got pretty much a free ride to the next round with the Dolphins deciding to forfeit the series. There isn’t much info to discuss about Washington because they didnt play. Omni from the Saints was impressive late in game 7. Led a huge game tying touchdown drive which led to Eagles throwing a interception put the Saints in position to kick a game winning FG to advance to this point. Gotta give the Saints credit where credit is due. Dropped a Max bid QB , GM and owner had beef , kicked a QB off the team and then picked him back up later in the season. With all of that they are still alive in the playoffs. I think its very important in this series that the Saints play mistake free football. Washington has 2 guys in the top 5 for interceptions on the season , If Washington can continue to force turnovers I give them the edge in this series. I 100% believe Washington has the better group of QBs and DCs. However Im just not gonna count out the Saints , I picked against them before and yes I will be doing it again. My pick is gonna be Washington in 6! Beaste wins both games and Koolaid and Champ both get a win! Will the Saints prove me wrong again? Best of luck to both teams…

Top 5 Players in the series

  1. Beaste

2. Champ

3. Just Smoove

4. ClutchKing

5. Omni

AFC Matchup!!

(2) Bengals ( 25-11 ) vs (3) Raiders

Bengals dominated last week in the first round vs the Steelers. I picked the Bengals in 6 and they won it in 5. Just as I predicted both Abyss and Brady would win both of their games which would advance them to the next round. Also Bengals had 2 big late waiver wire pick ups with number 1 pick Child Please and Never Practices. Raiders on the other hand struggled a little vs a Colts team I easily feel they should have beat in 5 or even possible swept. For me this is really a pick em series , I know most people have the Bengals as the favorite rightfully so. I do however believe this is the tough series for Cincy. Ty has seemed to have Abyss number over the past couple of seasons and make every game tough. Im not really worried about Brady , North and Dfeet I believe they go 2-0. The other 2 lines for the Bengals are my concern. Lets not forget Sac is no slouch as a 2nd line QB and has the potential to win some big games as he has shown he could do like game 7 of the Superbowl last season. My pick is gonna be the Bengals in 7. At this point I just believe you gotta win Brady 1 game out of the other 4 games to force a game 7 where I believe his line will get it done. Good Luck to both teams!

Top 5 Players in the Series

  1. Brady

2. Abyss

3. North

4. Ty

5. OrlandoStayWoke


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Here are your VFL Season 5 NFC Pro Bowlers! Congratulations to all of you!


































Realest Round 1 Playoff Predictions!

NFC Matchups

WFT ( 26-10 ) vs Dolphins ( 16-20 )

I think this series is a total mismatch. Dolphins have 4 really good players but outside of that whats left. Best QB on the roster is playing WR ( Breesus ) , team just dropped 2 good players ( Child and Rivals ). Im wondering if I think Ebok and Breesus have to play on a line together and have to spend on Gabe and Kuhrow to carry a line on defense with one of the other QBs to give themselves a shot in the series. I think the best shot the Dolphins have in this series is to hope Kuhrow gets matched up against Champ , Kuhrow has literally dominated Champ over the past few seasons and I dont see that changing. You gotta hope Beaste gets matched up against your worst line and concede those 2 games in hopes to have either Kuhrow with Gabe or Breesus and Ebok win 3 of the first 6 games to force a game 7 and hope for the best. WFT are a big favorite to me in this series , betting odds for me would be WTF ( -550 ) Phins (+330). My Prediction is WFT in 6. I think Kuhrow line goes 1-1 and that will ultimately be the downfall for the Dolphins. Kuhrow and Gabe absolutely MUST go 2-0 for this series to be respectable.

Top 5 players in the series

  1. Beaste
  2. Gabe
  3. Kuhrow
  4. Champ
  5. EboK

X Factor players – UngluedTiger , Breesus

Saints ( 21-15 ) vs Eagles ( 18-18 )

This is probably going to be the best series as far as how close its gonna be in the 1st round. I think the Eagles are the more talented team but the Saints are the better Madden team. Saints have had crazy things go on this season , GM Del was upset with his QB being traded now hes back on the roster , max bid Ponchy was dropped to waivers for whatever reason however here we are. Eagles have alot of VFL vets on the team so they have alot of guys with experience. I think the pick up of Hog for a third line late in the season is a boost for that team. I like a few players the Saints have I think they can make a huge impact. I think BlackOmni is one of the most underrated QBs in the league. I really like Smoovee and Del as RBs as well and Del can wreck some havoc on the DL. However I totally feel all the pressure is on Warpath in this series. Areis and Hutch have been reliable in the playoffs to get you 1 if not both wins in the series. Warpath has had someone plays struggles and he needs to change that in order to help his team see the next round. I think this will be a close back and forth series but im gonna lean Eagles in 7. If Ponchy was still on the Saints I would take Saints in 6 but I think it will be hard to replace your max bid player who was dropped to waivers. Hutch and Areis win a defensive battle in game 7 and advance to the next round. Areis has said he wins when its playoff time and has only lost 1 game in playoffs so If it gets to a game 7 which I fully expect it to , I trust Areis and Hutch get the job done! Eagles in 7.

Top 5 Players in the series

  1. Warpath
  2. Just Smoove
  3. Areis
  4. Hutch
  5. JP

X Factor Players – Del The Dude , BeOmni , Goodfella Joker

AFC Matchups

Bengals ( 25-11 ) vs Steelers ( 12-24 )

People probably look at this series and probably think total mistake Bengals sweep. I can tell you now that 100% wont be the case. I fully expect the Steelers to make this a competitive series. The thing that makes this thing a series is simple , I dont trust the Blunkey line to win a game. Blunkey is 1-4 since joining the Bengals with the only win coming against the Falcons who aren’t even a playoff team. I think this could hurt the Bengals in later rounds. I think Brady , North , Dfeet will cause all the Steelers lines hell and will go 2-0. Abyss line is the wildcard for the Bengals heading into the playoffs. He will now be on his 3rd WR/DB in 3 weeks. However adding Rivals off waivers to Abyss line could prove to make a huge upgrade. When it comes down to it Im gonna lean Bengals in this series because they have better overall users and that will be the difference in this series. This is the series where I feel Abyss could slip up and lose a game and it not hurt the team as much. Im going Bengals in 6 in this series. Brady wins both games and so does Abyss. Ill go with the Veteran experience over a team who I think have a roster full of guys like Beach who improved but ultimately are just happy to compete in the playoffs.

Top 5 players in the series

  1. Brady
  2. Abyss
  3. North
  4. Outaker
  5. Nate

X Factor players – Rivals , Beach , Dfeet , xbehe

Raiders ( 22-14 ) vs Colts ( 18-18 )

Honestly this is gonna be the fastest series in the first round. Raiders pretty much took Grof team from last season and made it his team. Sac , Ty , Orlando , Blk were all on the SB Packers team from last season. Willy is who was drafted by Grof this season is currently a Raider. Around the trade deadline Grof proceeded to trade the good players on his roster and ultimately tank the season. If Ace and company were still on the team this would totally be a different series in my eyes. Ohio as a owner has done a excellent job in team building over the past 2 seasons. He played his cards correct pre draft not using a max bid and trading up in the draft to selection Ty and Sac back to back in the 1st round. In the season matchup these 2 teams split 2-2 in head to head matchups , However this is the playoffs and I fully expect the Raiders to dominate the Colts. I have this series being a gentlemen sweep Raiders in 5.

Top 5 Players in the series

  1. Ty
  2. Orlando
  3. Sac
  4. Rigs
  5. HighWalker

X Factor Players – Blk , Mr Ohio , Willy , Ibprofam

Realest Top 25 VFL Players Seasons 1-5 ( 12-1 )

First off let me start off by staying I had a error in my first part of this article by 100% leaving out a player who should be on the list so I will put them as a tie with another player!

#12 – ( Warpath ) Warpath is a player who struggled early on in his VFL career. Started in season 2 where it was pretty much moved between the 2 worse teams Bucs and Chiefs. Season 3 he got his first good chance on the Cowboys and he did well for himself. The thing I like about Warpath be brought a different scheme. Most people use the same playbooks on offense and he used a different one. After a loss to him towards the end of the season I had to go rewatch my broadcast to understand what the hell he is was doing. But that comes with his biggest weakness , he only runs about 2 to 3 plays and if you catch on to them its VERY easy to stop. However his improvement from season 2 to seasons 3-5 are clear. Record in Season 2 was (2-8) and his record in seasons 3-5 is (22-12) which is a huge improvement. I think #12 is a good spot for someone like Warpath. Also very sad I was never teammates with this guy for a season 🙁

#11A – ( EboK aka Post Kobe ) Ebok is one of the most talented players in this league. While he may catch backlash for being a troll that doesn’t take away from his Madden skills. Ebok like Breesus was introduced to the league by Kuhrow and instantly made a impact often and early. Ebok spent his first 2 seasons playing Running back where he exceeded expectations with James Connor and Ravens shitty group of backs. This season he has made the switch to QB and is putting up great numbers , making a switch like that and succeeding instantly is huge in my book. Most impressive thing that is eye popping though is the EboK record in his first 3 seasons , with a record of (25-6) that has to be one of the better records in a 3 season span. I truly believe if EboK had a another season under his belt this Madden he would have cracked my top 7 or 8 but for now I think #11A is the right spot for him.

#11B – ( Ty Bomaye ) Has shown the most growth at QB in my opinion. In season 2 if you asked me who Ty is I would have said ” oh some shitter “. If you asked me season 3 who was Ty I would say I really good game manager. If you asked me Seasons 4 and 5 who Ty is I would tell you he is for sure a top 5 QB in the VFL. Ty really started taking off when he got to play with Tmo and Willy in season 3 where I feel they helped start his growth as a QB. They kept the game simple for him offensively and played defense and it worked. Ty then got on a teammate with his buddy Orlando and they have been a top line ever sense. Ty has a very boring scheme because he takes the clock with him. Ty is also tough to get a read on because he doesn’t really have set plays he really just takes what the defense gives him which makes him tough to beat. Even though I have Ty ranked at 11 I still feel he is very unrated , he should be GM/Maxbid type of player.

#10 – ( Outaker ) Outaker is obviously a good player and his career numbers this madden are great. Hes won of the better WR in the league and in 5 season I would have to say has to be a top 3 at DL. Even with the great numbers I sometimes feel lost on how to judge Outaker. Sometimes hes fully here and engaged and then sometimes hes just not. Outaker is one of the few who actually tracked his season one stats and they were good , In season 1 and 2 he put great numbers , Season he had a drop off where he only had 6 total sacks in the season , that is unacceptable for him in my eyes. Season 4 he picked it back up with another great season but here in season 5 he only has 3 games worth of stats? Outaker seems like one of those players who is very talented but will take a play off or in his case the whole season off lol. Regardless I think he is easily a top 10 player over the 5 seasons we had.

#9 – ( Gabe ) Gabe is in my top 3 for most TALENTED players in this league. He very versatile on both sides of the ball. On offense I would say he the 2nd most versatile offensive player in the league and I would say he the most versatile defensive player in the league as far as being able to play any role the team needs. Gabe in my eyes has been a top 2 at DL since season 3 , but he is also very capable of being elite at LB and DB as well. When watching Gabe play I think the most impressive thing about his game is his route running and thats at RB or WR. He always knows how to find the hole (pause) in the zone. Not only is he a great route runner but I would have to deem him the best at being able to high point the ball and come down with it as a WR. If Gabe would have played seasons 1 and 2 I think he would have cracked my top 5 or 6 but he didn’t so I feel 9 is a good spot for him.

#8 – ( Champ ) Champ has had a interesting 5 seasons. His first season Champ very much underwhelming considering he was in a QB room of Abyss , Beaste and himself. Champ was a big let down for the season 1 Ravens as he went 0-2 in the playoffs costing them a chance at a Superbowl. Every since then Champ really got in the lab with Farah and his game completely changed. He came out the a great scheme out of the Patriots playbook and really started torching the leagues cover 3 meta. Season 2 was a great season for Champ but he got himself suspended for the playoffs. Seasons 3 and 4 were both MVP runner up season for Champ but was beaten out by Abyss both times , Even with his dominate numbers and wins in the regular season Champ in both seasons continued to struggle in the playoffs. Champ really seems to lack the ability to beat man coverage. If I had to pick a DC who has been haunting Champ it has to be Kuhrow. I think this is the season where the most pressure is on Champ. Its the last season for this madden and he as yet to reach a SB. This time around he has Beaste on his team so the pressure of being Line 1 isn’t there anymore. Its time for Champ to answer the bell and start winning some big time playoff games.

#7 – ( Route Tech Tmo ) Tmo in my opinion is the most underrated player in the league. He is never heavily talked about when it comes to the leagues best. Lets not forget in seasons 1 and 2 his team made back to back superbowl trips as a owner. Tmo is one of the best when it comes to putting together a roster that can compete with the leagues best. After Tmo stepped away from ownership he joined staff to attempt to help better the league. While Tmo numbers might not be eye popping his impact on the field is felt. If I had to name the top 5 DCs in the VFL Tmo would easily be on that short list. Also in season 1 Tmo help lead the Chiefs to the VFL first SB this madden as a QB. Tmo is good at both LB and DL on the defensive side of the ball and has shown he can win at QB while also being one of the leagues better WRs. Ill be the first to admit I dont take advice from many people on Madden but Tmo showed me a defense and I was like damn this guy is smart. I think Tmo ranked at #7 will get laughs within the community but I think thats a good spot for a 5 season career.

#6 – ( Kuhrow ) Kuhrow might be the most dominant player of this Madden within the VFL. If I had to compare him to a athlete this Madden it should be Shaq ( with no rings ). While Kuhrow has been the Shaq of the VFL where is his Kobe ( R.I.P ). I feel like Kuhrow has somewhat put himself in a bad spot playing with QBs like game green and ace boogs when he could have easily been on better teams. Some will tell you that Kuhrow plays with worse players to have a built in excuse for when he loses. While I give him credit to trying to be the driving force sometimes you gotta realize the grass is greener on the other side. Kuhrow has easily been the best DL in the VFL seasons 1-5 and its not even close in my opinion. Kuhrow is a championship away from being in my top 5 and I dont see him getting it this season.

#5 – ( North ) North has been one of the most consistent players in the league as far as stats and wins. North has never had a season with less then 10 wins. Winning 10 out of 12 games every season is very consistent. While North is known as a winning he is also known for stuffing the stat sheet. North is dominant at both RB and DL. North has had 3 seasons with 750+ rushing yards , while also having 3 seasons of 400+ receiving yards at running back. On the defensive side of the ball North had never had a under 40 TFL and only one season under 20 sacks. North has shown he can carry a line leading while playing with Dfeet and also can be a great sidekick on a line to a great QB like IR Brady. North in my book is a top 5 DC in the league and has had a top 5 VFL career this madden!

#4 – ( Realest ) Im not going to sit here and talk about myself , Biased in me I would rank myself number 1 because I 100% feel im the best player in the league. Just dont feel like its right for me to talk about myself and my accolades within this league. I also think ranking myself ahead of any of the next 3 players would be disrespectful considering Ive never played the toughest position in this league which is QB.

#3 ( Brady ) It feels wrong to say Brady is the worst of these 3 because I have the upmost respect for all 3 of these guys but I have to rank Brady number 3 as far as this list and these 5 seasons went. Brady has been consistently one of the best QB this league has had. Season 2 was horrible for Brady dealing with a terrible situation that led to him being blacklisted for the last couple weeks of the season. But he came back season 3 motivated going 10-1 but ended up losing in the playoffs in a classic to Beaste which made his team check out for the remainder of the series. Season 4 Brady had another great season going 10-0 in the regular season and 2-0 in the playoffs but the other lines couldn’t pull off a win to force a game 7. Brady has been on the short end of the stick this Madden and I did him no justice by stepping down from ownership. However I still have faith in the Bengals hoping Brady can lead the team to the Superbowl and capture his first ring this Madden. I would like to go on the record and say at this point in time Brady is the best QB in the VFL!

#2 – ( Abyss ) Abyss has had a absolute stunning 5 seasons at QB. He is the only player who has won multiple MVPs this madden and one of them with Sam Darnold. Abyss is known for being very safe with the ball with a clock control offense and solid defense. Abyss I would also have to stay was the best owner seasons 1-3 as far as putting together a team , making sure there were no forfeits etc. He is one of those QBs who seeks advice from his teammates when something is going wrong. I can speak from experience seeing as Ive played with him 95% of this madden. He makes the game easy for someone like myself knowing im going to get consistent play out of a QB. So how do I have the guy who won a superbowl going as a owner who team went 12-0 in the playoffs season 3 and won back to back mvps ranked #1? Well thats because I have his season 3 teammate number 1.

#1 – ( Beaste ) Beaste has had the best VFL career this Madden in my opinion. Season 1 Beaste went undefeated in the regular season and where he ended up losing game 3 to the SB champion Chiefs. Season 2 Beaste captured his first VFL championship while being the owner of the Cleveland Browns. Season 3 Beaste repeated with a championship with a team who went 12-0 on a crazy playoff run. Here we are season 5 and Beaste team is back in the mix again as probably the favorite heading into the playoffs. Wherever Beaste is winning is happening and he has to get credit for that. My final decision for number 1 came down to Abyss and Beaste. The deciding factor for me is Beaste has 2 SBs and Abyss has 1. Beaste has also won without Abyss on his roster and Abyss hasn’t won without Beaste on his.

Hope you all enjoyed this ranking ( im sure you didnt if your not on the list or dont agree with you place ). Good Luck to everyone the rest of this Madden!

Realest Top 25 VFL Players for Seasons 1-5 (25-13)

My one exception for making the list is you had to complete 3 of the 5 seasons! One player who would for sure be in my top 10 to 15 will not be on the list because he joined the league in the middle of season 3 and that is Ponchy!

#25 – ( JPxProdigie ) JP is surely one of the better WR/DB within the league , JP was a superbowl champ in season 1 with the Chiefs and was a superbowl runner up in season 2 with the Packers. JP is also one of the 4 people to win the DB of the year award. He is known for his very aggressive play style at DB , more like a center fielder in baseball , he thrive in cover 3 and is a old school VFL player with an old school mindset. Couldn’t see myself leaving JP off this list so I have him at #25.

#24- ( Hutch ) Hutch has played in all 5 seasons of the VFL and has done very well at QB/LB , he has played with the same WR/DB all 5 seasons but no matter who the RB/DL is they do well in his offensive system and are a huge focal point of the offense. I played one game in season 1 on that line at RB/DL and felt if I played with them I would easily have a shot at 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards in a season because how much the RB is involved. Hutch is #24 on my list!

#23 -( Farah en Fuego ) Farah is probably the biggest lab rat and film study guy within the league , Madden created a ability called Film Study and if anyone in the league deserve that ability it would be Farah. Farah also has to get 50% of the credit for Champ QB development over the past 5 seasons. However I do feel his user skills are very subpar at best , I would deem him an average WR/LB. Ill never forget season 4 telling Abyss to throw right at his face and see what he does. However his knowledge and in-game awareness alone gets him in my top 25 so I have him at #23.

#22 – ( NVTECVSHMNEY ) Nate in his first couple of seasons played QB and he was below average. His best seasons were seasons 3-5 when he made the switch to RB. In season 3 and 4 Nate was very much the driving force of the offense on his line both seasons. When he is calling defense he is known for his very off meta play calling. You can never get a read on what he is doing , one play he could call cover 3 the next play you might see a all out blitz. This season Nate has made the transition to DL where he is top 3 in sacks and tfls. Since moving to RB Nate has become one of the better RBs in the league and lets not forget he is a SB Champ. I have Nate at #22 on my list.

#21 – ( Clutch King ) Clutch is easilyyyyy one of the most underrated players in the league , if I had one word to describe Clutch it would be ( Consistent ). Clutch has played with Beaste almost every season but season 4. Clutch is a 2x superbowl champ with both the Browns and Chiefs. Clutch is also a very versatile player playing both RB/WR and was successful at both. Somehow clutch is always drafted in the mid-later rounds of the draft and that shouldn’t happen. Clutch is a no brainer on this list so I have him at #21

#20 – ( Shady on Xbox ) Shady is a very solid RB/DB , I personally don’t understand why he keeps switch back and forth from RB to QB. I think he would be higher on my list if he didn’t keep switching so much. Also I think playing RB with fear can hurt your numbers because fear has a very predictable offense and you can just key on his RB. However in that offense Shady has still done well for himself numbers wise. Also like JP one of the only people to win DB of the year and led the league in single season INTs until this season. I couldn’t leave Shady off this list either so I have him at #20

#19- ( Areis ) Areis is pretty close to a clone of how I view JP. Good WR/DB who thrive best in cover 3 defense I actually dont think Areis knows anything outside of cover 3 on defense. However him and Hutch have been a solid duo in this league since season 1 started. My only issue with Areis is he is known for not wanting to play the best competition in the regular season. Outside of that he is one of the better players within the league and is known to win you at least 7 to 8 games a season. Areis is #19 on my list.

#18 – ( Justt Smoove ) Smoove is in my top 4 as far as running back goes , Easy on of the top pure runners the league has to offer. I would say hes an above average route runner at running back but certainly not the best. Smoove as a DB sometimes worries me a little. Sometimes in cover 3 he is on the middle third and in cover 2 ive seen him on the flat or on the deep zone , hell in man ive seen him on the outside corner. That could easily wreck someone play or it could result in a big touchdown. However he gets the job done. Lately ive heard rumors of him being a Diva. Dont let the awards and winning get to your head kid stay humble! Smoove is #18 on my list!

#17 – ( GaabageAssassin ) Gaabage is top 5 at DL in this league , when he is not eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches he is probably sacking your QB or hitting your running back in the backfield. Gaabage was so good at DL in season 3 he was awarded with Defensive player of the year. However I think he lacks alot on the offensive side on the ball. By far the best teammate ive had this madden , low ego , never complains just shows up and wrecks the game on the defensive side of the ball. Gaabage gets spot #17 on my list!

#16 – ( OrlandoStayWoke ) Orlando is also very underrated , Season 2 Orlando was the 1st pick in the draft to play QB , I actually think Orlando is a pretty good QB just doesn’t take the time to lab to be a great one , Orlando started at WR for Abyss Season 1 and I thought he was average at best , however these last couple of seasons he has made huge improvement and became very solid , He also became good enough to become a DC in the league which I never thought he could do. Orlando is a superbowl champ season 4 with the Packers and him and Ty as a duo is one of the better ones within the league. Orlando is #16 on my list!

#15 – ( Breesus ) Breesus took the league by storm season 3 as a rookie QB , winning rookie of the year and make a superbowl in his first season in the league. He followed up his impressive rookie season with a better 2nd season on the Cardinals almost passing for over 3,000 and 396 rushing yards. Not only was he good on the offensive side of the ball he was good on the defensive side of the ball having 14 and 16 picks in those 2 seasons. My question is why did Bressus move off QB? Scared to play without elite QBs or without Kuhrow or Gabe? Regardless I think 15 is right spot for Breesus.

#14 – ( Child Please ) Child is one of the better players within the league and I feel like half the league doesn’t even know it. Child monster on the DL with the bull rush. He might very well be the best at the Bull Rush in the league. I think if Child really committed to the league like other players and bout a wire to improve his connection he would be even higher on my list. While Child is great in the regular season this guy can’t find a playoff win LITERALLY. Child is also a very underrated at running back , Im very confused on why he made the switch to QB but please never do that again! His DL play alone gets him at #14 on my list!

#13 – ( Dirty Falcons ) Dirty used to be known as a top 3 QB within this league in my eyes , and then everyone found out what man coverage was. Season 1-3 he was a machine and putting up eye popping numbers at QB. Season 2 he was a superbowl champ with the Browns and continued season 3 putting up MVP type numbers with Tannehill. Then the playoffs hit and he ran into Kuhrow and seemed a little lost in the sauce. Every since the season 3 playoffs this guy just hasn’t been the same and hasn’t adjusted very well. But this is a season 1-5 ranking and I think #13 is a fair ranking for Dirty.

That concludes my ranking for players 25-13. Tomorrow I will be making the list of my players ranked 12-1. Whos ranked to high? To Low? Who should be in the top 25 that you think won’t be? Feel free for feedback! If you dont like my list feel free to make your own.

Why I chose to step down from ownership

Im really making this because I feel a lot of people dont understand why I truly stepped down so I wanted to explain for those who dont.

Around the beginning of week 2 my 3rd line QB Hucci came to me and informed me he was not comfortable with his line because of one the people on his line wasn’t willing to practice. I told Hucci there was nothing I could current do because the trade deadline was already up and trades weren’t proceeded until Thursday. I also informed him that as an owner I could speak with him but I can’t force anyone to practice and he seemed upset with my response. I also asked Hucci right after picking him who he wanted and he said he didnt care just get him a solid RB and some guys who can play defense. I tried to trade JBX the player Hucci was frustrated with and hes not a known guy so nobody wanted him unless Hucci was involved in the trade. I told Hucci to just finish out the week and I would figure something out. After the week ended he finally told me if JBX was on the team going forward he wouldn’t be playing. So I did my best to trade him , After struggling to trade him I got a message from the Colts owner saying he would send me Marc , Black , Ace for Hucci whole line. Colts owner told me and I quote ” bro nobody in their mind would say no to that trade , damn near guaranteed you a super bowl mocarbone just retired for us so i’m just tryna put my good players in a spot where they can win “. I then told him I would be accepting the trade but would be moving them. He said again and I quote ” idc what you change trade to tbh “. I then make a trade with the Pats and Colts owner chooses to veto the trade because he was just tryna put my good players in a spot where they can win. I showed staff proof of all of this and was told I had to redo the trade because he didn’t agree to me trading the players I received to the Pats even tho he said and I quote ” idc what you change trade to tbh “. So whatever thats fine I just had to use my last trade to with the Pats no big deal. I make the trade with the Pats again to find out shortly after a player involved in the trade was quitting because he wasn’t gonna be on my team and was told by his former owner ( Colts Owner ) he was being traded to my team. I had proof that this owner told his player he was being traded to my team before the trade was even done and no punishment was given and my trade was reversed. I then I had to explain to Hucci he was back on the team and he finally told me shortly after he wanted to be traded or dropped. Next day I made another deal with the Pats , Hucci , Woohdy , Bloody to the Pats for the same line I had just traded for the day before. Few hours later I hear now that Hucci is quitting with Hucci saying and I quote lol ” I should quit just to be petty , they fucked me shit comes full circle “. I did everything this player wanted , traded him which he asked to be traded or dropped and didnt involve JBX in the trade who he was refusing to play with. Once again my trade was reversed , I lost out on JBX because I sent him down just to attempt to do right by my QB , lost out on a QB because he wanted to be petty and lost out on the line I traded for 2 times in 2 days. Not to mention a teammate of mine ( a staff member) was aware of Hucci possibly quitting and never thought to tell me. So in 2 days I got screwed over by a staff member and Marc who I considered a good friend. After all this in 2 days I was literally stunned , frustrated. No punishments were being handed out for this shit happening So at that current time I felt like it was time for me to be done playing. However now im pissed that I quit because if my team doesn’t win I really feel like I let them down. I promised Brady when he took my GM I would get him his first ring. Honestly just wanted to tell my side of the story because I dont like being known as a quitter.

Good Luck to everyone the rest of the season!

Interview with JpxProdigie

Today I took the time to interview Eagles WR/DB JP. JP is a well known VFL Vet and Season 2 DB of the Year. So far this season JP has a 6-3 record with over 1,000 receiving yards and 17 interceptions which is currently 3rd in the VFL. Here are a few questions answered by JP!

Question 1 – Now that week 3 is in the books how are you feeling about your team?


We’re honestly sitting right about where I thought we’d be. We’ve got two solid lines, but we all knew that the 3rd line was going to be a crap shoot. The line we drafted went ahead and called it quits, had to call-up a whole new makeshift line, then that QB “got paid to quit the league” (AKA- he made up a lie to leave on his own).. but now we grabbed Hogcrazy who’s been around forever. We’ll see what we can do. I’m having a lot of fun on my line. Warpath, Haden, and I have a lot of funny times

Question 2 – How has it been playing with Warpath?


Well I haven’t gotten him traded yet, so that’s good. He’s definitely the best QB I’ve played with so far. My first two seasons I had Tmo and MRUSERPICK at QB, so we were pretty much just trying to win with defense. But this season we’ve got some offense to go with it which is nice. He brought some of his plays, we labbed up some new things. And we just get along great too. So it’s been fun.

Question 3 – What team do you see as the biggest threat?


Well after some events took place over there in Cincinnati, I think it’s WFT’s to lose this season. We’re not a threat to anyone.. Cincinnati will still be good, but I think it’s Washington. Especially after Ponchy somehow made his way over there.

But hey, maybe Playoff Farah and Champ make an appearance again and make things interesting

Question 4 – In the Eagles team chat how often do Areis and yourself debate who is the better DB?


There’s not much back and forth, because both of us truly believe we’re better than the other. Areis gave off quite a few humble brags at first but it’s been quiet lately. We’ve had (and still have) our differences, but I know he’s a Top DB also. And he knows I am. I just think he’s a little thrown off by not being the best DB on his team for once 👀

Question 5 – what are some things within the league you would like to see changed headed into Madden 23?


I want the bidding back, of course. I think that helps prevent those super teams from being built. I also don’t like the max bids. Again, making those super teams easier to form. I think the more talent in the bidding pool, the more prices will be bid up and make strategy that much more important

Question 6 – Including yourself if you could assemble a VFL dream team who would the other 8 players be?


Thinking potential lines here- Abyss, Realest, Kuhrow… Champ, Farah, Outaker…. MRUSERPICK, Myself, and a QB/DL… maybe Beaste would play DL for me and Pick? If so, that’d be my choice

VFL power rankings through three weeks

Our own Mrr Oh1o put together a panel of people from each team in the league. He had them rank each team on a 1-10 scale with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best to come up with these rankings. Below is the result of those rankings. The members were 7 owners and 3 team reps.

  1. WFT 20-7 96 pts (7)
    2.Bengals 20-7 88 pts (1)
  2. Raiders 16-11 77 pts (1)
  3. Saints 16-11 57 pts
  4. Dolphins 12-15 55 pts
  5. Eagles 11-14 49 pts
  6. Colts 11-15 48 pts (1)
  7. Steelers 10-16 38 pts
  8. Patriots 7-20 22 pts
  9. Falcons 10-17 20 pts

Week 3 power poll.

Things to Watch for in the Last Week

WOW, we are finally entering the final week of the regular season. Talk about a lot of change going on in the league and on these teams! In the AFC the Bengals are the one of two teams that have clinched a spot going in to the final week, they do still need to win a couple games to secure the number one seed. They have a big game on Monday night versus the Raiders that could benefit OR hurt them by the end of the week. With their owner retiring their team is still picking up the pieces, so anything could happen! The Raiders are currently sitting comfortably in the second spot and have a decent gap between them and the Colts. Not only do they have a big game against the Bengals, they also have one on Sunday night vs. the Colts who are trailing them in the division. The Colts and Steelers are separated by 2 games for the 3rd and 4th seed. The Colts and Steelers may decide those seeds Monday night at 9. The Patriots aren’t dead yet, BUT, they have a big hill to climb. They need to start winning some games while hoping the Steelers finally turn into what everyone thought they would be this season. EVERY game is a big one for them this week.

In the NFC we have one team that has clinched playoffs going into the final week in the Football Team. They have a decent lead on the Saints and will face off Sunday night with them to possibly clinch the one seed! The Saints are in a pretty comfortable spot holding the 2nd spot, they need to win a couple games to secure it BUT are guaranteed a playoff spot no matter what happens with 4 wins this week. The Dolphins, Eagles, and Falcons are separated between 2 games. We should see a lot of movement (and excitement) in this race to the finish. They all play each other at least once this week but every game is huge for them! Not only do we have a great last week filled with meaningful games, we will get to see the battle for MVP finish up too. Right now it’s between NORTHZIDE and Beaste! Let’s have a great last week!

Interview with Luckyy Dabs

Im here with Saints owner Luckyy Dabs. This is his second season as a owner and I have a few questions for him. Most of his answers were short and simple

Question 1 – Now that week 3 is in the books how are you feeling about your team?


Honestly man I am feeling great!I knew my team had it in them to be a top 5 team but we have proven we are a top 3 team.

Question 2- Well since you feel your a top 3 team what team do you feeling is the biggest competition to yours?


To me personally Is WFT in our division. Bengals would be the other competition in my opinion. But I’m just worrying about getting pass the first round and whoever else.

Question 3 – Why did you choose to max bid Ponchy knowing he would be going on vacation and wouldn’t be able to finish the season?


I knew Ponchy as a QB stand point could win games. He’s an amazing player and a great teammate but we got it from here.

Question 4 – 2 part question here , what team do you think is the underachieving and what team do you feel is overachieving this season?


Honestly I think underachieving is Pats. I mean the player draft wasn’t bad at all, it’s just the team they took. I think Fear let his emotions pick that team.

I think overachieving is Steelers. Honestly my man BeachMode is back packing the hell out of that team. But my question how long can he? Awesome was doing great in MIA but I don’t think he done so hot this week and Sir starting out great and I think he has also fallen off some. So come playoffs can beachmode carry the Steelers? I think he can to a degree but if he don’t get help they won’t make it far

Question 5 – what are 3 things in your opinion the league should change for Madden 23?


  1. I say letting GMs able to step down without blacklisted. Why hold them to that? Coaches in real life gets fire or leaves teams and has a job the next day. So why not allow GMs to step down or be fired?
  2. I think allowing Owners to take a player or even 2 with them to the next season to be on their team would be dope. Just take some picks away or something?
  3. I think posting on pages and getting people to join just to do media would be a good idea. It’s hard for the players to also do media with work, real life stuff and then trying to play games and so on.

Question 6 – Including yourself if you could assemble a VFL dream team who would the other 8 players be?


Honestly I got it already. Jacc and brisket is both top 3 in WRs and me and ponchy top 5 QBs. My whole team has been killing it. So it goes to everyone not just those players. I mean stats wise this team been killing it this season.



I broke down some stats and records for the top MVP candidates so far for season 5. Let me know who needs to be in the conversation!


1st in rushing yards
1st in rushing TDs
7.0 ypc
T-2nd in sacks
T-6th in TFL


WIN vs blunkey (1-2 record)
WIN vs Sacrifice (4-2 record)
WIN vs Ponchy (4-2 record)
WIN vs Mccoy (2-4 record)
WIN vs Sir bottomis (1-5 record)
LOSS vs Grof (4-2 record)

Opponents overall Record – 16-17


5th in receiving yards
2nd in receiving TDs
1st in Defensive INTs by 8 ints
2nd in PBU
T-2nd in def TDs


WIN vs blunkey (1-2 record)
WIN vs Sacrifice (4-2 record)
WIN vs Ponchy (4-2 record)
WIN vs Mccoy (2-4 record)
WIN vs Sir bottomis (1-5 record)
LOSS vs Grof (4-2 record)

Opponents overall Record – 16-17


203 Passing YPG
1.6 TDs Per game
.6 INTs Per game
4th comp 77%  
T-9th Def INTs


WIN vs Mocarbone (1-4 record)
WIN vs Slickthumbs (0-6 record)
WIN vs Awesome (2-4 record)
WIN vs Ez Big ty (3-3 record)
LOSS vs Drock (2-4 record)

Opponents overall Record – 8-21


253 Passing YPG
3 TDs Per game
1.5 INTs Per game
6th comp 76% 


WIN vs Dirty falcons (1-5 record)
WIN vs Foe mac (1-5 record)
WIN vs Foe mac (1-5 record)
WIN vs Mccoy (2-4 record)
WIN vs Mocarbone (1-4 record)
LOSS vs Mocarbone (1-4 record)

Opponents overall Record – 7-27


284 Passing YPG
3 TDs Per game
1.8 INTs Per game
68% comp
T-6th in Def INTs
T-2nd in DEF TD
1st in PBU


WIN vs Foe mac (1-5 record)
WIN vs Child please (3-1 record)
WIN vs Slickthumbs (0-6 record)
WIN vs Sacrifice (4-2 record)
LOSS vs Beaste (5-1 record)
LOSS vs Brady (5-1 record)

Overall opponents Record – 18-16


200 Passing YPG
1.8 TDs Per game
.3 INTs Per game
2nd comp 81%
T-3rd in DEF INTs
T-2nd in DEF TD


WIN vs iiiplaymaker (1-5 record)
WIN vs Mccoy (2-4 record)
WIN vs Gabe (0-2 record)
WIN vs Ponchy (4-2 record)
WIN vs Mccoy (2-4 record)
LOSS vs Abyss (6-0 record)

Opponents overall Record – 15-17

Interview with DTM Koolaidz!

    DTM Koolaidz was a top tier QB in the old VFL/EFL days. This is his first season in the new VFL and after being drafted by the WFT, I asked him a few questions. 


1. What brought you back to the VFL?


About two weeks ago, there was a specific night in which I randomly started reminiscing about Madden. That may sound silly to some, but growing up Madden was one of my favorite games to play ever since Madden 11. I had invested so much time playing with my old crew in gamebattles and with a number of great individuals in the VFL that it’s just not something you forget about. So on this random night I actually started watching some of Mister ATM’s videos on YouTube, shoutout ATM he was one of the best WR’s during his time and also knew how to make some great videos. But then I started watching a lot of my old highlights and had come across Nate’s channel and his most recent video was titled “VFL Champion Chiefs” and I sat there completely puzzled. I had taken my break from Madden due to school and work and it caught me by surprise that the VFL had actually made a return. I did some research and later came across a reddit post that provided details about the league and how a new season was about to start. That’s when I decided to make a return from my two year hiatus and see if I can still compete with the best and return to my old form.


How did the first week go for you and your line? Must’ve been difficult with just getting the new Xbox a week or 2 ago.


We finished the week off 1-2, dissapointing to say the least because our line had complete potential to go 3-0. Tiger and Kavious are amazing players with great users and I’m still trying to get used to their play styles. It’s been slightly difficult but I would say it’s gone better than I had expected. The Madden IQ doesn’t just dissapear especially when you’re someone who’s been playing the game for 10+ years. Our one win was against TMO and for me that is a great accomplishment because he is considered one of the best defensive coordinators throughout the whole league. But once again, our first week could’ve gone better, it’s just on me to have performed better and to not have made as many mistakes as I did. 



3. You’re on a team with 2 of the top lines in the league, do you feel any pressure from them?


There’s always pressure to perform well, especially with how competitive the league is. A line could lose on any given night and it’s not a smart choice to undermine anyone. They had the Steelers ranked 10th after the draft and here they are with a great week one. I know how good Beaste and Champ’s lines are, but it’s important for our line to be able to match up with them and also perform well. Not only in the regular season but hopefully in the playoffs too.



With the league being fresh for you, does it feel like the “old” days?




Do you think you’ll be ready to get some clutch wins come playoff time?


Hell yea. I know everyone has already had 3-4 seasons of playing in this Madden but once I start catching a rhythm best believe our line is going to be dangerous in the post season. I’m very fortunate now that I have a lot of free time to practice and get adjusted to things. On top of that, I feel having the opportunity to play everyone in the regular season will prepare me for what is to come.

Wont lie to you Abyss, almost every single day I feel like I’ve heard someone say that. Shit, I might’ve been guilty of that in the Old VFL days, being the stubborn, obnoxious teen that I once was. Confidence and competitiveness are great, we want to see that in the league but as I mentioned the trash talking and downplaying of others still feels rampant and at this point childish. A lot of us were much younger when we first started playing in the league and now we’re all in a new stage of our lives so you would hope that there is more sportsmanship and maturity shown between members. 


Thank you Koolaidz for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck the rest of this season!

5 Players that shi* on the competition and 5 that shi* themselves

With week 1 in the books, we take a look at players that shi* on the competition and also players that shi* themselves. 

5 Players that Shi* on the Competition Week 1


1. Beachmode: Alongside behe and cjmarjr, these guys went 3-0 for the projected last place team in the preseason. They had a dominate game against the Dolphins who had their GM (kuhrow) and Max bid (Gabe) in the game alongside the reigning RBOTY (justt smoove) from season 4. They also took down Grof’s line and Drock’s line respectively.


2. Grandpa Warpath: This son of a bitch finally survived week 1 without being traded. 3-0 for the week and didn’t get moved for a pile of monkey shit? Sounds like a pretty good week to me.


3. Woohdy: The league leading rusher is a free agent? He had the best week by any other running back averaging 12.2 yards per carry and he’s sitting on the bench? Will someone else pick this dude up or is he gonna be the ECU of the century?


4. Dfeetu44: Moving to WR DB this season has been good for dfeet. He’s leading the league in defensive INTs and had a good week at WR. I know the opposing teams are disappointed that he’s not lined up at QB anymore.


5. Kuhrow, king jon and king logic all went 1-2 but had dominate performances on the DL. If they can continue to pressure the QB and stop the run at a high rate, I’m sure their records will improve over the next couple of weeks. 

5 Players that Shi* themselves Week 1


1. T1 Anime: After averaging 1.9 Yards per carry on 25 rush attempts, I can see why the dolphins dropped Anime. Hopefully he can gain another roster spot and prove that he can compete at the RB position.


2. Sir Bottomis: With an 0-3 week 1 and a league leading 11 picks thrown.. The Steelers owner needs to step his game up and get a couple wins in week 2. If he doesn’t start winning, I suggest a position change.


3. Gabe ily: One of the best WR DL players in the league made the move to QB and a Max bid for the dolphins. gabe went out and got massacred by the Steelers. Then he put up 3 points in a 6-3 loss to Beaste. Word on the street is he was so trash that he was replaced by Blunkey vs the Colts (a game in which the dolphins won). 


4. McCoy252: Losing 59-7 is embarrassing but I have to applaud him for not quitting the game. He also lost 32-14 to the WFT. No stats have been entered yet, but I know gamegreen will be entering them soon. The only shining moment for McCoy week 1 was beating Hutch, Jon and Areis.


5. Ty and Myself the last game of the week. I mean we absolutely pooped our pants that game. The ugliest game of madden I’ve ever had the displeasure of playing. Both QBs should’ve just punted the ball on first down every possession to try and get some points on defense. The score was 14-2 Bengals on defense and 6-3 Bengals on Offense. For a max bid and a top 2 drafted QB, that was pathetic.

Interview with MEOW GROF!

    The reigning, defending, undisputed VFL Season 4 Champion….. MEOW…. GROFFFF. The owner of the Season 4 Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, took the time to answer a few questions.


Your season 4 Packers surprised almost everyone with a super bowl victory. Ty, Sacrifice and you were the 3 QBs. This season your 3 QBs are: you, Aceboogs and a brand new player to the team, mocarbone. Do you like what you’ve seen from the QB position so far this season?


So far out of the QB position i’ve seen Ace put together 2 really solid wins where he balled out and one loss against a familiar face in Kuhrow who knows Aces offense like the back of his hand. Overall very impressed. Mocarbone, although i haven’t watched his games clearly needed a change of pace and I think that resides perfectly with ibprofam and highwalkr so i’m excited to see how they can make Mo more comfortable. As far as my performance goes it’s been relatively abysmal but we have a game plan and stick to it which has us competing in every game we play.


After a big win against IR Brady, northside and Dfeetu, do you believe your line can match up well with any line in the league?


The game against Brady, North and Dfeet was a prime example of how we want to play and frankly how we have to play to matchup against these top lines. Make it sloppy for them on offense, throw weird looks at them and take advantage of the turnovers. The beautiful thing about my line is we have the capability of both beating and losing to anyone in the league. Can never count on us but can’t ever count us out. Although we have had some locker room issues with our handsomely salaried hype man (MeoW Moj) that we have to work out if we want to be successful going forward. 



Which player on your team has impressed you the most through this first week?


Throughout week one the player that has most impressed me both in and out of game has been MarcDog, he’s a name i recognized from back in the day but never had any rapport with. After playing games with him and deciding to make the switch to WR/LB so he can call defense i’ve quickly come to understand that he can hand with the best of the DCs in this league and he always brings good vibes. Huge pickup.



Who do you think will match up in the super bowl for season 5?


I think almost everyone fully expects it to be a WFT vs Bengals super bowl but what kind of owner would I be if I didn’t say us? I’ll go for a surprise pick and go Colts vs Eagles. Warpaths ass is mine.



If you were on the staff, in which ways would you try to improve the league moving forward?


If I were on staff I would try to facilitate ideas towards formatting and integration of ad revenue, potentially figuring a way to move everything that happens on discord to the website so the traffic is all there which will heavily benefit the league in the long run.

Highwalkr used to show me his bank statements and paychecks but i’ve since then stopped asking to see and as long as the lights in my house stay on I know he’s fronting the bill for me. Another man’s finances are none of my business, all I know is he puts food on my table (wagyu steak tonight) and I put rusty on his line, we have a beautiful symbiotic relationship that I treasure.


Thank you Grof for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck the rest of this season!

Interview with TXjamesSmithTX

    After a controversial season 1 and retirement/blacklist from the VFL, James is back and looking to get in a groove and help the Falcons make a Super Bowl run. I asked James a few questions about coming back from such a long hiatus, this is what he had to say.


First off, how did your week 1 go? Did your line exceed your expectations or were you right on track?

Have you been playing madden at all since your longggg time off?


with me being away from madden since season one of the league its been an adjustment. havnt played any madden in that time. so the adjustment has been rough. we went 1-2 my stat line was ok but the adjustment has been even more difficult having to come back and play for a team that has 0 wr and a noodle arm qb.




Is there anyone in the league you’d like to match up against?


right now im in no position to call anyone out i am excited to get to the playoffs after shaking off some rust and getting back in the groove its going to be a long season for me though thats for sure




Who do you think will match up in the super bowl this season?


im not sure who will be in the super bowl this season like i stated before me being gone for a while there is a lot of gamertag changes and new faces around. so trying to predict a superbowl team is ruff but from the guys ik and am aware of and madden team standpoint ik the bengals are going to be fravorites not only do they have one of the better madden teams in the league they have a strong roster with yourself and other good foundational players.




What do you need to do to help your team make a run in the playoffs?


the biggest thing especially after week one, we are all struggling with matt ryan and no wr its tuff being on atlanta with no dline no wr its a struggle. so the main focus as of now is figuring out how to win games when we cant go down the field and playing defense with no pass rush if we can figure that out we will be able to squeeze in the playoffs.




im going to keep it 100. I was accused of altering the playbook to give myself an advantage in the league. everyone who has been around the league from the beginning know who i am and i have been apart of staff and even commissioner year in and year out and have always tried to do whats best for the league and always wanted to be apart of the growth of the league. this is a place ive loved to play in since ive been here. and to be accused of doing something so petty just bc the people in charge (outaker) did not want to take accountability for there simple mistake was absolutely appalling to me. instead wanted to shift blame to myself even though the constitution stated “Last edited by outaker” weeks before this altercation took place. this was an attack on my character and my reputation that i had built up in this league for a very long time should i have left probably not but i felt so much disrespect that some one could consider me the type of person that would do something like that so i left. after everything i did for the league to help get it running. from organizing discord helping with the stat system and scheduling i tried to and did help outaker at every corner. Just to become a scape goat was a slap in the face i hold no grudges for the situation it still gets me upset that it happened but we have to be forgiving God is good and we move on. 


Thank you James for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck the rest of this season!

Week 1, In review (Transaction, Pos change & more)

Recap week one (TRADES, Owner interview)

With week one closing we have a lot to cover. With big trade moves, position changes and a new tik tok channel. Alot of big things happened this week. With that being said lets get this started.

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Movss x


Im not sure on what position these players are. I know mocarbone from back in the day and he was a player who will show up and play his part. this is a trade that definitely does not hurt either team and should be beneficial for the players as well moving into week 2.

A B- C+


Never practices

Jusst Smoove

With the steelers receiving never practice and saints just smoove this are two decent acquisitions for the teams. But no one can know why each person got moved but there is nothing better than fixing your locker room. From the outlooks it looks like the dolphins have upgraded their lineup they have made many moves in week one definitely a win for the dolphins. Especially for the dline gathering a veteran dlinman like outaker is a win couple that with a solid RB in fig neither being a locker room issue this should smoove some things over for the dolphins. As for never practices aka rivals. He is a solid player i hear that he may have to take an IR in the future. This is something that may effect things in the future. Just smoove is just a man that is happy to be out of mia. all reports state that he wanted to be shipped out of miami and now that wish has been granted. We shall see what the levies hold in NO.

Notable Position Changes


DB to DL

With the change coming before their first week nate has had three games in at DLINE. Although the change was sudden it came due to a simple line adjustment. With realest moving to WR so Nate could stay at RB and nate made the move to DLine bc realest calls the defense. So it was a win win for the line as unit. As of the end of week one Nate is sitting with 8 sacks.


i was able to chat with nate and asked him how he felt at dline.

A: It feels good I want to be on defense more than offense

I feel like I left a couple plays out there so I know there’s room for improvement I just wanna get better

Gabe ILY

QB to RB

Another position change in Mia. Again coming off a struggling week they are looking to shake things up. Gabe just could not hack it at with playing 2 games going 0-2 completing 14-22 passes throwing 2 ints both going back for tds costing them big. This was a main reason for the 0-2 record he holds. With the switch coming in he will now be backpacking off the qb works ebok/kobe maybe not having the ball in hand to start he can manage to scrape some wins together. But with kobe already going 2-1 in week one it cant change to much for them. What is in store for the other two lines we will be waiting to find out.

KOBE interview 

I tracked down the owner of the dolphins to see how he felt about his max bid switching position off QB to RB.

Q:how he felt about his max bid changing positions?.

“Gabe is a stupid shi**er who is used to getting carried by everyone for his entire VFL career. Abyss & Breesuss had to put him in the backpack just so gabe could keep his ego. Now he’s beggin DADDY to come save his season. It’s pathetic cuz i expected gabe to have a top tier season at QB but now i’m sittin here with a useless max bid. I honestly might trade him by the end of the season.”

Q: How do you feel your other two lines will do now that your max bid has moved off of QB?

Blunkey is going to play good & win games with fig & outaker on his line. Awesome is getting a new line with him, accountant & try so i have faith in them to put together some wins. I expect us to put together winning weeks but you never know what’ll happen.

Q:With new lines coming in. i know you said you have faith in them to get some wins do you expect to have a flipped week next week? i know your team only got three wins this week what are your projections for week two with your current changes?

I expect my line to go 9-0 for the rest of the season. Only way we’ll lose is if i shit it up at QB. Blunkey & awesome have been in the lab so i can see the dolphins going 6-3 next week.



so simply click on the tik tok picture above or follow the @

With the site growing we got some great news. We (VGL) has got a TIK TOK. Every one should definitely go and check it out. This should be getting updates and all kinds of clps and other stuff posted in the discord. So go and make sure you keep an eye on this its a great way to share and help grow the site. I reached out to warpath.


Q:how often do you plan on updated tik tok?

“I plan on updating as much as possible but its based on the amount of clips we get”

He also stated that he is “Looking for people to help upload” so if anyone may be interested in doing something like that and helping the site out im sure you could message him or post in feedback any help would be appreciated.

Nates Post Draft Power Rankings

10. Steelers

This team has an interesting roster. Their first two picks are questionable at best. The best QB on this roster is signed up at WR. Behe is a good veteran player. They do have a few solid players on the team but for the most part this team is (bree)suss.

9. Patriots

The roster on this team has a few studs starting off with Shady on xbox and 1st round pick tmo. Out side of them they have a couple seasoned vets and some people they maybe meant to draft in the VBA and not over here (whoops). I just don’t like the patriots TEAM but if tmos 3-3-5 keeps balling out they may be able to survive. Ezakimak MUST play QB or we (I) RIOT.

8. Dolphins

The Phins have some household names on this roster. I’m sure Kuhrow will find a way to get pressure with that d-line. A big position change will be Gabe playing QB. I’m sure he will be fine but it’s hard to judge when you’ve never seen it before. Can we get my RB Smoove (I was his QB FIRST) a good running back for a full season to use for once?

7. Falcons

This could be the sneaky roster that I think I may have ranked too low led by McCoy. Just kidding! Dirty and TXJamesSmith are good quarterbacks and if you ever needed good ones it’d be this season. Hopefully Dirtys schedule is more open this season so he can have more success. I am tempted to rename this team “Cover 3 Beaters” I guess we will wait and see.

6. Eagles

What do we have here? Another solid roster put together by areis featuring two good qbs in Hutch and Warpath. A good running back in King Jon, and one of the nicer dbs in the league JP. This is a team I could see going higher but not too far lower.

5. Raiders

(Sorry I have to do it) Daaaaaa rraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaidaz edged out the Falcons and Eagles just because of their team. Ty is a good QB and he got his boy orlando. (SB champs) They do have some Qbs that need to prove themselves this season and the fan favorite MR JOHNNY MF*KN WHEELS!! Don’t get it twisted!!!

4. Colts

Did I mention they have Jonathan Taylor?? A really good madden team + good players = success. A lot of familiar faces from this past Super Bowl which is no surprise. Not only are five of the winners returning, they also got runner up Ace Boogs and the previous seasons undefeated, undisputed, GOAT Marcdog. This team could make a deep run with this loaded roster. Sometimes drafting people who have been there/done that may not have the greatest regular season but once they get in the dance, they know how to win.

3. Saints

My favorite team pick this season slides to number 3 post draft. They have one of the best Qbs in the league in Ponchy whos coming off of a tough out last season with the Seahawks. They drafted good role players in Outaker and Kwame. Mocarbone is a decent quarterback. Solid roster all around, would be surprised if they missed playoffs.

2. Commanders

Welcome back Beaste, you did it again! Built a very good roster that rivals the number one spot and wouldn’t be surprised if they won it all. Player to watch is going to be the 3rd QB KoolAiDz who’s been back on madden for all of a week! We will see if Beaste’s Super Bowl winning ways can rub off on Kirk Cousins, I mean, Kxng Champ. It’s not always about the regular season numbers, we will see if that changes this year.

1. Bengals

Realest put himself together a great roster this season with arguably the best TEAM selected to use. Abyss is the two-time reigning MVP at QB and looks to go for his third. Brady is looking to make a deep run in the playoffs this season and he will finally not have to carry the team on his back like he has previously. With this ranking comes expectations, no excuses.

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