Realest Top 25 VFL Players Seasons 1-5 ( 12-1 )

First off let me start off by staying I had a error in my first part of this article by 100% leaving out a player who should be on the list so I will put them as a tie with another player!

#12 – ( Warpath ) Warpath is a player who struggled early on in his VFL career. Started in season 2 where it was pretty much moved between the 2 worse teams Bucs and Chiefs. Season 3 he got his first good chance on the Cowboys and he did well for himself. The thing I like about Warpath be brought a different scheme. Most people use the same playbooks on offense and he used a different one. After a loss to him towards the end of the season I had to go rewatch my broadcast to understand what the hell he is was doing. But that comes with his biggest weakness , he only runs about 2 to 3 plays and if you catch on to them its VERY easy to stop. However his improvement from season 2 to seasons 3-5 are clear. Record in Season 2 was (2-8) and his record in seasons 3-5 is (22-12) which is a huge improvement. I think #12 is a good spot for someone like Warpath. Also very sad I was never teammates with this guy for a season 🙁

#11A – ( EboK aka Post Kobe ) Ebok is one of the most talented players in this league. While he may catch backlash for being a troll that doesn’t take away from his Madden skills. Ebok like Breesus was introduced to the league by Kuhrow and instantly made a impact often and early. Ebok spent his first 2 seasons playing Running back where he exceeded expectations with James Connor and Ravens shitty group of backs. This season he has made the switch to QB and is putting up great numbers , making a switch like that and succeeding instantly is huge in my book. Most impressive thing that is eye popping though is the EboK record in his first 3 seasons , with a record of (25-6) that has to be one of the better records in a 3 season span. I truly believe if EboK had a another season under his belt this Madden he would have cracked my top 7 or 8 but for now I think #11A is the right spot for him.

#11B – ( Ty Bomaye ) Has shown the most growth at QB in my opinion. In season 2 if you asked me who Ty is I would have said ” oh some shitter “. If you asked me season 3 who was Ty I would say I really good game manager. If you asked me Seasons 4 and 5 who Ty is I would tell you he is for sure a top 5 QB in the VFL. Ty really started taking off when he got to play with Tmo and Willy in season 3 where I feel they helped start his growth as a QB. They kept the game simple for him offensively and played defense and it worked. Ty then got on a teammate with his buddy Orlando and they have been a top line ever sense. Ty has a very boring scheme because he takes the clock with him. Ty is also tough to get a read on because he doesn’t really have set plays he really just takes what the defense gives him which makes him tough to beat. Even though I have Ty ranked at 11 I still feel he is very unrated , he should be GM/Maxbid type of player.

#10 – ( Outaker ) Outaker is obviously a good player and his career numbers this madden are great. Hes won of the better WR in the league and in 5 season I would have to say has to be a top 3 at DL. Even with the great numbers I sometimes feel lost on how to judge Outaker. Sometimes hes fully here and engaged and then sometimes hes just not. Outaker is one of the few who actually tracked his season one stats and they were good , In season 1 and 2 he put great numbers , Season he had a drop off where he only had 6 total sacks in the season , that is unacceptable for him in my eyes. Season 4 he picked it back up with another great season but here in season 5 he only has 3 games worth of stats? Outaker seems like one of those players who is very talented but will take a play off or in his case the whole season off lol. Regardless I think he is easily a top 10 player over the 5 seasons we had.

#9 – ( Gabe ) Gabe is in my top 3 for most TALENTED players in this league. He very versatile on both sides of the ball. On offense I would say he the 2nd most versatile offensive player in the league and I would say he the most versatile defensive player in the league as far as being able to play any role the team needs. Gabe in my eyes has been a top 2 at DL since season 3 , but he is also very capable of being elite at LB and DB as well. When watching Gabe play I think the most impressive thing about his game is his route running and thats at RB or WR. He always knows how to find the hole (pause) in the zone. Not only is he a great route runner but I would have to deem him the best at being able to high point the ball and come down with it as a WR. If Gabe would have played seasons 1 and 2 I think he would have cracked my top 5 or 6 but he didn’t so I feel 9 is a good spot for him.

#8 – ( Champ ) Champ has had a interesting 5 seasons. His first season Champ very much underwhelming considering he was in a QB room of Abyss , Beaste and himself. Champ was a big let down for the season 1 Ravens as he went 0-2 in the playoffs costing them a chance at a Superbowl. Every since then Champ really got in the lab with Farah and his game completely changed. He came out the a great scheme out of the Patriots playbook and really started torching the leagues cover 3 meta. Season 2 was a great season for Champ but he got himself suspended for the playoffs. Seasons 3 and 4 were both MVP runner up season for Champ but was beaten out by Abyss both times , Even with his dominate numbers and wins in the regular season Champ in both seasons continued to struggle in the playoffs. Champ really seems to lack the ability to beat man coverage. If I had to pick a DC who has been haunting Champ it has to be Kuhrow. I think this is the season where the most pressure is on Champ. Its the last season for this madden and he as yet to reach a SB. This time around he has Beaste on his team so the pressure of being Line 1 isn’t there anymore. Its time for Champ to answer the bell and start winning some big time playoff games.

#7 – ( Route Tech Tmo ) Tmo in my opinion is the most underrated player in the league. He is never heavily talked about when it comes to the leagues best. Lets not forget in seasons 1 and 2 his team made back to back superbowl trips as a owner. Tmo is one of the best when it comes to putting together a roster that can compete with the leagues best. After Tmo stepped away from ownership he joined staff to attempt to help better the league. While Tmo numbers might not be eye popping his impact on the field is felt. If I had to name the top 5 DCs in the VFL Tmo would easily be on that short list. Also in season 1 Tmo help lead the Chiefs to the VFL first SB this madden as a QB. Tmo is good at both LB and DL on the defensive side of the ball and has shown he can win at QB while also being one of the leagues better WRs. Ill be the first to admit I dont take advice from many people on Madden but Tmo showed me a defense and I was like damn this guy is smart. I think Tmo ranked at #7 will get laughs within the community but I think thats a good spot for a 5 season career.

#6 – ( Kuhrow ) Kuhrow might be the most dominant player of this Madden within the VFL. If I had to compare him to a athlete this Madden it should be Shaq ( with no rings ). While Kuhrow has been the Shaq of the VFL where is his Kobe ( R.I.P ). I feel like Kuhrow has somewhat put himself in a bad spot playing with QBs like game green and ace boogs when he could have easily been on better teams. Some will tell you that Kuhrow plays with worse players to have a built in excuse for when he loses. While I give him credit to trying to be the driving force sometimes you gotta realize the grass is greener on the other side. Kuhrow has easily been the best DL in the VFL seasons 1-5 and its not even close in my opinion. Kuhrow is a championship away from being in my top 5 and I dont see him getting it this season.

#5 – ( North ) North has been one of the most consistent players in the league as far as stats and wins. North has never had a season with less then 10 wins. Winning 10 out of 12 games every season is very consistent. While North is known as a winning he is also known for stuffing the stat sheet. North is dominant at both RB and DL. North has had 3 seasons with 750+ rushing yards , while also having 3 seasons of 400+ receiving yards at running back. On the defensive side of the ball North had never had a under 40 TFL and only one season under 20 sacks. North has shown he can carry a line leading while playing with Dfeet and also can be a great sidekick on a line to a great QB like IR Brady. North in my book is a top 5 DC in the league and has had a top 5 VFL career this madden!

#4 – ( Realest ) Im not going to sit here and talk about myself , Biased in me I would rank myself number 1 because I 100% feel im the best player in the league. Just dont feel like its right for me to talk about myself and my accolades within this league. I also think ranking myself ahead of any of the next 3 players would be disrespectful considering Ive never played the toughest position in this league which is QB.

#3 ( Brady ) It feels wrong to say Brady is the worst of these 3 because I have the upmost respect for all 3 of these guys but I have to rank Brady number 3 as far as this list and these 5 seasons went. Brady has been consistently one of the best QB this league has had. Season 2 was horrible for Brady dealing with a terrible situation that led to him being blacklisted for the last couple weeks of the season. But he came back season 3 motivated going 10-1 but ended up losing in the playoffs in a classic to Beaste which made his team check out for the remainder of the series. Season 4 Brady had another great season going 10-0 in the regular season and 2-0 in the playoffs but the other lines couldn’t pull off a win to force a game 7. Brady has been on the short end of the stick this Madden and I did him no justice by stepping down from ownership. However I still have faith in the Bengals hoping Brady can lead the team to the Superbowl and capture his first ring this Madden. I would like to go on the record and say at this point in time Brady is the best QB in the VFL!

#2 – ( Abyss ) Abyss has had a absolute stunning 5 seasons at QB. He is the only player who has won multiple MVPs this madden and one of them with Sam Darnold. Abyss is known for being very safe with the ball with a clock control offense and solid defense. Abyss I would also have to stay was the best owner seasons 1-3 as far as putting together a team , making sure there were no forfeits etc. He is one of those QBs who seeks advice from his teammates when something is going wrong. I can speak from experience seeing as Ive played with him 95% of this madden. He makes the game easy for someone like myself knowing im going to get consistent play out of a QB. So how do I have the guy who won a superbowl going as a owner who team went 12-0 in the playoffs season 3 and won back to back mvps ranked #1? Well thats because I have his season 3 teammate number 1.

#1 – ( Beaste ) Beaste has had the best VFL career this Madden in my opinion. Season 1 Beaste went undefeated in the regular season and where he ended up losing game 3 to the SB champion Chiefs. Season 2 Beaste captured his first VFL championship while being the owner of the Cleveland Browns. Season 3 Beaste repeated with a championship with a team who went 12-0 on a crazy playoff run. Here we are season 5 and Beaste team is back in the mix again as probably the favorite heading into the playoffs. Wherever Beaste is winning is happening and he has to get credit for that. My final decision for number 1 came down to Abyss and Beaste. The deciding factor for me is Beaste has 2 SBs and Abyss has 1. Beaste has also won without Abyss on his roster and Abyss hasn’t won without Beaste on his.

Hope you all enjoyed this ranking ( im sure you didnt if your not on the list or dont agree with you place ). Good Luck to everyone the rest of this Madden!

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    Not gonna shit on something you took the time to make even if I dont agree with some of the rankings. At least you included more than a 1 sentence reasoning to go a long with each player. Kudos for making a contribution

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