Week 1, In review (Transaction, Pos change & more)

Recap week one (TRADES, Owner interview)

With week one closing we have a lot to cover. With big trade moves, position changes and a new tik tok channel. Alot of big things happened this week. With that being said lets get this started.

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Movss x


Im not sure on what position these players are. I know mocarbone from back in the day and he was a player who will show up and play his part. this is a trade that definitely does not hurt either team and should be beneficial for the players as well moving into week 2.

A B- C+


Never practices

Jusst Smoove

With the steelers receiving never practice and saints just smoove this are two decent acquisitions for the teams. But no one can know why each person got moved but there is nothing better than fixing your locker room. From the outlooks it looks like the dolphins have upgraded their lineup they have made many moves in week one definitely a win for the dolphins. Especially for the dline gathering a veteran dlinman like outaker is a win couple that with a solid RB in fig neither being a locker room issue this should smoove some things over for the dolphins. As for never practices aka rivals. He is a solid player i hear that he may have to take an IR in the future. This is something that may effect things in the future. Just smoove is just a man that is happy to be out of mia. all reports state that he wanted to be shipped out of miami and now that wish has been granted. We shall see what the levies hold in NO.

Notable Position Changes


DB to DL

With the change coming before their first week nate has had three games in at DLINE. Although the change was sudden it came due to a simple line adjustment. With realest moving to WR so Nate could stay at RB and nate made the move to DLine bc realest calls the defense. So it was a win win for the line as unit. As of the end of week one Nate is sitting with 8 sacks.


i was able to chat with nate and asked him how he felt at dline.

A: It feels good I want to be on defense more than offense

I feel like I left a couple plays out there so I know there’s room for improvement I just wanna get better

Gabe ILY

QB to RB

Another position change in Mia. Again coming off a struggling week they are looking to shake things up. Gabe just could not hack it at with playing 2 games going 0-2 completing 14-22 passes throwing 2 ints both going back for tds costing them big. This was a main reason for the 0-2 record he holds. With the switch coming in he will now be backpacking off the qb works ebok/kobe maybe not having the ball in hand to start he can manage to scrape some wins together. But with kobe already going 2-1 in week one it cant change to much for them. What is in store for the other two lines we will be waiting to find out.

KOBE interview 

I tracked down the owner of the dolphins to see how he felt about his max bid switching position off QB to RB.

Q:how he felt about his max bid changing positions?.

“Gabe is a stupid shi**er who is used to getting carried by everyone for his entire VFL career. Abyss & Breesuss had to put him in the backpack just so gabe could keep his ego. Now he’s beggin DADDY to come save his season. It’s pathetic cuz i expected gabe to have a top tier season at QB but now i’m sittin here with a useless max bid. I honestly might trade him by the end of the season.”

Q: How do you feel your other two lines will do now that your max bid has moved off of QB?

Blunkey is going to play good & win games with fig & outaker on his line. Awesome is getting a new line with him, accountant & try so i have faith in them to put together some wins. I expect us to put together winning weeks but you never know what’ll happen.

Q:With new lines coming in. i know you said you have faith in them to get some wins do you expect to have a flipped week next week? i know your team only got three wins this week what are your projections for week two with your current changes?

I expect my line to go 9-0 for the rest of the season. Only way we’ll lose is if i shit it up at QB. Blunkey & awesome have been in the lab so i can see the dolphins going 6-3 next week.



so simply click on the tik tok picture above or follow the @

With the site growing we got some great news. We (VGL) has got a TIK TOK. Every one should definitely go and check it out. This should be getting updates and all kinds of clps and other stuff posted in the discord. So go and make sure you keep an eye on this its a great way to share and help grow the site. I reached out to warpath.


Q:how often do you plan on updated tik tok?

“I plan on updating as much as possible but its based on the amount of clips we get”

He also stated that he is “Looking for people to help upload” so if anyone may be interested in doing something like that and helping the site out im sure you could message him or post in feedback any help would be appreciated.

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