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    After a controversial season 1 and retirement/blacklist from the VFL, James is back and looking to get in a groove and help the Falcons make a Super Bowl run. I asked James a few questions about coming back from such a long hiatus, this is what he had to say.


First off, how did your week 1 go? Did your line exceed your expectations or were you right on track?

Have you been playing madden at all since your longggg time off?


with me being away from madden since season one of the league its been an adjustment. havnt played any madden in that time. so the adjustment has been rough. we went 1-2 my stat line was ok but the adjustment has been even more difficult having to come back and play for a team that has 0 wr and a noodle arm qb.




Is there anyone in the league you’d like to match up against?


right now im in no position to call anyone out i am excited to get to the playoffs after shaking off some rust and getting back in the groove its going to be a long season for me though thats for sure




Who do you think will match up in the super bowl this season?


im not sure who will be in the super bowl this season like i stated before me being gone for a while there is a lot of gamertag changes and new faces around. so trying to predict a superbowl team is ruff but from the guys ik and am aware of and madden team standpoint ik the bengals are going to be fravorites not only do they have one of the better madden teams in the league they have a strong roster with yourself and other good foundational players.




What do you need to do to help your team make a run in the playoffs?


the biggest thing especially after week one, we are all struggling with matt ryan and no wr its tuff being on atlanta with no dline no wr its a struggle. so the main focus as of now is figuring out how to win games when we cant go down the field and playing defense with no pass rush if we can figure that out we will be able to squeeze in the playoffs.




im going to keep it 100. I was accused of altering the playbook to give myself an advantage in the league. everyone who has been around the league from the beginning know who i am and i have been apart of staff and even commissioner year in and year out and have always tried to do whats best for the league and always wanted to be apart of the growth of the league. this is a place ive loved to play in since ive been here. and to be accused of doing something so petty just bc the people in charge (outaker) did not want to take accountability for there simple mistake was absolutely appalling to me. instead wanted to shift blame to myself even though the constitution stated “Last edited by outaker” weeks before this altercation took place. this was an attack on my character and my reputation that i had built up in this league for a very long time should i have left probably not but i felt so much disrespect that some one could consider me the type of person that would do something like that so i left. after everything i did for the league to help get it running. from organizing discord helping with the stat system and scheduling i tried to and did help outaker at every corner. Just to become a scape goat was a slap in the face i hold no grudges for the situation it still gets me upset that it happened but we have to be forgiving God is good and we move on. 


Thank you James for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck the rest of this season!

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