Interview with MEOW GROF!

    The reigning, defending, undisputed VFL Season 4 Champion….. MEOW…. GROFFFF. The owner of the Season 4 Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, took the time to answer a few questions.


Your season 4 Packers surprised almost everyone with a super bowl victory. Ty, Sacrifice and you were the 3 QBs. This season your 3 QBs are: you, Aceboogs and a brand new player to the team, mocarbone. Do you like what you’ve seen from the QB position so far this season?


So far out of the QB position i’ve seen Ace put together 2 really solid wins where he balled out and one loss against a familiar face in Kuhrow who knows Aces offense like the back of his hand. Overall very impressed. Mocarbone, although i haven’t watched his games clearly needed a change of pace and I think that resides perfectly with ibprofam and highwalkr so i’m excited to see how they can make Mo more comfortable. As far as my performance goes it’s been relatively abysmal but we have a game plan and stick to it which has us competing in every game we play.


After a big win against IR Brady, northside and Dfeetu, do you believe your line can match up well with any line in the league?


The game against Brady, North and Dfeet was a prime example of how we want to play and frankly how we have to play to matchup against these top lines. Make it sloppy for them on offense, throw weird looks at them and take advantage of the turnovers. The beautiful thing about my line is we have the capability of both beating and losing to anyone in the league. Can never count on us but can’t ever count us out. Although we have had some locker room issues with our handsomely salaried hype man (MeoW Moj) that we have to work out if we want to be successful going forward. 



Which player on your team has impressed you the most through this first week?


Throughout week one the player that has most impressed me both in and out of game has been MarcDog, he’s a name i recognized from back in the day but never had any rapport with. After playing games with him and deciding to make the switch to WR/LB so he can call defense i’ve quickly come to understand that he can hand with the best of the DCs in this league and he always brings good vibes. Huge pickup.



Who do you think will match up in the super bowl for season 5?


I think almost everyone fully expects it to be a WFT vs Bengals super bowl but what kind of owner would I be if I didn’t say us? I’ll go for a surprise pick and go Colts vs Eagles. Warpaths ass is mine.



If you were on the staff, in which ways would you try to improve the league moving forward?


If I were on staff I would try to facilitate ideas towards formatting and integration of ad revenue, potentially figuring a way to move everything that happens on discord to the website so the traffic is all there which will heavily benefit the league in the long run.

Highwalkr used to show me his bank statements and paychecks but i’ve since then stopped asking to see and as long as the lights in my house stay on I know he’s fronting the bill for me. Another man’s finances are none of my business, all I know is he puts food on my table (wagyu steak tonight) and I put rusty on his line, we have a beautiful symbiotic relationship that I treasure.


Thank you Grof for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck the rest of this season!

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