Interview with Luckyy Dabs

Im here with Saints owner Luckyy Dabs. This is his second season as a owner and I have a few questions for him. Most of his answers were short and simple

Question 1 – Now that week 3 is in the books how are you feeling about your team?


Honestly man I am feeling great!I knew my team had it in them to be a top 5 team but we have proven we are a top 3 team.

Question 2- Well since you feel your a top 3 team what team do you feeling is the biggest competition to yours?


To me personally Is WFT in our division. Bengals would be the other competition in my opinion. But I’m just worrying about getting pass the first round and whoever else.

Question 3 – Why did you choose to max bid Ponchy knowing he would be going on vacation and wouldn’t be able to finish the season?


I knew Ponchy as a QB stand point could win games. He’s an amazing player and a great teammate but we got it from here.

Question 4 – 2 part question here , what team do you think is the underachieving and what team do you feel is overachieving this season?


Honestly I think underachieving is Pats. I mean the player draft wasn’t bad at all, it’s just the team they took. I think Fear let his emotions pick that team.

I think overachieving is Steelers. Honestly my man BeachMode is back packing the hell out of that team. But my question how long can he? Awesome was doing great in MIA but I don’t think he done so hot this week and Sir starting out great and I think he has also fallen off some. So come playoffs can beachmode carry the Steelers? I think he can to a degree but if he don’t get help they won’t make it far

Question 5 – what are 3 things in your opinion the league should change for Madden 23?


  1. I say letting GMs able to step down without blacklisted. Why hold them to that? Coaches in real life gets fire or leaves teams and has a job the next day. So why not allow GMs to step down or be fired?
  2. I think allowing Owners to take a player or even 2 with them to the next season to be on their team would be dope. Just take some picks away or something?
  3. I think posting on pages and getting people to join just to do media would be a good idea. It’s hard for the players to also do media with work, real life stuff and then trying to play games and so on.

Question 6 – Including yourself if you could assemble a VFL dream team who would the other 8 players be?


Honestly I got it already. Jacc and brisket is both top 3 in WRs and me and ponchy top 5 QBs. My whole team has been killing it. So it goes to everyone not just those players. I mean stats wise this team been killing it this season.

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