VBA Week 2 Owner Interviews

Now that week 2 has finished, there seems to be a good understanding so far of how playoffs will look like. For this week’s owner to interview from the West, I had Warriors owner King Mizzark answer a few questions.

Question 1: Your team is currently 5-7 and tied for 7th. Going forward, what do you guys need to do differently to win more games?

Answer: No more ECUs. Especially at C for the Warriors we are already at a disadvantage and having to play with different lineups every game/week hurt chemistry.

Question 2: It’s obvious that people hold you to a high standard in the league. Judging by your team record, do you have anything to say to people who would think you’re an easy win now?

Answer: I haven’t really played this 2k and my team will be ready & scary by playoff time. This 2k is braindead and its not hard to abuse the paint and beat the warriors. I’ve yet to see 1 of these ballhandlers dribble and shoot a 3 behind a screen so lets see next season who gets the warriors and how they do.

Question 3: Which team from each conference do you believe is your most comp and why?

Answer: Suns, good players and a good record. Nets, terrible matchup for Warriors

Question 4: If you can build a ‘dream team’ lineup in each position with any player in this league, who would you pick and why?

Answer: Without listing anyone on the warriors on my “dream team” so with that said….




King John


The Vets

From the East, we have the Celtics owner answering a few questions, Foe Mac!

Question 1: Your team is currently last with a record of 2-10. What do you guys have to do to switch it around?

Answer: We had some controversy we had to go thru in the beginning of the season so I think our record doesn’t really show how good we could be but we just gotta keep fighting taking it game by game and we are feeling good with getting our first 2 Ws this week

Question 2: Do you have anything to say to people who think you’re an easy game in their schedules?

Answer: That’s what we want teams to think so they take us lightly and end up losing just like the bucks and lakers did this past week

Question 3: After getting your first 2 wins, how good do you predict your team will do for the upcoming week(record wise)? Any notable teams you believe you will beat that you play?

Answer: For this week I think we’ll go over 500 and I think we could beat any team we play

Question 4: Naming anyone else in the league, including owners and gms, rank the top 5 users

Answer: My top 5 in no order would be 

1. Fab 

2, Mizz

3. Gabe ily 

4. Me 

5. Easy money

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